LM113 - B.Sc. in Digital Media Design

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The BSc in Digital Media Design course develops the technical and analytical skills needed to be successful media practitioners in both the Irish and global media industries. The emphasis is on the principles and application of digital media practice. The programme is inter-disciplinary because of the convergence of previously distinct areas such as media and entertainment, software and multimedia, interaction design, and electronic hardware and telecommunications.

The aim of the programme in Digital Media Design is to equip the students with degree level competence in new media technologies. On graduation, they will be capable of making a significant contribution to the continuing development and growth of the Digital Media industry in Ireland.

The course is related to the BSc in Music, Media & Performance Technology. Both courses offer somewhat different perspectives on digital media, while sharing a number of modules. The BSc in Digital Media Design is focussed on the technical principles and theory of digital media as well as their social and design aspects.

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