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  • Individual assignment 1 - 5% - issued on 6 Sept, due on 30 Sept
  • Individual assignment 2 - 15% - issued on 23 Sept, due on 28 Oct
  • Group assignment - contribution to a course wiki - 30% , issued on 23 Sept, due on 4 Nov
  • Semester exam - 50%

Source(s): CS4031 Assessment

Individual assignment 1

  • Date issued: 6 September 2011
  • Date due: 30 Sept 11pm (Week 4)
  • 5% of the final grade


  • Explore YouTube and find a video of an interactive installation, a musical performance, a new musical instrument, tool or artefact that you wish you had designed/performed/invented yourself. It has to be related to digital media/music technology.
  • Write a short description, including the name of the video, who posted it and when, what were the viewers' reactions (if any), and why do you like it (maximum 300 words).
  • Post the assignment on the wiki. (Wiki editing will be presented during the second lecture of week 3)
  • Add your Assignment1 for CS4031 here
  • Assignment1 samples from previous academic year

Source(s): CS4031 Assessment

Individual assignment 2

  • Date issued: 23 September 2011
  • Date due: 28 October 2011 -11pm (Week 8)
  • 15% of the final grade


  • Identify any Internet resources connected to a specific place in the city of Limerick; if these are constantly updated, you might want to use a news reader (I would recommend Google reader)
  • Write a short story (300-500 words) about a place in Limerick you found out about from an Internet source. Link to the source, visit the place, find a story related to that place and write an account of it, including pictures, video or audio recordings, sketches or whatever mean of expression suits you best.
  • Post the description on the class blog, and send its URL via Twitter, letting your colleagues know it's been published.(if you don't have your own Twitter account and you don't wish to create one, use the class Twitter account, IxDM11 - the password will be sent to you via email.)In any situation, include the tag #ixdm11 .
  • The class blog is here: http://ixdm11.blogspot.com/ You can access it for authoring a post by going to http://www.blogger.com and signing in with the user: dmd09.ul at gmail dot com The password will be communicated via email.

--- A brief introduction to blogs, RSS readers and Twitter:

Blog search engines(for finding blogs you could be interested in)

News readers:


Source(s): CS4031 Assessment

Group assignment - contribution to a course wiki

  • Date issued: 22 September 2011
  • Date due: 4 November 2011 -11pm (Week 9)
  • 30% of the final grade

Assignment: Here is a list of topics. Read the list and decide what you want to research and write about - in groups of 3 (might be 2, but only if you can't find a 3rd!).

The list will be updated with new topics by October 10. In case you already have a topic in mind and it's not on the list, e-mail me for suggesting new topics. Warning: it has to be related to either digital media or traditional media.

  • everyone will have to pick up a topic by October 15.
  • the assignments are due on 4 November 2011 and have to be sent to me via e-mail and posted on the wiki.

You are encouraged to use books, newspapers, dictionaries, the Internet - whatever you find appropriate. But remember you will have to acknowledge your sources as well!

Tools you can avail of for searching the Internet:

For working collaboratively on a document online, you could use Google Docs

The UL Library has a guide for correct referencing. You can find it here.

The assignment consists of:
1. an article on the selected topic, 500-800 words long, including links in its text and a list of references;
2. a short description (1 page max) of the steps you followed: 
   - why did you pick up that topic;
   - what was your strategy when looking for info- who does what, where to look etc
   - the sources you've found and how you used them
   - what was the contribution of each of you (if one just criticized everything, be brave and mention it!)

Probably most of these terms are in Wikipedia already. It doesn't make any sense to copy their content (you won't receive any points if you do that!), but it's a good starting point. What we're looking for is critical approaches and your own point of view. Some of you might also want to enhance the content of the Wikipedia articles with your findings. But our main purpose is to create a local wiki, that will grow in the following years and will become a useful glossary for the students to come.

In order to take possession of a topic, either e-mail me (gabriela dot avram at ul dot ie), or edit the wiki page yourselves by adding the 3 names next to the selected topic.

Source(s): CS4031 Assessment


  • The last day for picking up a topic for the assignment is Oct 15.
  • The deadline for posting the assignment on the wiki is Nov 4 2011.

Source(s): CS4031 Assessment

Grading scheme

The grading scheme used for the mid-term assignments (30 points in total):

* Structure	5p		
* Content	10p		
* References 	4p		
* Reflection	6p		
* Wiki formatting and posting to the wiki 5p

Source(s): CS4031 Assessment


A good model to follow is last year's article on Physical Modeling. In order to create a new wiki page for our assignment, edit the list on the wiki and add two pairs of square brackets before and after the name of your topic (don't include your own names in the brackets!)

Source(s): CS4031 Assessment

FAQs regarding the assignment

  • In our page I put in links within the document to other wiki pages, but didn't necessarily use those pages as sources (they are more of a "if you want to know more link"), do I need to put those in the reference section?
  • No, if they were not used in documenting the content of your page.
  • Do we need to cite the different "external links" in the reference section if we didn't actually take any information from them, but thought that the reader might be interested in them?
  • They shouldn't be called external links. A title like Further Readings, Further Information or Examples would be more appropriate.
  • Are in text citations necessary ?
  • Citations in text are useful when you're actually quoting someone's words.

They're not necessary unless you quote someone or reproduce someone's controversial statements.

Source(s): CS4031 Assessment

Correct citation

The UL Library guide for correct referencing can be found here.

A very good resource is the Harvard Referencing for Electronic Sources guide at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Examples: Classic resources

  • Karjalainen, Matti, Valimaki, Vesa and Tolonen, Tero (1998). Plucked-String Models: From Karplus-Strong Algorithm to Digital Waveguides and Beyond. Helsinki University of Technology paper
  • Smith III, Julius O. (2002). Viewpoints on the History of Digital Synthesis Department of music, Stanford University

Digital resources:

Source(s): CS4031 Assessment

Semester exam

The written exam will take place in December and will consist of essay-style answers to a number of questions.

Usually, the students get 6 questions and have to choose 3 of them.

Mark to grade translation scheme:

  • under 30% F
  • 30% D2
  • 35% D1
  • 40% C3
  • 48% C2
  • 52% C1
  • 56% B3
  • 60% B2
  • 64% B1
  • 72% A2
  • 80% A1
  • The exam questions from the previous years will be shortly uploaded to a shared folder and the link will be posted here.
    • Semester 1 AY2006/07
    • Repeats 200607
    • Semester 1 AY2007/08
    • Repeats 200708
    • Semester 1 AY2008/09
    • Repeats 200809

Source(s): CS4031 Assessment

MediaWiki Help

For detailed instructions on how to edit a wiki page, check the MediaWiki Help

Source(s): CS4031 Assessment

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