CS4047 Multimedia Industry Perspectives 2010

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Timetable and venues

  • Monday 14-15, KBG11 - Lecture
  • Friday 9-10, KBG11 - Lecture


  • Monday 13-14 KB118 3a
  • Monday 17-18 ERB008 3b

Students taking the course

  • LM110 Year 4 – MMCG
  • LM113 Year 4 – DMD

Module units

  1. Defining one’s dream job; discovering role models
  2. Looking at the job market and the skills in demand
  3. Getting involved: relevant communities and the support they could offer
  4. Starting a business, freelancing or getting a job?


Module content

  • During the lectures, we will aim to have a guest speaker from the industry every week, either in flesh, or via an online conferencing system.
  • Blog and magazine articles, as well as video interviews with practitioners available online will be used alternatively for triggering the discussions.
  • You will be required to start your own blogs and all the assignments will be posted there. You will be allowed to choose if you want to open your blog to your colleagues/ the public, or if you want to share it only with the lecturer&TA.
  • I would encourage you to see the blogs as potential portfolios to support your future job applications and to document all your achievements.



Assignment 1

  • 20%
  • Date issued:6 September 2010
  • Date due: Week 4
  • Individual assignment
  • you will have to write a 500-800 words blog post on what would be your ideal job.
  • You can illustrate it with videos, audio, links and pictures.
  • Look up people you would like to resemble to. Read about them, try to find out more about their trajectories.
  • Grading scheme:
    • Relevance of topic for the assignment:4p
    • Content and write-up:12p
    • Appropriate use of photos and/or videos:2p
    • Appropriate use of links: 2p
    • Spelling mistakes: 1-3 points will be deducted from the marks obtained

Assignment 2

    • Write 3 blog posts on projects you have worked on (could include something from your coop and also your FYP idea); categorize them as "portfolio". For each post, make sure to choose a significant name, a picture (or a video) and hyperlinks to provide some context to the idea. Mention in what year (1, 2,3,4) you worked on it, and if it was part of some module requirement. Also mention if it was an individual or a group project. Explain in max 300 words what was it about, and then mention why are you considering it an important achievement of yours. Did you enjoy working on it? Did it expand your knowledge? Did it teach you about team work? About the importance of having a mentor?
  • Grading scheme:
    • CV - 9p
    • cover letters - 4p
    • portfolio - 12p

Assignment 3

  • 25%
  • Date issued: Week 7, 22 Oct
  • Date due: Week 10
  • Individual assignment
  • get a profile on LinkedIn, create your public profile, get an appropriate URL and add it to your CV.
  • find a community you would like to join and get involved. It can be an Open Source project (check sourceforge.net), a meetup group on Open Source or Interaction Design, an online community in your area of interest (software development, computer games, computer graphics, interaction design, video/audio production). Please check with the lecturer if you're not sure about the eligibility of the chosen community!

Participate in the life of the community for the following two weeks.

Based on archives, related blogs, but also related domain literature, write a 2500 words article about the community, including the following:

    • a general description of the community and its members,
    • main activities going on,
    • channels of communication,
    • media reports,
    • references.

Relying on the information collected, you will also have to write a description titled "A day in the life of a ...(interaction designer, games developer, software engineer)".

Summarise the content in a blog post, upload the essay as a PDF and link to it from the blog post.

  • Grading scheme (25p):
    • Linkedin profile 5p
    • Blog post summarising your report on a specific community: 5p
    • Report - general description 5p
    • Report - references, media reports 5p
    • Report - A day in the life... 5p

Assignment 4

  •  %30
  • Date issued: Week 7, 22 Oct
  • Date due: Week 11, 19 Nov 2010 11pm
  • Group assignment (groups of 2-3), enter your groups below.
  • You will be required to discuss and decide on a business idea, come up with a draft business plan as a group, and submit it on week 11. The final form is up to you - it can be a PPT, a video, a demo or a written document.

You will post it on your blog and explain what your own contribution was.

1. Start with discussing several business ideas - write down every one of them. Discuss Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats for 2-3 of them. Decide on one that you all like, and that has a fair chance of making money - in your view.

Pick up a name for your group/business.

2. Develop the business plan:

  • Decide on the collaboration tools you prefer using in your group (Google Docs, wiki page, email with attachments, IM, Skype etc).
  • Decide on the final form your presentation will take (Word/Google Doc, PPT, Video, demo). The basic points you'll have to touch on:
    • Describe your product
    • Describe the customer benefit
    • The innovative characteristics
    • Description of the customer
    • The revenue mechanism; a financial projection.
  • You will have to decide who will be focusing on what, and on a calendar for your group.

3. Write the Executive Summary - irrespective of the form of your presentation, this will be a written doc of 1-2 pages. It can be used further to prepare an "elevator pitch".

4. Post to your blogs - 300 words about the process and the team work. Link to the deliverables.

5. Prepare your presentation. Rehearse at least once as a group. The tentative date is Nov 22, but the deliverables will have to be in on week 11 (19 Nov 2010). Each group gets 10 min.

How to give a presentation

Grading scheme: 30 points

  • business plan - 15 points (dealing with the points above, executive summary as PDF, layout and language)
  • blog post - 5 points
  • presentation - 10 points


Presentations timetable

  • For repeats, all assignments (or only the missing ones) will have to be resubmitted - Aug 2011

Places to go to, things to see

tweak - September 2010

  • an interactive art and live electronic music festival taking place in Limerick City

More information at http://tweak.ie

Wednesday Afternoon Talks series

  • IxDA October meetup: Mark Congiusta
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