CS6022 Principles of Interactive Media Design 2010

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Principles of Interactive Media Design

URL: http://short.ie/jpnbx4

Course Material

No set book. Reading lists and References will be made available for Seminar topics.

Course Objectives

This course has 2 major objectives, related to the two themes we will be pursuing over the term :

  • (1) Investigation of key concepts and methods in the IxD field - you will deepen your knowledge and understanding of certain key issues in the Interaction Design field, such as design thinking, interaction experience, and critical sensibility; and
  • (2) Planning your Research Project - you will learn about the requirements for planning a successful Final Project, with advice on choosing topics, analyzing issues, developing argumentation, structuring your research, use of different research methods, planning your work, and report writing.

Track 1 will examine and explore a number of key themes related to interaction and design in a variety of settings. It will involve a student-led group seminar/presentation,. A number of themes, issues and domains for further study will be provided, but you may, after consultation, add to this list. It will be the responsibility of the group, in consultation with the instructor, to provide a brief 1-2 page information note on the material analysed together with reading links for the class in advance of each seminar session.

Track 2 relates to your project development work. Workshops will offer support in planning your research, discussing project write-ups, and research methods. Near the end of the course you are required to give a short presentation on your project ideas and plans. A short project report (max. 3K words) is also required, which should serve as a useful outline for your Final Project Report due at the end of the Summer.


Track 1 - Exploration of various IxD topics

Track 2 - Research methods

Group seminar

Selection of Topics & Dates for Group Seminar

  • To be done in consultation with Gabriela & Anders
  • list of topics is provided, but new topics can be added
  • Group Seminars: Weeks 2-8.
  • Easter - Week 10 (29 Mar- 5 Apr) ;

Suggested Format for Seminar Sessions

  • The presenting group must present key ideas from specific readings. Brief 1-2 page note on topic (outline + comments) and resources to be sent to class at least 2 days in advance of seminar.

Topics Schedule

Suggested Topics

  • The Role of Metaphor in Design
  • Design Sensibility. What does it mean to be a designer?
  • The Semantic Turn in Design
  • Getting to Grips with Experience Design
  • Getting to Grips with Interactivity
  • The relation between Art & Design
  • Mobility & its implications
  • Lifelogging: memory & forgetting - Ideas & consequences
  • The role of the body
  • Space & place in new environments
  • Visual Thinking: sketching, mindmapping

Application domains:

  • Thinking about Interactivity in Museums
  • Learning through New Media
  • The role of technology in healthcare
  • Knowledge work and collaboration across boundaries: the Virtual Enterprise?

Social Media

  • Social Media: a new paradigm?
  • Transparent lives
  • Mediation and transparency
  • Lifestreaming

Games, Virtual Worlds, Modding

  • Characteristics of video games as interactive medium
  • Designing for sociability in massively multiplayer online games
  • User-created content, modding, and gamer communities

HCI related

  • The "interface" between humans and technology
  • The purpose of computer-based technology
  • What is the user experience of using an artefact?
  • The users' role in design & methods: e.g. cooperative evaluation and participatory design
  • Various user interfaces: graphical, tangible, audio, etcetera

Course Schedule

It is important that people identify a topic/theme as soon as possible, and start preparing.

  • List of tentative themes and dates for the first presentation set by end of Week 2 (Feb 5th).

Project Sessions

Suggested format for Project Sessions

  • Material sent to class at least 2 days in advance of session.
  • Presenters to take responsibility for session, divided between introduction to theme, and some interaction with class.

Project Sessions Scheduling

  • Final Presentations: Week 12

MONDAY (19/04/10)

10.00 Lu Peng
10.30 Eanna Byrt
11.00 ....
11.30 ...

TUESDAY (20/04/10)

11.00 Brian
11.30 Triona

FRIDAY (23/04/10)

09.00 Beata
09.30 Sophie

10.00 Vinny
10.30 Lucy
11.00 Lette
11.30 Qing
12.00 Fionn
12.30 Grace

14.00 Rachel
14.30 Jill
15.00 Colette
15.30 Marion
16.00 Aladdin

To include explanations on:

  • What is your project about
  • Why it is important
  • Who it is for
  • Where it should be used.
  • When would it be needed
  • How would it be made
  • Future Plans


  • Group Seminar: 25%;
  • Project Talk: 25%;
  • Report: 30%;
  • Reflection on progress on blog or personal diary: 10%;
  • Attendance & Class Interaction: 10 %. Contributions in group seminars will be taken into consideration (at least 2 during the semester).
  • Class participation for all seminars/presentations is expected. Failure to attend >80% of presentations will incur penalties.

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