Visual Thinking: sketching, mindmapping '12

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Recommended Class Material for Presentation

Visual Thinking & Sketching

Mind Mapping Resources

Paper Prototyping

Paper Prototyping Write Up

Paper Prototyping Slides

Paper Prototype Examples to watch

Visual (Spatial) Thinking: 3d/Computer Sketching

3d Drawing Video Demonstrations

Materials to bring in Friday

  • Paper (Several Pages for paper prototype & sketching)
  • Pencils & Markers (soft pencils eg. 2B)
  • Pritt Stick or Cellotape
  • Scissors

Additional Research Material for Presentation

(Shane) 3D Sketching Resources

Presentation on computer based sketching

Ethnographic Animation

Google Sketchup Wiki

Google Sketchup and Education


(Kayleigh) Paper Prototyping


Hanmail Paper Prototype

I think this is a clever solution to visualize the functionality of an application or service.

RC Predator drone paper mock up

The paper mockup was used to enure all the pieces fit together correctly before committing to the design and going straight for the hi-fidelity prototyping stage.

Paper Prototyping iPhone Application

This is an example of how Paper prototyping is used to check the use process of the iPhone app and evaluate the handling of the software.

3D Model Paper Prototype

Academic Resources




  • Low vs. high-fidelity prototyping debate By Rudd, J., K. Stern, and S. Isensee.

(Sinead) Visual Thinking & Sketching



  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards
  • Sketching User Experience by Bill Buxton
  • Ways of Seeing by John Berger


(Pauline) Mind Mapping

Pauline's Mind Mapping Presentation


A software used for collaborative mind-mapping

Mind mapping software


'The Mind Map Book' by Tony Buzan


Tony Buzan on the Origins of Mind Mapping


Activity based on mind mapping:

Mind mapping in HCI

Some background to Mind Mapping (wiki)


Computer-supported creativity: evaluation of a tabletop mind-map application

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