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Who was William Cecil Pery?

William Cecil Pery

William Cecil Pery was born on 26 July 1721 he was the son of Reverend Stackpole Pery and Jane Twigg. William was educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He had peviously been the Dean of Derry until he was consecrated Bishop of Killala and Achonry on 18 February 1781. He was translated to Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe on 13 May 1784. William Street, Cecil Street, Mallow Street and Glentworth Street in Limerick were named after him. He was the Protestant Bishop of Limerick from 1784-1794. He married Jane Walcott and following her death married Dorothea Lewis.

Pery coat of arms

Who was Edmond Sexton Pery ?

Edmond Sexton Pery

Edmond Sexton Pery the older brother of William Cecil Pery was born in Limerick April 1719. Edmond was called to the Irish bar in 1745 and quickly rose through the ranks. In 1751 he was elected M.P for the borough of Wicklow. The journals of the Irish House of Commons show that he promoted Irish interests and particularly the city of Dublin. The majority of his measures found their way into the statute book even though he met with opposition from the government. Edmond wanted his native city to prosper and when Limerick was no longer declared a fortress in 1760 he was pivotal in the regeneration of the city.


You can find two plaques in remembrance to William and Edmond Pery at Henry Street in Limerick.


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