Reuse and innovation: the case of Wordpress

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Content Management Systems

  • A content management system is:
  • Large website management tool
  • Multi-author
  • Content organized by topic, date, etc.
  • Searchable
  • Some static content, some dynamic
  • Customisable components: themes/designs & Plugins/Modules
  • Help manage online communities where users have logins and interact with each other
  • Commercial or free?!
    • Drupal
    • Joomla
    • Mambo
    • Plone

Introduction to Wordpress

  • Blog publishing tool
  • Views organized by date, topic etc
  • Searchable
  • Multi-author
  • Static pages and dynamic content
  • Wordpress is a CMS – can do all the basics
  • Great for individuals & small businesses as a web publishing tool.
  • Excellent for “pushing” info out, not as good for interaction and community building
  • check out requirements (PHP, MySQL, Apache server)

  • - offers free wordpress-based blogs – partially customisable
  • - downloadable application you can install on your own server space
  • Wordpress MU - multi-user version;is integrated in Wordpress 3.0

Wordpress uses:

  • Posts – blog entries, time-stamped
  • Pages- static content (about, contact, etc)
  • Categories – for organizing content by topic; each post can belong to multiple categories
  • Tags – more casual than categories
  • Links – for listing URLs of other sites
  • Link categories – for organizing links into groups
  • Widget – small tool for displaying custom content in sidebar column, header and footer
  • Plugin – add-on scripts
  • Theme – the design, look&feel of your site



  • Contact form 7
  • Google XML sitemap
  • Yet another related posts
  • Stats
  • Back-up WP
  • Audioplayer MP3
  • Backtype
  • Exec PHP
  • Thank me later
  • Subscribe to comments
  • What would Seth Godin do
  • Supercache
  • WP opt-in


  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Links matter – get colleagues, friends, businesses to link to your site, ideally using some keywords you want to be known for; link to their sites in return
  • Don’t lie – your summary, description and keywords should reflect the real content of your page


  • Widgets are tools that help you customize the sidebar of your website
  • Some plugins add new widgets
  • Common widgets: search box, recent posts, tag clouds
  • A text widget can be used for anything (it requires HTML)



  • - newsletter and blog highly recommended!
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