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Public presence

Digital Media Design/ Interactive Media projects to be presented


  • Personalised campus guide for UL students - Conway, Kathryn 09006094; Flash prototype, slides ,

An interactive flash prototype of a mobile application design to meet the needs of UL students. Through an iterative design process; user research and prototyping, a number of design possibilities were created and tested with target end users. The resulting feedback was then used determine what functionality would be most useful to a student on campus. The final design was a sleek and user friendly interface created using Adobe Photoshop CS6 with a fidelity prototype built in Adobe Flash.

  • Mobile Application Design for the Hunt Museum - O'Sullivan, Alan 0855057; - Play Store

For my final year project I designed a treasure hunt Android mobile application. The mobile application was designed for the Hunt Museum in Limerick City. The project required building the mobile application on a framework so that the treasure hunt content within the application could be quickly and easily updated by a computer user with no programming knowledge. The application was designed using a user-centred design approach involving various different stages including, observations, prototyping and evaluations.

The purpose of the Old Limerick application is to explore how the use of location based media can be used to enrich the experience of people while navigating the city. This investigation is part of the Connected Limerick project, which aims to map and link the city to its digital layer. Commonly found technologies (e.g smartphones) were used in order to create a platform for people to experience and potentially share their knowledge and folklore of places in Limerick. This content was geotagged to relevant locations and accessible to people as they physically navigated the city.

  • Gym Log- Barry, Kenneth 09006369; Dropbox -

The purpose of this Final Year Project was to design and implement a highly customizable application for the android platform for use to log and compare gym training results and details. This application gives the user an improvement tool to increase/fulfil their workout goals and help them document their lifting data. Developed in Java within the Eclipse platform, it also connects to a MySQL server online using a custom made API.


  • Palm-style graffiti input for Android Twomey, Paul 0853127; slides, download code, [ video]
  • Developing a Live Music Interface and Performance O'Byrne, Paul 09006483;video
  • Dot-Play - McLysaght, Cian 12036021; video

The project explored here, is an interactive installation, using a robotic musical instrument, controlled with a physical, Braille interface. The principal audience is not the blind or the visually impaired, but the sighted. It’s goal is to motivate the sighted to gain an understanding of the Braille system, of reading and writing. The interface consists of six momentary push buttons structured correspondingly to a Braille cell structure. The musical instrument is a custom built, acoustic instrument played remotely using stepper motors and controlled by an Arduino microprocessor.

  • The Music Box – A sensory experience - Dominic Perera 12064785 -, video

The Music Box is all about communication, visualisation and most importatantly, “FUN”. The minimalistic approach and futuristic sensory layout of the interface is designed for all age groups to create music and expereiment with sound. It is also imaperative to visualise the music/sound we produce. Sound is not just for auditrory pleasure, but for visual fulfilment too.

The Process involves communication between 2 computers, Arduino microcontroller, Processing and PD/GEM for graphics, MAX/MSP and Logic Pro.


  • Numble: The Game -O'Brien, Ian 09007412; - works on his tablet - see how can we organise to show it!

This is a mathematics based game. It is designed to be the mathematical equivalent of the word based board game Boggle. This is a maths learning based game. Instead of finding words the user has to fine equations. There are side games also; to help improve the skill of the player in the time between sessions of the main game. It is aimed at children between 4th class and 6th class, but enjoyable for everyone who tries it.

  • Unity Multiplayer Game - Conroy, Luke 09006022; video, slides,

This is a First Person shooter game created using Unity Game Engine. The project takes into the account the design that goes into creating a FPS title, from the gameplay and game mechanics to the networking behind using the latest technologies available.

Event website

  • Munster Fleadh website - O'Shea, Turlough 09004486; website

The aim of my FYP is to make a fully functional website for the Munster Fléadh set to take place on the University of Limerick Campus in July 2013. The project is client driven and because of this constant contact with the client is needed. The client’s main concern was getting people to ‘stick around’. With this in mind I developed a few ideas to try and help this happen. I strived to create a modern and aesthetically pleasing website.

The languages used to develop this website were HTML, Javascript, PHP and MYSQL. CSS was used to style the HTML and I also used the jQuery library of Javascript.

  • "Munster Fleadh Android Mobile Application" - Kelly, Martin 09007196; Play Store


play-list to be created by Leon and Mikael All video files to be included should be handed to Leon early in the week starting the 20th of May so that a BlueRay or DVD can be toasted.

Staff roster

Tuesday 28 May

  • Official opening 6pm? Gabriela, Mikael

Wednesday 29 May

  • 10am - 2pm Mikael
  • 2pm-6pm (Student Event) Gabriela

Thursday 30 May

  • 10am - 2pm Fiona
  • 2pm-6pm Gabriela

Friday 31 May

  • 10am - 2pm Cristiano
  • 2pm-6pm Mikael

Saturday 1 June

  • 10am - 12pm Nick
  • 12pm-5pm Gabriela - Chris will be dropping by after coder dojo

Student roster

Tuesday 28 May

  • Official opening 6pm?

Cian McLysaght, Dom Perera

Wednesday 29 May

  • 10am - 2pm
    • Student1: Luke Conroy
    • Student2: Ian O'Brien
  • 2pm-6pm (Student Event)
    • Student1: Alan O'Sullivan
    • Student2:

Thursday 30 May

  • 10am - 2pm
    • Student1: Ian O'Brien
    • Student2: Dom Perera
  • 2pm-6pm
    • Student1: Kathryn
    • Student2:

Friday 31 May

  • 10am - 2pm
    • Student1: John Slattery
    • Student2: Paul O'Byrne
  • 2pm-6pm
    • Student1: Joanne
    • Student2:

Saturday 1 June

  • 10am - 1.30pm
    • Student1:
    • Student2:
  • 1.30pm-5pm
    • Student1: Kenneth Barry
    • Student2: Cian McLysaght
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