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A: The playing of games that simulate actual conditions (as of business or war) especially for training or testing purposes

B: The playing of video games


Gaming has come far since its early days in Pong and Space Invaders in 1972. Originally simple text based games and games developed for PC were looked upon with awe but ultimately were not seen as a medium that could change how people would go about their everyday life. Over the years however that thought process has changed completely, nowadays the video game commerce and all of its subsidiaries are a multi-billion dollar industry. To illustrate this point, the Sony Corporation on the release of the PS4, sold one million units in twenty four hours which totaled near 4500$ a second. Video gaming is rivaling and beginning to overtake the film industry thus leading to a new interactive game-driven generation. This allows many areas such as education and exercising and indeed entertainment to be explored.

The shift from PC to next generation console has seen a short, expansive and lightning fast growth. In less than fifty years we have seen pong grow into world of Warcraft and soon into Destiny the most expansive and graphically powerful game so far. This is graphical user interface is just the beginning. As the industry grow so too does the need for new and exciting methods of interacting with games. E.G. “Oculus Rift”. These ideas can then be developed to encompass all the different disciplines of gaming. Computing power of games has risen but it has also reached into other areas for the direct benefit of the human race. Education, Sport and exercise and motion tracking now play a huge role in how users interactivity with games. This allows the users from different backgrounds and interests to also utilize the power of electronic gaming again expanding the user base beyond that of pure entertainment.

Below we will discuss and present education in gaming with a study on museums, exercise in gaming and finally entertainment showing where the gaming industry came from, where it is today and where it is going in the future.


Traditional Museums & Education

Museums are changing from static storehouses for objects into active learning environments. In contrast with the 'old' mentality of having the collections put first, visitors are now placed at the centre of a museum activities. Nowadays these institutions focus on public service and education, moving away from the simple presentation of artifacts and the inactivity of the visitors. Through activities or games, artifacts and stories are now enriched of content, available and accessible to the wider public where the viewer can interact and close inspect the artifacts through interactive installations, mobile applications etc.


Educational entertainment ( "edutainment", which is education & entertainment). Museums represent an interesting domain of edutainment providing interactional stimulus to those involved. Kids games are usually adopted by museums experimenting with new interaction techniques to entertain and educate children. ( 0:22 - 2:20 ‪Cleveland Museum of Art‬) (-1:17 Children's Museum) (-2:23, 3:30 Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai and Human Centred Design & Computing Group, C-DAC Pune)‪Snibbe Interactive Museums‬)

Mobile Museums

Mobile museums are usually large vehicles turned into interactive laboratories, making the museum exhibits accessible to underserved populations. They have the advantage to travel to remote areas and serve the experience to schools, libraries, rural events and underprivileged communities. People of different ages and social status have the opportunity to learn about the diverse aspects of the country’s culture, astronomy, science, history, underwater world etc. Mobile digital museums are constantly being developed to serve the best digital experience to the viewers through interactive installations, gaming and 3D presentations contributing to its richness and diversity. Traveling around the country or even abroad, themed vehicles outfitted with hands-on, interactive exhibits are one more alternative mean to entertainment and education.

Online/Virtual Museums

This form of digital entity has circumvented the traditional dominance of the gallery and museum system. Via Internet some characteristics of a museum are enacted to complement, enhance, or augment the museum experience. The viewer has the freedom into some kind of interaction with the artifact through personalisation, interactivity and richness of content. Online Museums can perform as the digitalized physical museum, or can act independently while maintaining the authoritative status as bestowed by ICOM in its definition of a museum. Through the optimized experience, users/viewers/visitors have the opportunity to choose a unique route through the galleries.

Open Air Museums

European open-air museums are variously known as skansen, museums of buildings and folk museums. Museum holdings can be contextualized in a real-life scenario where interaction design can be beneficial by means on focusing on the material and facilitating deep connections through interactive technologies. Through HCI the experience of the open air museum visitors can be enhanced by receiving the appropriate content and at the same time participating in whatever they see.

Future Museums

Web Lab is a collaborative project of Google and London's Science Museum, featuring a range of interactive Chrome experiments designed to bring the inner workings of the Web to Life.!yvYKZ

Installations (The exhibition entitled ‘Rain Room’ was created by Hannes Koch) (Science Museum - London 2013)


3D Metaphor

3D modeling enhance the experience of distance users, replicating as close as possible the experience of seeing the items in person. It is useful for museums that keep items in their stores either for security reasons or because the objects might be fragile. 3D imaging makes available these stored collections and can be enjoyed in a way not possible with physical displays. Through 3D digitalization of cultural heritage, large collections can be accessible to the wider public where the viewer can interact and close inspect the artifacts.


ViHAP3D QTVR X3D 3D Modeling


infrared reflectography X-Ray imaging 3D laser scanning IBMR techniques


• Finger tracking • Body tracking • Face tracking • Image tracking

Games & Exercise

1.what is leisure games in real life and its benefits, examples,demerits

leisure games is a kind of activity which keep us physical &mental healthy, enjoyment,and social engagement. Chess, word search, magic cube puzzle, Nine chains of rings,Wooden Brain Teaser Bamboo Puzzle, and so on so forth are the examples of games for mental and brain. However bowling, rope skipping, foosball, kite flying, table tennis and more are belongs to physical games.

benefits the benefits of these leisure activities on personal well-being have been discussed:from a mental health perspective,all of those games for the mental helps people boost the brain function, strengthen cognitive function, stimulating brain, helps improve the memory power and the capability of logic analysis. From a physical health perspective, athletic leisure activities contribute to a healthier body, reducing the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more. Table tennis,for example, it is a popular leisure activity, played worldwide by players of all ages and capabilities. Table tennis helps to develop hand-eye coordination, agility and can contribute to general fitness . Due to its relatively low entry barrier, it can also serve as ice-breaker for social interactions. it it capable fostering companionships and friendships. In particular, casual leisure games can provide a focus for social activity. However, the players have to be in the same physical location or use some tools to play a game.

demerits of leisure games in real life. 1.can’t interact with each other if in different position or location 2.needs more skills for some particular games, needs more physical consumptions 3.need a specific playground or tools. there is a interesting founding : that girls are deterred by concerns about sweating, getting hurt, and otherwise being embarrassed when play a physical game, but are attracted to exercise by the desire to stay in shape. games influence sports, exercise

In the early civilisations, children realised some of the fun that was possible, when they began playing with stones and sticks. The ancient Olympics of the early Greeks featured simple technological devices such as the discus and javelin. In the early civilisations, children realised some of the fun that was possible, when they began playing with stones and sticks. The ancient Olympics of the early Greeks featured simple technological devices such as the discus and javelin.

Nowhere has the influence of technology on competitive games been greater than computer and video games,which are now one of the favourite games for children and adults.In just a few decades, computer and video games have become so popular, that many parents even worry that previously popular physical activities such as football and baseball have been displaced by games played on home video game consoles, such as the xbox 360 and the playstation 3. many of the most popular games using these technologies are based on sports, such as football,baseball and hockey.

Although there were games and virtual reality systems, that incorporated player physical activity as early as the 1980s, the first popular incorporation of physical activity into video games was the game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), released by game publisher Konami in Japan in 1998.This game is played with a footpad that players stand on, while dancing to music and following visual instructions for their dance moves. In the U.S.,lots of schools now use DDR as a regular part of their physical education curriculum.

The merging of physical activity with video gaming reached new heights with the introduction of a new gaming system from Nintendo, the Wii, in December 2006. The Wii is distinguished from previous video game systems by the nature of the controller, the player uses to interact with the game system. The Wii controller uses a combination of built-in accelerometers and infrared detection to sense its spatial position; information is relayed to the game system via a sensor placed nearby. The use of such controllers allows games to be designed that require gross physical movements of the player’s torso, limbs, hands and feet. In 2009, the game companies Microsoft and Sony announced the development of motion-sensing devicesThese new kinds of game interfaces have lead to a proliferation of video games incorporating bodily activity, including Wii Fit, which offers a fitness training program containing aerobic, balance and coordination, and yoga activities. With such games, modern video games have apparently merged video gaming and the type of physical activities

3. Exergaming

Definition Exergaming is the Fitness game, it is a term used for video games that are also a form of exercise. Exergaming relies on technology that tracks body movement or reaction. The genre has been credited with upending the stereotype of gaming as a sedentary activity, and promoting an active lifestyle.Today, Exergaming can be found almost anywhere globally including doctors’ offices, hospitals, schools, cooperate wellness offices, and in our homes. With the explosion of applications (Apps) for mobile devices and tablets, Exergames can now even travel with you. Exergames on a mobile device may require you to move and track your steps or use upper body movements to play the games.

Benefits of exergaming Health and weight management children and teenagers today are growing increasingly used to a sedentary lifestyle, which leads to a number of health issues, While exergaming may not be the cure for diseases, that come with an inactive lifestyle, obesity being the most frequent one, the engaging nature of the game makes it an extremely fun activity not only for children, but also for adults and seniors as well.such as iDANCE and other games are the excellent choice for anyone who has a hard time staying motivated to exercise. With other forms of exercise, people will usually be thinking about how exhausted they are; with exergaming, their mind is immersed in the game and they are just having fun.! weight management.

When it comes to weight management, experts frequently recommend exergaming as a complement to other forms of exercise such as cycling, but for people whose fitness level is relatively low, dance games are an excellent place to start. They burn as many calories or more than a brisk walking pace and, needless to say, the energy expediture is three times higher than that in sedentary activities.

Exergaming can be particularly beneficial to overweight children who do not usually participate in any kind of physical activity. For one thing, it provides them with a quality exercise tool and a healthy alternative to the regular kind of video games, which are often blamed as the mian reason for childhood obesity. Another reason why exergaming is particularly well suited to overweight children is that they burn more calories during the exercise than normal weight children.

Physical benefits Machine dance delivers a level of activity similar to the cardiovascular exercise achieved by joggers and runners. The physical benefits of iDANCE include improved speed, balance, agility, sense of rhythm, coordination, spatial awareness, endurance and reaction time. As an added benefit, all the skills acquired while playing can be transferred to realworld situations.

Cognitive benefits competition, attention to details in the virtual environment are the interactive aspects of exergaming, participants need to anticipate events and make decisions – all have a very positive effect on executive functioning as well as on attention, working memory, planning,and problem solving skills. This can be particularly beneficial to seniors, as it helps delay dementia and improve cognitive skills. It is likely that exergaming has the same positive effect in this respect as traditional gaming.such as visual attention capacity, better visual-spatial skills, pattern recognition, judgment, hypothesis testing, the ability to switch between tasks, and other cognitive skills that improve academic performance. Social benefits

Exergaming is a social experience. It provides an opportunity to interact with peers with similar interests, which can in turn foster friendships among players. The multiplayer experience and ability to have people playing at different difficulty levels side by side has a positive effect on self-esteem, especially with children, while the immersive nature of the game gives them a sense of commonality and collaboration. At the same time, the level of any player is never compromised, which gives each player a sense of autonomy. Reduced body self-consciousness is another factor that can contribute to self-esteem, especially with children. The players' attention is always directed at a screen, not at themselves or at other players.

Help for training In a video tennis game, the game requires physical skills, especially the hand-eye coordination, it helps players liked to train their dexterity: help them practice different shots or their serve, targeting specific blocks. it also can help them to practice their skills with the aim of transferring them to the traditional social leisure experience. they would feel comfortable to engage themselves with.

Popular exergaming devices in recent years

Gamercize The effectiveness of maintaining interest in exercise using traditional fitness machines has been examined with Gamercize, and found to be six times more sustainable than exercise alone.

Gamercize provides the motivation for keeping fit at home. Choose between the cycle or stepper for endurance training or maximum cardo fitness benefit. Keep exercising to maintain gameplay, stop and you will be prompted to get moving again to continue playing. You will exercise longer and harder when exercise is fun

Wii MotionPlus The Wii MotionPlus is an expansion device for the Wii Remote video game controller that allows it to capture complex motion more accurately. According to Nintendo, the sensor in the device supplements the accelerometer and Sensor Bar capabilities of the Wii Remote to enable actions to be rendered identically on the screen in real time.

wii fit from nintendo It is an exercise game consisting of activities using the Wii Balance Board peripheral.

Playstation move PlayStation Move is a motion-sensing game controller platform by Sony Computer Entertainment, Based around a handheld motion controller wand, PlayStation Move uses inertial sensors in the wand to detect its motion, and the wand's position is tracked using a PlayStation webcam ,!

Kinect for Xbox 360! Full body gaming and entertainment Controller-free gaming means full body play. Kinect responds to how you move. Kick, wave, jump, you already know how to play. Now it’s time to get off the sofa and play.! Use Your Voice Kinect uses advanced entertainment technology that responds to the sound of your voice. Just say ‘Xbox’ to reveal a series of voice commands. Control HD films with the sound of your voice – no controller required.!! now it also can help us get some profession training .!

4. Future development

Newer systems such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii use alternative input devices such as the Kinect and PlayStation Move. The Move uses image analysis to extract the motion of the user against a background and uses these motions to control the character in the game.

Research projects such as Exertion Interfaces that investigate the design aspects of these games explore how the technological augmentation that comes with the digital gameplay component can be nurtured for additional benefits, such as utilizing the social power of exercising together even though players are connected only over a network or scaling the amount of players,enabling novel exercise experiences not available without the technological augmentation.

Exergame resellers have developed fitness centers and specialist room designs with programmes that focus entirely on creating environments for young people using exergaming for fitness. Exergaming can be found as part of larger fitness facilities or dedicated gyms. In the immediate future, exergaming can be played in the exterior with a virtual environment.



The gaming industry’s starting point is widely accepted as the release of Pong in 1972. The games created in this time were very simplistic and mainly dealt in displaying monotone games with an incredibly simplistic user interface. At the time most games were marketed towards arcades. Placing money inside a machine and receiving a set number of lives to play with. Interaction with these machines was and in most cases of arcades today still is, through joystick (the iconic black stem with red ball on top) and up to six buttons that controlled what happens on screen


This then very quickly developed into a home entertainment system. The first main device was the ATARI 2600.


Although looking back on these ads can be quite a funny experience for us, it is less than 30 years since this console was released to the public as the peek of interactive gaming entertainment. Seeing how this area was developing many companies than began to want in on the action. Game consoles started appearing everywhere, the PV-100, Sega master system, Nintendo Entertainment system, the action max and the list goes on. The action max draws a specific attention as it is the first console that employs a different method of interaction through the use of a TV sensor and an interactive gun.

Action Max:

During this time period Arcades also began to show new methods of “gun” interaction in the form of “Duck Hunt” and other games of this nature.

Duck Hunt:

Skipping forward 5 years games began to integrate 3D technology. This was the main turn point for the gaming industry. The advent of 3d technology led directly to what we now see in our PCs and gaming consoles. Finally moving forward to present day we have the most current games rendering HD 3D graphics at 60 frames per second, Massive online gaming community, motion tracking that is currently being implemented into other systems such as advertising and as seen earlier the utilization of games in other areas`of interest.


PS4 Online

Face Render PC

PHYSICAL INTERACTION (Mouse/Keyboard vs Controller vs Motion Control FIGHT!!!)

There is currently a huge debate on whether mouse/keyboard interaction is better than controller. Currently controllers are gaining popularity with PC gamers and many believe it will eventually overcome the keyboard. The reasoning behind this is the keyboard was designed for a completely separate function.

Hands Off

Its official use is typing what you are reading right now. User Centered Design would argue that the adaptation of the keyboard and mouse for gaming purposes simply will not do. However for extreme gamers and competitive gamers it allows many shortcut keys to be accessed, hence the battle of the controllers.

Fastest Gamer:

THE R.A.T. 9 gaming mouse/S.R.I.K.E 7 Keyboard

The best gaming mouse and keyboard currently on the market. The mouse has changeable weight and DPI laser functions to give the most accuracy to the user it also has a fully changeable grip for comfort. The keyboard is fully customizable and has a built in scroll wheel and LCD screen to review stats of the keyboard in real-time.



PS4 and Xbox 360 Controllers

Both of these are the leading light in console control. They are made from durable plastic and rubber. The Xbox has stuck with the same style of controller over the generations of the console. The new controller improves upon the last by delivering faster inputs and also has vibration in the trigger buttons to allow hepatic feedback to the user. The Playstation has almost completely revamped their piece. It now has full vibration, Six-axis control and a built in light that tracks you through the Playstation eye.

Xbox Controller:

PS4 Controller

Motion Control

The Xbox kinect is by far the best piece of motion control for the gaming industry. It allows the user to interact with the on screen display without the use of a controller. It tracks a skeleton version of you and uses software to determine where your limbs are at any given time.


The PS3/PS4 implement motion tracking of a lit up controller. It beats the XBOX in accurate tracking but is defeated by the mandatory use of a controller.




Maps play a massive role in how people interact with some maps taking hours to travel across. These types of maps immerse the player in a living and working world. It is a virtual reality in which one disappears from the reality around them into a false world where they are in command. Console maps range in size from the small original GTA 3 miles squared to the colossal Daggerfall with an astonishing 62395 miles squared. Each with a whole world of NPCs waiting to give you quest to start exploring the land. At the moment the main interaction in these types of games is controller to screen but as technology improves the means by which you can enter these worlds grows (discussed at end)


Warcraft Map:

Map Scales:


When talking about MMO or online multiplayer one must look towards Minecraft. Minecraft is a server based PC game which allow users to build there own worlds and games using one meter by one meter bricks.

Massive Buildings:

Massive Buildings 2:

City Minecraft:


Communication between online gamers through text chat and voice chat is also a major area in which interaction takes place in games such as World of Warcraft or DC universe online groups of players must band together in order to defeat very difficult levels. This creates a whole other reality of friends – online friends.



One last a particularly unusual version of virtual online lives comes in the form of Sims. This game has now grown to world proportions. Players can make and control and if they feel the need kill their sim characters.




The OCULUS RIFT allows for gamers to become immersed in a virtual reality by means of a headset that places 2 screens close to the face. It cuts off the outside world and brings the user into his or her own virtual existence



The OMNI is a treadmill for virtual reality gaming. It places the user in an omnidirectional treadmill that allows them to walk as if they are actually in the game itself. This combined with the OCULUS makes you feel like you have been fully integrated into the game.



The Araig is a form of gaming body armor. It is still in the initial stages but show a promising move forward in how players will be able to interact with the in game surroundings. It is a upper body vest that has 3 forms. Skin – you can change how the suit physically looks Vibration – If you are hit in a game vibration now tells you where the character was hit Muscle Contraction – Electro-stimulation of muscle fiber


Voice interaction in games

Some new games are implementing voice command into there games. Currently on the Steam Store is Bot Colony. A game in which the user can use his or her voice to control some of the games surroundings. This is also still in the initial stages.

Bot Colony:

Future of gaming

TED talk

Microsoft surround vision


Next 25 years


Interaction design in Video Games:

Social Aspects

Video Game Values

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