Kilrush Church (North Circular Road)

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Kilrush Church

Kilrush Church


Kilrush Church is an idyllic pre-Romanesque church located just off North-Circular road, in a remote cul-de-sac. It is a Franciscan style church, located in a residential estate. It is believed the ancient building was once located on a grave yard.

History and Description

First mention of Kilrush Church was in 1201. There is a plaque located adjacent to the wall of the door. It states:

The church is first mentioned in 1201, but is certainly some centuries older. A window in the South wall which bears an obscure inscription was removed from a Franciscan church in St. Mary's Lane and was preserved for a time by Robert Vere O' Brien before being inserted here around 1900.


It’s believed that the stone used to build this church is not a local rock i.e. limestone. (It’s unknown what the rock is). As well as this there is no visible roof to be seen on the church.


According to the database of Irish Excavation Reports, the church was first excavated in 1999. A trench of 40m was dug near the North Circular road in an attempt to find any historical features or monuments. The ruin is believed to have been enclosed in a defensive ditch which would have been associated with a cemetery or another religious building. No monuments or artifacts were found within the church.


The building was restored in the 1900s. Some changes include; the wall where the door is located is now supported by a metal pillar, due to the passing of time, which has resulted in a slight tilt to this wall.

Wall supported by Metal Pillar
Interior of Side Door

As well as this, cement has been placed as a mould to keep the wall intact. On an adjacent wall there had once been a door, this has now been sealed up. From the interior of the church a doorway is clearly visible. A lock has been added to the gates of the door in the past thirty years, Limerick Council currently have possession of the key.


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