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Programming Competitions 2090/2010

XNA Challenge

The challenge is to take and already existing concept for a game and redesign and adjust the design to your own purposes. The code is available from the Games Fleadh website. This years entry is based on Pacman. Previous years were based on Space Invaders and Asteroids.

Current Teams:

Team Name Student Course/Year
Randomosity Stephen Carty Games 4th
Randomosity Kristofer Harte Games 4th
Saving Gamer Ryan Seamus Ryan Com Sys 4th
Shane O’Sullivan Shane O’Sullivan Games 4th
Second Front Davids O'Carrol Games 2nd
Second Front Philip O'Duffy Games 2nd
Second Front Pat Hayden Com Sys 2nd

Imagine Cup

This is a technology competition run by Microsoft. It is based on the theme: "Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems."

The competition is divided into 5 different categories:

  • Software Design
  • Games Design
  • IT Challenge
  • Embedded Development
  • Digital Media

Current teams:

Team Name Student Name Course/year
Team Waistcoat Sacha Corcoran Games 2nd
Team Waistcoat Colm Madigan Games 3rd
Team Waistcoat Shane O'Sullivan Games 3rd
Team Waistcoat Meghan Halton Games 2nd
chronicles Sean Mooney Games 2nd
chronicles Harry van Haaren MMPT 1st
chronicles Marques Browne Games 2nd

Irish Collegiate Programming Competition

The IrlCPC is a programming competition designed to test how well students can design a solution to programming problems based on their current knowledge.

The competition is run in one day. The competition lasts for 4 hours within which the students will be given a series of 10 problems to design and implement a solution for.

This competition is held worldwide and is split into different regions for the initial rounds. The final rounds move up to the world stage.

Current teams:

Team No. Student Name Course/year email Team name
1 Stephen Carty Games 4th
1 Seamus Ryan Com Sys 4th
1 Elaine Broderick Math Science 4th
2 Colm Madigan Games 3rd
2 Sacha Corcoran Games 2nd
2 Meghan Halton Games 2nd
3 Philip O'Duffy Games 2nd
3 Ciaran Curley Comp Sys 1st
4 Sean Mooney Games 2nd
4 Harry van Haaren MMPT 1st Team IceCream
4 Marque Browne Games 2nd
5 Xiongshuo Chen ECE Team Leo
5 Yuwei Yang Team Leo
5 Xiaoming Ju Team Leo


Dijkstra shortest path algorithm

i-o manipulation

string manipulation

string comparison

sort algorithms

text-input/output(different filenames)

1 solved algorithm

[1]Java File Reading
[2] c++ file reading
[3] Problems with solutions
[4] More solutions for above link
[5]Dykestra's in C++
[6]Quicksort with C demo code
[7]QuickSort wikipedia

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