CS4031 Introduction to Digital Media 2010

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Aims & Objectives

On successful completion of this module students will:

  • Have considered the influence of technology on human cognition and activity.
  • Considered a number of case studies focussed on particular technologies and media.


  • The influence of technology on cognition and activity.
    • The relationship of Technology to Practice, Form, Content and Remediation.
  • Case studies will consider the influences, consequences and interrelationship of media and thought, including:
    • The written word, printing press, computer & digitisation, World Wide Web.
    • Music instrument form, mnemonics, notation, recording, digitisation.
    • The reproduced image, printing press, camera, film, television, digitisation.
    • Narrative - orality, ritual & theatre/opera, illusion, interactive systems, sensors, virtual spaces, remediation

Lecturer & TA

Lecturer - Dr.Gabriela Avram

TA - Nora O'Murchu

Reading list


  • Paul, A. Mayer, Computer Media and Communication, Oxford Univ. Press, 1999.
  • Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, Routledge, 1964.
  • Walter, J Ong, Orality and Literacy: Technologizing the Word, Routledge, 1999.
  • H. Rheingold. Tools for Thought. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2000.
  • Michael Rush, New Media in Art, Thames and Hudson world of art, 2005.



Venue & timetable

  • Mon - 11-12, CSG001
  • Wed - 11-12, FG042


Digital Media Terms Glossary

#ixdm10 on Twitter

  • a Twitter hashtag for communicating within our group
  • you can get your own account on http://twitter.com, or just listen here

Places to go, things to see

tweak - September 2010

  • an interactive art and live electronic music festival taking place in Limerick City

More information at http://tweak.ie

  • Wednesday, 22 September 2010, 9pm Tweak Live; Tweak Live presents an evening of live electronic performance featuring
    • Sarsparilla
    • Cignol
    • Duck Richbags

Daghdha St. John's square // €10/€5(students)

  • Thursday, 23 September 2010, Daghda, St. John's square , 9pm Soundings; Soundings is a performance series based in Limerick, Ireland that is designed to open the senses to new forms of music, sound art, and media interaction

This year Soundings presents Rick Snow and guests to perform at the intimate Daghdha space.

// €10/€5(students)

  • Friday, 24 September 2010, All Out Design, Sarsfield St., Connected Limerick workshop, organised by the IxDA Limerick chapter
  • For more information, see our Facebook page

MiLK Hackerspace

Limerick OpenSource Meetup

IxDa Limerick Meetup

Wednesday Afternoon Talks series

  • Interaction Design Talks 2-4pm
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