CS4031 Introduction to Digital Media 2009

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Aims & Objectives

On successful completion of this module students will:

  • Have considered the influence of technology on human cognition and activity.
  • Considered a number of case studies focussed on particular technologies and media.


  • The influence of technology on cognition and activity.
    • The relationship of Technology to Practice, Form, Content and Remediation.
  • Case studies will consider the influences, consequences and interrelationship of media and thought, including:
    • The written word, printing press, computer & digitisation, World Wide Web.
    • Music instrument form, mnemonics, notation, recording, digitisation.
    • The reproduced image, printing press, camera, film, television, digitisation.
    • Narrative - orality, ritual & theatre/opera, illusion, interactive systems, sensors, virtual spaces, remediation


Dr.Gabriela Avram

Reading list


  • Paul, A. Mayer, Computer Media and Communication, Oxford Univ. Press, 1999.
  • Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, Routledge, 1964.
  • Walter, J Ong, Orality and Literacy: Technologizing the Word, Routledge, 1999.
  • H. Rheingold. Tools for Thought. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2000.
  • Michael Rush, New Media in Art, Thames and Hudson world of art, 2005.



  • 7.09.2009 - IxDM Introduction
  • 8.09.2009 - no lecture
  • 9.09.2009 - Wednesday Afternoon Talk
  • 14.09.2009 - no lecture
  • 15.09.2009 - no lecture
  • 16.09.2009 - Wednesday Afternoon Talk
  • 18.11.2009 - Wednesday Afternoon Talk - Macdara Butler

Venue & timetable

  • Mon - 11-12, CSG001
  • Tue - 11-12, CSG001


CS4031 Glossary

#ixdm09 on Twitter

  • a Twitter hashtag for communicating within our group
  • you can get your own account on http://twitter.com, or just listen here

Places to go, things to see

DEAF 2009 Dublin Electronic Arts Festival

  • details here
  • 22-31 October 2009

tweak - 22-27 September 2009

  • an interactive art and live electronic music festival taking place in Limerick City

More information at http://tweak.ie

Wednesday Afternoon Talks series

3.00pm, Computer Science Building Auditorium (CSG01)

  • Garth Paine- Wednesday September 9th, 2009
  • Rob Swire (Pendulum)-Wednesday September 16th, 2009
  • Simon Emmerson- Wednesday September 23rd, 2009
  • Paul Hegarty, Wednesday September 30th, 2009

'More information on the CCMCM website

  • Design Seminar, Wednesday 23rd of September 14:00-16:00
    • Venue: S215
    • " Learning by toying"; Design & Education at work. - Prof.Sudarshan Khanna
    • Prof. Khanna is the ex-principal designer & head of Toy Centre, Chairperson of Education &

Research, Chair for Design & Education Innovations at the National Institute of Design in India

  • Interaction Design Talks- Nicola Quinn, Wednesday 28 Oct 2009, 2-4pm
  • Venue: CSG001
  • more details here


  • Soundings -Thursday September 10th, 2009, 8.00pm St Munchins Church, Church St., Limerick.
    • Garth Paine (Australia)
    • Jaime Oliver (US)
    • Guiseppe Torre, Robert Sazdov and Dorota Konczewska
  • Soundings - Thursday September 24th, 2009, 8.00pm, St Munchins Church, Church St., Limerick
    • Splice Girls (UK)
    • La Société des Amis du Crime
    • Diana Simpson (UK)
    • Manuella Blackburn (UK)

More information on the CCMCM website

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