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My favourite YouTube video

  • Write a short description, including the name of the video, who posted it and when, what were the viewers' reactions (if any), and why do you like it (maximum 300 words).

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Ciarrai Kelly (10118756)

  • Video Title: Multi Touch Music Wall
  • Video URL: [1]
  • Posted by: patcon96 31 May 2007.
  • No. of Viewers: 88,565: 31 likes, 4 dislikes
  • Description:

This video is a perfect example of how technology is enhancing the music industry and of how live music is changing and evolving.

This “screen” or wall is allowing people to really get involved in the creative process in a fun and interesting way. This technology is allowing every type of person, young or old, musical or not, to get hands on experience with creating and experimenting with music. I can see this particular piece of technology being introduced into public area’s in every city in the world. It would be a perfect way of enhancing the cultural aspect of cities. If you can open your mind and imagine an area in your local city where you could go and watch people from all over the world perform and even having the opportunity to get involved yourself. And it wouldn’t be your regular run of the mill “outdoor gig”, you would be able to see first hand new and exciting technology being used in your local area.

It would also benefit young children in schools and help teach them about different instruments, what they sound like and even get to “play” them themselves. It would be a fantastic way to spark the interest of young minds, all the while using the most up to date technology.

Although the people in this particular clip are not actually playing any type of song, you can clearly see potential of using this equipment in live gig’s. The possibilities would be endless if this type of product was readily available to artist’s and would give them the opportunity to show off their musical skill in front of an audience as a filler between their usual performance. It could also be used in group performance as seen in the clip. there were mixed reviews but one i found interesting was "Data visualization and collaborative work is phenomenal with Multi-Touch. But with that control there is a great deal of complexity. There has to be a very adaptive and scalable user-interface system setup to provide that control in an intuitive and easy to use way." so even though this technology is top of the range, it still needs to be fine tuned before we can get our hands on it.

Sean McGrath(10120246)

  • Video Title: XBOX 360 E3 peter molyneux Lionhead Mylo
  • Video URL: [2]
  • Posted by: GUY1292. June 01, 2009.
  • No. of Viewers: 77: 70 likes, 7 dislikes
  • Description:

• The Kinetics camera or Project natal is a huge advancement in gaming technology. Project Natal is, in my opinion one of the greatest steps made towards ‘virtual reality’ gaming and the closest step so far to human integration of gaming. • Project Natal possesses the technology and ability to recognise human expression, whether it be through vocal or facial language. This in turn allows for the creation of more complex and realistic gaming. • This technology has also allowed for greater expansion of Artificial Intelligence and the creation of a convincingly realistic virtual being, Mylo. • Mylo is a boy, created by Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios. Mylo is a young boy who has the intelligence to recognise the player and communicate with the person on a human level. He has the ability to read facial expressions and voice tone. Mylo also possesses his own emotions and has his own tasks to carry out such as homework and school projects. Mylo is so realistic that it is actually a little bit freaky. • This is a huge step forward in gaming technology and I admire the ingenuity of the creators

• Most of the comments are very positive and there are a lot of people who admire and understand how massive an advancement this is.

  • • I wish I had invented this technology because I think this is going to hugely influence future gaming in massive proportions and in a massively positive way. It explores new aspects gaming and what it can become.

Ana Cimpian(10071733)

  • Video Title:Hydraulophone in concert
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: hydraulist on April 11, 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 73,830
  • Description: The video is about a new musical instrument called hydraulophone. Hydraulophone is an instrument containing a pipe that has several holes in which water flows. If one or more holes are covered the water is redirected in the pipe producing a change of pressure wich results in the appearance of sounds similar to those made by musical instruments. In this video is actually presented a suite particularly composed for hydraulophone. The hydraulophone is therefore included in an orchestra.
  • Viewers' reactions:The viewer’s reactions are incredibly different. Most of them are ironic and mocking towards the utility of this instrument, but there are also positive reactions among them. One of the viewers actually explains how a hydraulophone works and what musical applications could it have. There is also one that drops the idea of using a Tesla coil in order to make music.
  • Why I liked it:I have chosen this video, although it is not particularly related to technology, because I believe it is an amazing idea to try to make music using natural elements. If we can make music out of air, then why not out of water too? The idea of including the hydraulophone in an orchestra is very good, because it points out the real value of this instrument, and as a passionate in classical music, I find it very nice.

Declan Egan 10128832

  • Video Title: electric stimulus to face -test4 ( Daito Manabe 's friends )
  • Video URL: [3]
  • Posted by: daito on March 14 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 433660
  • Description: Daito places electrodes on four of his friends' faces turning them into human visualizers. Electric shocks are sent to different electrodes depending on the note and in time with the rhythm to manipulate their faces.
  • Viewers' reactions: There's a good range in comments for this one. After you look past the usual youtube fights that are unrelated to the video there a couple of negative comments, some worried about Daito's friends health and I noticed a comment removed which isn't usually a good sign. Then you get to comments like this "hahaha that made my day,they all are getting high imagine in future that turns into kind of theraphy like yoga or such thousands of them doing that,dude reminds me of resident evil 5 lolol" The rest of the comments are impressed or thought it was funny.
  • Why I liked it: I love Daito's work, its always technically impressive and original. This just happens to be his funniest work. Also I've always found the idea of connecting music and rhythm to human biology pretty fascinating and recently I went to Biorhythm in Trinity's Science Gallery so I guess the theme was fresh in my head from that.

Jorge Gonzalez Lopez 10058842

Video Title: What if? Helping people achieve greater mobility.

Video URL:

Posted by: Honda on March 15, 2010

No. of Viewers: 138,976

Description: This video shows the “Bodyweight Support Assist device” developed from Honda. Its main function is to help support bodyweight to reduce the load on the user's legs while walking, going up and down stairs and in a semi-crouching position. This could lead to reduced fatigue. This device is designed for the old people with weak legs, but who still walk on their own or people who has hard physical conditions’ job like work in a crouching position.

Viewers' reactions: There is a part of the viewers who think that this device and the “u3-x” (also developed from Honda) just will contribute to in a future the people will not need use theirs legs and everyone will become fat and lazy, my opinion is that this people is narrow-minded because they could think the same from the wheel-chair for the disabled people, and I still do not know anyone healthy who is using the wheel-chair for do not need walk. But there is other part of people who can realize the important steep that this means for the elder people, because they could go up and down stairs without the help of none.

Why I liked it: As the video says “Innovation has no limits”. I like this video and this project in general because while most of companies just focus in the business and the money, Honda is researching about a walking device for the disabled people since 1999 without an economical benefit, because all the prototypes were not commercial. That means that they are spending money since more than 10 years just in innovation. And I think that is the most important probe about their main focus is the human mobility and not the business selling cars.

Eileen Gill 0873241

Video Title: Super Music technology

Video URL:

Posted by: fangzhengcn Oct 25 2008

No. of Viewers:2021 Ratings: 9 likes, 1 dislike

Description: The video shows the use a device that produces sound based on the shapes of the objects placed on it. Square objects act as amplifiers and round objects as filters. The voulme, frequency and harmonization can all be altered just by touching it or rotating the objects placed on it.

Viewers' reactions: There are only 9 comments, the majority of which were positive, stating that they thought the device was amazing and that they would like to have one of their own. One comment however said that the viewer thought the device was a bit pointless.

Why I liked it: I thought the video explained how to use it well and showed how it performed very well also. I think I would like to have one of these just to mess around with.

Alex McGovern Smith (10138412)

  • Video Title: BeatBearing demo
  • Video URL: BeatBearing Demo [4]
  • Posted by: Peter D. Bennet (Peterdbennet) on the 28th of November 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 1,407,356 views
  • Ratings: 4,045 likes, 368 dislikes
  • Description: This video is a demonstration of Peter D. Bennet's acclaimed PhD project, The Beatbearing. It is a tangible hardware rhythm sequencer, where the rhythm can be directly controlled my changing the positions of ball-bearings in a grid. This is hugely different to most other hardware sequencers, where the rhythm you have input is stored in a local memory and can be cleared at the touch of a button. Now, whether this is a step forward, technologically, or a step backwards is unclear, as I believe the future is in more intuitive, digital applications of software and hardware, whereas this method of analog input should be, in my opinion, phased out completely.
  • Viewers' reactions:The viewer's reactions were, for the most part, very, very positive, with the exception of one or two jokes made about his "balls". Quite a few people where asking "Where can I get one of these" and one person even went as far as to say "Can I buy one of these pre-made?". It would be fair to say that Bennet has impressed most with this hardware.
  • Why I liked it: I liked it because it was a new and interesting way of looking at Midi sequencing. Rather than the old "beat-box" style of input, which was outdated and just plain ugly, or the intensely complicated software clones of their hardware counterparts, this was a simple, intuitive way to look at sequencing. And while it may not be developed enough yet for sound design or music production, I can see a bright future for Bennet's work, and this project, perhaps for use in toys?

Brian Fogarty (10131825)

  • Video Title: *Ohm Studio
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Ohm Force Software - April 6, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 34857, Ratings: 157 likes, 2 dislikes
  • Description: The video is the online press for Ohm Studio a real time collaborative digital audio workstation (DAW). The DAW would see the introduction of a networked studio for musician to preform jam and work in a real time environment. Collaborators add midi or audio tracks to the sudio session from anywhere at any time this is then instantly available to the other members of the session. The community aspect bringings like minded musicians together as well as allowing producers to get involved mixing mastering automating tracks or working to tweak with the studio plugins and instruments. Projects are saved on the ohm studio server allowing you to go back to earlier ideas, record, edit and undo the session at any stage.
  • Viewers' reactions: Apart from the usual youtube troll trash or the musician support some interesting questions were raised about collaberation rights to projects like these. With the session locked to the select members and the storing of the project on the server as well as the assinging of studio tasks, rights to the parts of the project would be very transparent and stored as recallable data. For me the biggest issue will be how good ohm studio is as a music making tool.
  • Why I liked it: I like it because the concept offers amazing new ways of making, preforming, mixing, mastering, and presenting a piece of music and i think its a route all DAWs should look to introduce. As a live concept the introduction of tablet controllers and the apps they bring open new doors for interactive performances for audiences as well as the idea of a portable instruments playable for anywhere in the world linking with a larger network. Plug in and jam on as acoutically or unacoutiscally sounding an instrument you desgin as well as construct the playability of that instrument link up and play gigs or parties with people all around the world.

Meadhbh Sheppard (10098879)

  • Video Title: ArcAttack performs a Tesla Coil version of Iron Man by Black Sabbath with a Faraday Guitar
  • Video URL: [5]
  • Posted by: webinapage: 12th of September 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 101015, Ratings: 701 likes, 11 dislikes
  • Description: the band is playing Iron Man by Black Sabbath on an iron guitar in a faraday cage. This is the world's very first lighting-proof MIDI guitar which the band made in their warehouse in Texas. The MIDI signal from the guitar is routed through a fiber optic cable to control the Tesla coils.
  • Viewers' reactions: A majority of the comments conclude that this method of making music is entirely unique and inventive. I noticed while reading the comments that the words "awesome" and "epic" kept recurring so its safe to say that the feedback from this video was mainly positive. All in all the viewers seemed very impressed by these innovative musicians.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because of how original the concept of making music through electricity is. I find this music technique very admirable because needless to say this is a very dangerous operation which probably took years of dedication to perfect also, the visual effect of the electricity is extremely interesting to watch being controlled by human beings.

Jay Skelly(10002909)

  • Video Title: DJ Mag review Tonium Pacemaker
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: djmagtv : November 22nd, 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 171,643 views, Ratings: 246 likes, 20 dislikes
  • Description: DJmag give a review of the Tonium Pacemaker which was awarded most innovative product of 2008. Their aim is to see if it can be used as a professional DJ product.
  • Viewers' reactions: Some say it’s a great idea, others bring up the arguement of Vinyl vs. CD vs. Digital as it still rages on in the dance music industry. Some use profanity as they are just trolling the post.
  • Why I liked it: I like this video as it gives a complete review of a product that has gone un-noticed since its release. Virtually everyone has an MP3 player of some brand today, with massive storage for all your digital music. This product has the same massive storage (120gb) but also gives the user the ability to mix the music or add effects. The mobility it gives the user is awesome. You could pull this thing out of your pocket at a house party and have the room dancing in 20 seconds, compared to getting a DJ that would have to setup all his/her equipment which could take up to an hour. Its such a clever idea. As a DJ myself I would give it 10 out of 10 as it gives people the chance to have fun with their music and try djing, without forking out thousands for professional equipment. Technology that is music related will continue to amaze me as things keep getting better and better!

Emmet O`Donnell (10121358)

Video Title: Beat style jaw harp

Video URL:

Posted by: Allakarjallak

No. of Viewers: 28,745 views, Ratings: 93 likes, 3 dislikes

Description: A video of a musician playing a certain style of the jaw or Jew's harp. One, if not the oldest instruments in the world. Known to date back to the 4th century BC. The instrument originates from Asia and despite the name it has only ties to the Asian continent. It is part of the lamellophone family of musical instruments. The Jew’s harp is made of a flexible metal or bamboo tongue or reed attached to a frame. It is played by placing the harp to the lips and plucking the string.

Why I liked it: Although very outdated the instrument has uses in several genres of music from traditional to popular. I also liked the design of the instrument; the mouth is used as an amplifier increasing the volume. By plucking the string a note is produced. The note is constant in pitch however with movement of the mouth and therefore the amount of air in the note is changed. I choose this video to exemplify what lengths can be reached with such a simple instrument.

Daniel Devine 10118292

Video Title: Im Gona Salt The Roads

Video URL:

Posted by: CRTHO9 in February of 2010

No. of Viewers: This video has been watched 729 times

Description: This video features Youtube Beatboxing sensation "Beardyman" performing on the"Late Late Show" in February 2010. It shows Beardyman performing a full song using only his mouth, a looping pedal and a number of "Korg" "Kaos" pads. Beardyman starts the song by creating a number of beats then looping the simultaniously to create the song. He then adds his own sounds consisting of a trumpet a guitar and an array of different vocals. Viewers' reactions: As it is a video which has not been seen by alot of people, it has only five comments, all of which are positive bar the mention of how the video is out of sync.

Why I liked it: I liked this video because it shows how the development in music technology has made a task like performing an entire song, possible by just one person. A task which could only be done by a number of people each playing their own instrument, 20 years ago. Although the video is slightly out of sync, one can still appreciate the talent and skill displayed by Beardyman. His constant creation of new sounds and beats from his mouth is astonishing and his technique of looping each and adding various effects to each makes the viewers wait for the next sound an exciting one. Beardyman's skill of making his creation have a constant flow to it allows for the song to stay exciting at all times and not get boreing.

Mike Kenny : 10003267

Video Title: Piano stairs - -

Video URL:

Posted by: Rolighetsteorin

No. of Viewers: 12,911,983 views

Description: Piano Stairs is an interactive installation .

Viewers' reactions: Most people liked it and the reactions were really positive ,some didn't believe it was real .

Why I liked it: I like it because it is fun and gets people involved ,at first most people are using the escalator ,but once the Piano stairs are installed you can see an immediate reaction to it .Ìt shows that we can make everyday items more user friendly with a little imagination and a lot of technology ,that if we present an everyday object in a different way we can get people to slow down and interact with it and each other . It has certain health benefits too making people more active ,but I'm not so sure that climbing up one set of stairs is going to change a persons lifestyle or waistline. But that aside it does what it sets out to do ,it makes it "fun" to climb up a set of stairs . Can you imagine playing a tune on the stairs ,bringing a couple of your friends along and having a jam session. Probably not as easy as it looks . I can,t see it catching on ,people would still use the escalator ,especially at peak hours when you need to get somewhere in a hurry . We can't deny that the escalator is a brilliant idea and a means of transporting people pretty fast and the Piano stairs is never going to replace it . I love the idea ,I love the way people embrace it and I love the technology involved . I'm sure the person or people who came up with the concept have good intentions ,but then I think is it just Volkswagen trying to sell more cars ...or have Multinational Corporations become the patrons of Art .Without investment on a large scale a project like this one would never see the light of day .

Eoin Costigan (10106928)

  • Video Title: Tesla Coils - Arc Attack - Doctor Who Theme Song - Makers Faire 2010 - San Mateo - No. 1
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: wshro May 23rd 2010 username on date
  • No. of Viewers:389'466 :2,888 likes, 33 dislikes
  • Description: I originally found this group, "Arcattack", on America's Got Talent, on which they did quite well. The group uses Tesla Coils, Lightning and MIDI's to create music and an electrifying performance! In this video, they are seen performing their Tesla version of the "Doctor Who" theme song.
  • Viewers' reactions: Responses from viewers of this video are somewhat vague. While many like the video, many more seem to concentrate on the teals coils themselves, or on the fact that they are playing the Doctor Who theme song. However, I found only one negative comment.

  • Why I liked it:I enjoyed this video immensely as I believe it to be enormously innovative and unique. The group “Arcattack” use Tesla Coils, Lightning and MIDI’s to create music. I first saw them on America’s Got Talent and was blown away by their sheer talent. Their use of music technology in such an innovative and inspiring way means i am realy in love with this video and "Arcatack" as a group. This is something i hope to learn more about over the duration of our course.

Jessica Hurrell(10102868)

  • Video Title:HybRefine - Starlight Love [하이브리파인]
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: browneyed86 on 18th May 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 54,728 views Ratings:173 likes, 0 dislikes
  • Description: The video was originally used as an advert for Samsung Touch Screen mobile phones but also as a music video by the Korean Electronic band HybRefine. The video starts off with a visual of a man alone in the dark and as the music starts the colours begin. He appears to be playing piano on the screen,and as he touches the invisible keyboard each note lights up as a different colour. As the bass and digital backing track comes in they are represented by different visual images i.e an explosion of light from the right hand side of the screen as a virtual cymbal is clashed. The texture of the images representing the notes changes with the solo instrument,as he changes from playing piano to violin the image changes from staccato like dots,which represent the pizzicatto style playing of the piano, to a smoother blurred line image for the arco violin piece. The visual effects become more extravagant as the piece itself reaches climax and with the dynamic change from homophonic to polyphonic. The video winds up with an end to the music and then an extension of the storyline by placing the man in the toilet cubicle.
  • Viewers' reactions: The majority of the feedback was positive with most viewers displaying interest in purchasing the song for home use or questions about the piece itself. Alot of praise was made for the technical and musical abilities of the main artist and the fact the video was directed by a man in his own home,not a studio,was a point of interest. The only negative reaction was aimed at the end of the video, disagreeing with the toilet cubicle aspect

'the bathroom? well the piano and colorful lights in a dark room is cool....but a bathroom?'

  • Why I liked it: The combination of visual and audio technologies is a major interest of mine and each was displayed with a link to the other extremely well in this video. The blend of acoustic playing with digital back-tracking in this song was what made it such a hit on the Korean scene and really shows off the digital progression in music technology. The addition of the visual aspect hooks in the viewer and creates an image for us to follow. The fact that the video was used as an advert also displays the media knowledge of the director. In today's world where information is so attainable, when selling a product the main idea must be gotten across to the viewer as quickly as possible. In this video we are immediately hit with a visual of music being played on a colurful screen,therefore selling the Touch Screen product to the viewer. The manufacturer's use of a music video with a catchy song in it was also incredibly savvy and takes full advantage of today's YouTube generation,who coincidentally,are the target audience for this product. The spread in popularity for this song,the video,and the phone itself were all closely linked together and benefited all involved.

Stevie Cregan-Nolan (10106014)

  • Video Title: Microsoft Courier Tablet - Mix 'n' Match Demo
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: hewvideo on 05 March 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 8,220 Views, Ratings: 38 Likes, 1 Dislike
  • Description: A video demo illustrating the functionality of Microsoft’s Courier Tablet Computer design.
  • Viewers' reactions: Most of the comments on the video are positive and supportive of the design shown by the Courier; an enthusiastic supporter stated “all i can [say] is wow wow wow wow wow .. damn wow... this is wonderfully innovative for professionals and wow wow..... .” However, there is few comments that regard this idea as a duplicate of Apple’s iPad, “This is like one of the iPad's app. Nothing very impressive tho”. Overall, the feedback was mostly positive and portrayed an excited attitude toward this design.
  • Why I liked it: I particularly liked this concept due to its attractive interface design. It looks to imitate an average person’s journal, but creates this space in a digital environment and opens up an endless array of services, including web browsing and image manipulation. The Courier could appeal to a wide range of customers due to its versatility and function, but in my opinion, it is the creative designing aid that would stand out the most. The demo given in the video shows a seamless and innovative way to collect and store information snippets and to use them to create a digital scrapbook, this is extremely handy for designers and artists as they have a medium in which to easily extract from sources that they may need. The handwriting input to the touch screen and the image manipulation tools also add to its appeal as a designing platform.

Philip O'Sullivan (10124071)

  • Video Title: E3 2009:Project Natal Xbox 360 Announcement
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: gearlive June 02, 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 6,613,632 views, Ratings: 16649 likes 14971 dislikes 1678
  • Description: A new wireless motion controlled system being developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 whereby a person can play games and interact with their Xbox console simply by using their body movements and voice.
  • Viewers' reactions:Reactions to the project are mixed with huge numbers of people expressing excitement about the upcoming product whereas many people are also stating a lack of faith in the system and its ability for example "2 bad its gonna suck. motion capture, is nowhere near this good".
  • Why I liked it:Personally i believe the system has huge potential,being able to become involved physically within a game either alone or in a multiplayer setting or watch movies and interact with your console as if in the future with voice and facial recognition seems quite impressive however,like many of the people who appear sceptic about the product i too think it will be some time before the Natal project now known as "Kinect" will reach its full potential as opposed to being a next generation Eyetoy with gimick games and applications from its launch.I enjoy games quite alot and play them regularly and i can imagine sometime in the future being able to play the latest Halo or Call of Duty using my entire body and that seems incredibly cool.I'm sure eventually when the bugs have been worked out and there are worthwhile products and games being released for the system I'l buy my own one.We'll just have to wait and see.

Joanne McGuire (10119434)

  • Video Title: Coldplay - Violet Hill (piano cover)
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: 0AdRiaNleE0 on April 30, 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 211,995 views, Ratings: 665 likes 1068 dislikes 63
  • Description: This is a version of the melody of Coldplay's hit single Violet Hill, performed on the piano.
  • Viewers' reactions:The majority of the viewers comments are positive, many describing the performer as awesome and talented.
  • Why I liked it:I found this performance uplifting and creative. As a fan of Coldplay's music I enjoyed this version and was impressed by the performers ability.

Samantha Berry (10103988)

  • Video Title: Sony Mavica Floppy Disk Digital Camera
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: vwestlife on April 24, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 2,695, Ratings: 31 Likes: 30 Dislikes: 1
  • Description: This is a video showing a digital camera from 1997, three years before the first USB flash drives were sold and a couple of years before flash memory and memory cards shrank in price and grew in popularity. This digital camera has a battery life of about an hour and a half, can hold up to 500 shots in this time, and it is all stored on a 3.5” 1.44 MB Floppy Disk. It is recommended that you don’t try to capture more than 20 pictures on this camera al at once, as they’ll end up being compressed so much, they’ll come out with very poor quality.
  • Viewers' reactions: Mainly the comments were all positive with many hints at the nostalgia of the old times, when this type of technology was only what the three piece suits could afford. There was only one comment in particular that slated this object for it’s maturity. Other than that, all of the other reviews were extremely positive, more than one stating “Let’s teach these kids a thing or two about technology.”
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video and this item because it too brought back a huge amount of nostalgia for the old days. I can remember my first ever floppy disk, I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world because it was bright purple and see through. I’d love to own a Sony Mavica, somewhat because it’s now rare and antiquated, but also because there is a certain elegance in this products lack of grace. The fact that everything is stored on a 3.5” Floppy fascinates me too, because nowadays I am so used to 4GB memory cards getting smaller and smaller, whereas 13 years ago, 1.44MB of memory was stored on something over ten times the size.

Sascha Seyschab (10114637)

  • Video Title: Dream Theater - Octavarium (Score) PT1
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: faxter1 on 26 February 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 18,279 views, Ratings: 151 likes
  • Description: Dream Theater playing Octavarium part 1 live from the Dream Theater 20th anniversary DVD. Jordan Rudess plays the intro on the Haken Continuum and makes an amazing performance with these technological instruments.
  • Viewers' reactions:The viewers reactions were mainly in awe of the performance of the pianist (Jordan Rudess) and a lot of people asked what was the instrument that he was playing. The majority of comments were like; "Is this the best stuff in the buisness or what?" "Jordan Rudess is a beast!" "Jordan is awesome. I'm having a lot of trouble finding another pianist/keyboardist in the progressive scene that can touch his skill." and others replying to people who haven't heard of the instrument before "Haken Continuum"
  • Why I liked it:This is one of the best musical pieces and instruments I have heard in my life and the performance by Jordan Rudess is out of this world. It is amazing to see him play 3 instruments in one intro with so much power and emotion. I think this also introduces what kind of step music is taking into the future with the continuum fingerboard he plays in the intro. It's black and red keys and it's technological musical sound makes it an instrument to be remembered and very admirable. I love this video and this band because it introduces something unique,creative,progressive,emotional and really powerful which I believe really makes one stand out. This video and performance makes me dream to achieve such a skill one day and makes this a performance I wish I could have performed myself, but, hopefully will get the opportunity to display a performance like this one day. This video is what defines the word "inspirational".

Hannah Prichard–Ellis 10118527

Video Title: Trekker Breeze Video URL: Posted by: HumanWareTechnologie No. Of Viewers: 6360 views, Ratings: 6

The other viewers’ comments: “I’d LIKE to get one; but price?? I don't leave my neighborhood nearly enough- know downtown. (Vision in 1 eye)”. The video failed to give details about the price which I discovered is €795.00. However viewers were obviously quit impressed with the new freedom this tool could give them. “I plan on getting one as soon as I can afford it” Some people commented on the overall design of the Trekker but all in all they had to admit that for someone who was visually impaired it is very easy to use.

Why I liked it: I chose this video because I enjoy learning about ways in which new technology can help others to have a better lifestyle, especially those with disabilities. The GPS is commonly used by motorists but now the GPS is being used for a greater cause, to help those who have a visual impairment or are blind to move with ease in cities and towns. Trekker Breeze is one of a few types of GPS systems designed specifically for those who are blind or visually impaired. It works of vocal commands and verbally announces names of streets, intersections and landmarks as you walk. You can also scroll to find areas of specific interest for example coffee shops, grocery stores est. There is also a ‘where am I’ button and this tells the user their current location. The device allows the user to go about their business without having always to depend on other people, without having to count their steps or worry about getting lost. Trekker also tells you what is around you such as stores and public services. The device can be connected to headphones for inconspicuous use or put on load speaker. When travelling in a car it announces all interceptions allowing the traveller to exit when they wish. The device can be controlled by one hand and comes with a strap which can be worn around the waist or across the shoulder. The video shows a very comprehensive insight as to how this device can help a person with a visual impairment navigate their local area with ease. Personally am delighted that the GPS system designed for motorists is now being put to use to help those who cannot see have a better lifestyle. For those who rarely leave there homes due to the impediments of their disability this device offers a new found freedom.

Michael Moylan (10120513)

  • Video Title: Super Mario
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by:
  • No. of Viewers: 31,318,248. Likes 143493. Dislikes 5737
  • Description: This is a cover of the theme song to the nintendo game Super Mario Brothers.
  • Viewers' reactions: For the most part everyone was impressed. Some argued that he had " waaaaayyyy too much time on his hands!!". But for the most part people were in awe of the epic talent. I think that most of the people were amazed that something like this can actually be played on an electric guitars, But mainly people were impressed that the guitarist was using both his hands to play at the same time.
  • Why I liked it:I liked this because it is not something you would usually hear being played on guitar. Its one of those things that you hear but dont relise the amount of difficulty involved to play it. I like it aswell because to play two guitars at the same time involves and incredible amount of time and talent. When i heard it first i couldn't believe it, it would be so difficult to play because for one you are tapping on the notes rather than plucking them, and because both hands are doing different things. I also enjoyed it bescause i was so familar with the tune but then to hear being played on a guitar was so refreshing and some how seemed like it was a new tune. But above all i enjoyed this because it shows how versatile the guitar is, that with it you can play just about anything and make it new and exciting.

Nicola Cosgrove (10002870)

  • Video Title: CES 2010: Hands-On With Transparent Display of the Future
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: wired on January 07 2010
  • No. Of Viewers: 196,706 views, Ratings: 395 likes 10 dislikes
  • Description: Science fiction becomes reality with this transparent OLED display prototype from Samsung.
  • Viewers’ reactions: The highest rated comment is "how the fuck am i going to watch porn in public now!".Obviously with some new technology such as this 40% transparent screen there are their limitations and privacy issues for some! Overall viewer reactions are met with enthusiasm and excitement.The majority seem to be technologically savy and are commenting on how this new technology OLED can be used further than a laptop screen.Alot comment saying "this is the future- it is here".There is a small bit of criticism, that this is a product of Samsung made in Korea.
  • Why I liked it: When i came across this, i was blown away!When watching sci-fi movies growing up, this kind of technology seemed like a million years away. But here it is!I love how excited the presenter of the video is introducing it and the synopsis he gives is enough to spark interest and want to find further information on it. This is a product that has so many possible developments aswell, which are really interesting. Such as how OLED (Organic light emitting diode) could be used in car windscreens to display interactive GPS systems and also in the medical profession. My favourite feature of this is that it uses 20% less energy than standard LED. Energy consumptation is a topic which really interests me, as it is an issue that affects us all now and how energy is used is an issue that will effect us all profoundly in the future.

Kevin McNamara (10102159)

  • Video Title: New Deadmau5 iPhone App
  • Video URL: [
  • Posted by: Touchmixxapp | November 7 2009
  • No. Of Viewers: 4,358 views, Ratings: 9 likes
  • Description: Sneak peak of the new Deadmau5 iPhone app, coming soon!
  • Viewers Comments: The best comment of the three that were posted is "hahahah fucking love this, gotta trade in my blackberry and get an iPhone. or just have both?!yeuh". The other comments left were not negative but there was no clear positivity in them.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this app because it combines two worlds in which I am very interested in. The world of music and DJing and the world of Digital media. It provides the user with a chance to mix Deadmau5 songs or other songs in the palm of their hand without having to go out and buy DJ equipment such as decks, a mixer, and speakers. It is a one of numerous touch DJ apps in the market today but from my research it appers to be the best in its class.

Colm Gurnett (10002911)

  • Video Title: midomi mobile on the iPhone
  • Video URL: [6]
  • Posted by: midomiMobile | July 10, 2008
  • No. Of Viewers: 19,814 views, Ratings: 17 likes
  • Description: midomi mobile : the ultimate music search and discovery
  • Viewers’ reactions: The comments were positive with most people wanting to know would it work on whatever model of phone they had.
  • Why I liked it: I like this application because it is a very useful tool for those moments when you have a song stuck in your head and have no idea what its name is. All you have to do is press record and sing or hum some of the lyrics and the midomi scans the internet for a match. The song can then be purchased via the link to itunes. I think this is very useful for a pub or nightclub situation, just press record and you’l have the name of the song the d.j is playing in seconds(as long as there is an available wifi connection).

Aoife Gavigan (10121676)

  • 'Video Title: 'Craftsman Music Experiment - Craftsman Labs
  • Video URL:[7]
  • Posted by: Craftsman on 30th April 2010
  • 'No. Of Viewers: 978,925 views, Ratings: *1989The other viewers’ comments: '425.
  • Why I liked it:

I chose this video as it is both creative and musical! It shows you do not require musical instruments to make music! Using everyday items (in this case work tools) can inspire people to create melodies and rhythm! The 4 men creating this video don’t typically make music from tools, they specialise in testing how durable tools are so this video was a complete change in direction from their normal projects! All 4 men have a very mechanical or craftsman background, whether it be in a professional manner or purely hobbies their interest has inspired them to make a fantastic musical performance! They execute the performance with such persecution that it makes a jaw dropping experience to watch!! The think which draws me to the video is their capability to create something so different and class it as a musical performance! Although the video was posted back in April, it took 3 full months before it hit popularity! It is most popular in the United States of America! All the comments on this video are positive! They each encourage the creators of the video to make more videos and continue with their talent! The video itself is very visually and aurally pleasing. This video should be used in a commercial for hardware tools as advised in the comments!! This suggestion has been followed and “craftsman Labs” has appeared in many commercials in the United States for a company called “tool snob”. The editing of this video has used many techniques including split screen and montage! It is very active and each time you watch it you discover something new!! I really like this video as it shows you a brand new aspect of musical performance which could have a massive impact on the direction of music production in the future.

Dermot Buckley (10118071)

  • Video Title: Kazoos
  • Video URL: Kazoos
  • Posted by: Joe Penna (aka MysteryGuitarMan) May 6th 2010
  • No. Of Viewers: 1,802,470 views, Ratings: 64,235 likes
  • Description: William Tell Overture (Finale) by Rossini played using a number of kazoos and Final Cut Pro to mix and edit the tracks together
  • Viewers’ reactions: “Astonishing”, “That was awesome”, “You probably have the most patience in the world” - A pretty accurate representation of the general opinion of the viewer I think. I read one comment that even asked where could he buy a kazoo. Clearly, a quick Google search would fulfill his request but I thought that the comment still had some significance, essentially proving that the video indeed had a motivational effect on the viewer.
  • Why I liked it:

Personally, its one of my all-time favourite videos. He has an extraordinarily creative mind – almost to the point where it becomes bizarre, I'll think you'll agree. To be able to create 128 music tracks and 52 videos tracks and then mix them together to form a sort of one-man orchestra doesn't just take a whole lot of talent. There is much skill involved. The patience and dedication to create it is admirable in my opinion. (As he notes, it took him 12 hours to simply make the music.) Also, to use an instrument that isn’t generic or conventional, such as a guitar, to create the music gives another insight into his creative capacity. I think the video proves there are still people out there with their own radical music style even if we are living in a society where many assume everything has been “done” music-wise.

Leah Morgan 10109374

  • Video Title: Must be the Music:Daithis Audition
  • Video URL:[
  • Posted by: YouTube user: mustbethemusic on date:13th August 2010
  • No. Of Viewers: 65884 views, Ratings: y
  • The other viewers’ comments: There was 217 comments,in whole. The majority of there comments were very positive. Many people admired how Daithis style of fiddle playing is unique. There are comments stating that he should win the competition "Must be the Music". Of course, many of these positive comments were posted by proud Irish natives, who believe that Daithi is a national treasure! However, there are a few neagtive views. Some say that Daithi is claiming to have invented playing the fiddle on a recording loop,which they believe isn't the case. Others feel that while Daithis unique perormance is cool, they dont think that it will ever reach a mainstream audience if he was to win the show. .
  • Why I liked it: Ever since I first saw Daithis audition on "Must be the Music", I fell in love with his unique style of playing. I admire Daithi for breaking the barriers of irish traditional music and creating a sound which is more mainstream. I think that the way he uses a recoding loop station to create his original compositions to be a very clever idea. The loop station helps create a fesh and exciting new sound. I also love his way of performing. He looks extemely comfortable on stage,which I think is very important, as it allows the audience to relax and enjoy the peformance. He also adds a quirky aspect to his audition by holding his fiddle like a small guitar, which I believe enhances the overall performance

Jack Deacon (10116281)

  • Video Title: Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida (Tyler Ward, Cobus Potgieter Cover)
  • Video URL: and/or
  • Posted by: and both on 29th July 2010.
  • No. Of Viewers: Between the two copies of the video, it has over 2,000,000 views and 15,000 likes.
  • The other viewers’ comments: There is just over 5,500 comments between the two copies and the majority are positive. Some comments said things like “Absolutely amazing!!”, “Awesome”, “Epic”, and “A billion times better than the original!” There is also quite a lot of spam comments, most of which have been flagged. There are a few negative comments but they don’t offer any constructive criticism and only insult the creators.
  • Why I liked it: I really like this video for a number of reasons. I play drums myself, and Cobus is a very big inspiration of mine. He takes a song and makes it his own whenever he makes a drumming video. His drumming in the video is very stylish with stick tricks and difficult drumming included, and his performances are very unique and something special to watch. I also liked this video as it is an incredible collaboration between two top YouTube artists. The drums were recorded in South Africa, and the vocals and guitars were recorded in the USA! The two artists have never met face to face, which I think is amazing considering what they have produced! I love the idea of this and how it shows the power of the World Wide Web. Also, the sound and video quality are both excellent, something which is very rare to find on YouTube nowadays, especially with drumming videos. The video editing is very professional, and the production value is exceedingly high. All these features make it a great video which I wish I had performed, created and produced!

David Dockery (10124721)

  • Video Title: Voice Box - Video by Jack Conte - Vocal Harmony Machine/ Vocoder
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: on 23rd February 2009
  • No. Of Viewers: 385,825 views, 1314 Likes, 27 Dislikes
  • The other viewers’ comments: The other viewers' response to the video and the machine itself have been very largely positive, as you can see from the ratings it has received. For example, one of the highest rated comments is simply: “this is just so cool...”.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video, and this piece of technology, because it allows a person to create a rich harmony line without actually needing any other vocalists. Up to 4 accompanying voices can be created. This opens new doors to the likes of solo performers for live performances, or full bands looking to create harmonies within their songs. The machine is very intuitive as it follows both the performers voice and the chord progressions on the instrument it is connected to in order to create the most suitable harmony. The user can edit the volume of the harmony, the amount of reverb applied to it and the pitch of it also. Another reason why I like this piece of digital technology is that even though it is very professional, it is not very expensive. I would love to have created this piece of equipment, or even to own it!

Thomas Conroy (10128964)

  • Video Title: awesome human beatbox "Lasse Gjertsen"
  • Video URL:[ ]
  • Posted by:
  • No. Of Viewers: 15,498,303 views, Ratings:79473 (69555 likes and 9918 dislikes)
  • Discription: Sharp video editing! One of youtubed finest videos. Recieved a number one spot on Channel 4's rudetube
  • The other viewers’ comments: . With 36,657 comments posted about this video it was easy to see a mixed reaction. Criticism was more so about the mans haircut which i found suited this viral video. Where as other viewers found it clever and unique. "Cool Haircut! But still the video is epic!!! " "LOL I like this, he hasn't got any talent though... it's just good video+sound editing... but it's still nice it makes me kinda laugh" these comments really sum the video up.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because the man in it has no musicial background he is kind of a nerd. He says in a interview that he makes music on computers and cant play any instrument himself this makes him an inspiration. It took alot of editing to produce such a good video and he claims to have done it in half a day. After watching the video found a pretty cool interview with him Here is a Link " " In review he is a genius ! and he has a pretty damn cool haircut!!

Kieran McCarthy (10108858)

  • Video Title: JULIAN SMITH - Techno Jeep (Original)
  • Video URL: JULIAN SMITH - Techno Jeep (Original)
  • Posted by: juliansmith87 on December 13, 2009
  • No. Of Viewers: 3,884,831 views, Ratings: 61677 (60790 Likes, 887 Dislikes)
  • Description: The sounds in this video are ACTUAL sounds from the Jeep. Everyone began rehearsing their parts 2 weeks before we shot the video. It took us 7 hours of filming to get a solid take. Enjoy!
  • Viewers’ reactions: The video has 9,843 comments. Some positive examples are "EPICALLY AMAZING!", "THATS INSANELY AWEOME!" and "every music video you make I will listen to more than once". One viewer in particular criticized the video when he said "Too Bad Its Fake. I was first amazed by this video, I even downloaded the ringtone. YouTube search "Debunked: Making music with cars (Techno Jeep)" Video shows why its fake. Cool idea though." Overall the majorities of the comments are positive and praise the video.
  • Why I liked it: I think that it's a very creative idea and took quite a lot of planning to come up with something like this. Not everyone thinks, "Hey that made a cool noise, let’s make a song out of it!" He is a unique producer and has even made money from this video by selling the song as a download across the internet. There was a lot of hard work put into making the video as it took 7 hours of filming to get a solid take. The timing in the video from each person is perfect and this makes the video really entertaining!

Shane Russell (10046836)

  • Video Title: Billy Morrison and the Dark Fire
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: GibsonGuitarCorp on January 07, 2009
  • No. Of Viewers: 368,916 views, Ratings: 429 likes, 41 dislikes
  • Description: Billy Morrison talks about the new Gibson Dark Fire guitar
  • Viewers’ reactions: I would compare the viewers comments on this video to marmite, they either love it or they hate it. Some viewers say it is innovative and unique while others say that guitars are instruments, not machines. I think the highest rated comment from tomperdepom says it all, "people who dont like gibson just cant afford them ;)".
  • Why I liked it: While the Gibson Dark Fire is not the first guitar with the ability to tune itself, it is the most modern and best looking one out there which is reflected in the price, to quote Billy Morrison from the video, "the technology involved in this guitar has just revolutionised the making of guitars as we know it". He demonstrates in the video that you can change the tuning of a guitar to several preset tunings just by adjusting a knob on the guitar and strumming the strings, I still cant believe it everytime I see the tuning pegs move by themselves! Billy also tells us that the guitar introduces Chameleon Tone Technology where you can create your own tone and store it in the guitar. A great guitar that you might be able to afford if you sell an organ. I liked this video because it was a good demonstration of a unique product.

Joe O'Brien (10126228)

  • Video Title: Interactive Wall - Multi Touch
  • Video URL: [ ]
  • Posted by: ClarityInteractive on December 2007
  • No. Of Viewers: 33,989 views, Ratings: 21 likes, 1 dislike
  • Description: Amazing multi-touch technology from, just like a giant iphone. Every reception area should have one.
  • Viewers’ reactions: Overall most viewers seemed impressed by the invention. Many expressed interest in owning such a product and enquired about how to buy one. One viewer said: "Excellent use of technology how much and when can I have one?".

There was also a small number of negative comments from the viewers also. One viewer is concerned at a lack of privacy. Overall though, the viewers were very positive regarding the invention.

  • Why I liked it: I liked the Interactive Wall because, as the desription says, "It's just like a big I-Phone". There's so much that can be done on an I-Phone, but due to it's small size some things are limited. With the Interactive Wall groups of people can interact with it at the same time. It has a lot of potential to be a very fun piece of technology. Also, it allows you to multitask all on the one interface. Surfing the web, watching television, and sending messages can all be done simultaneously. Overall, I thought it was a really clever invention. I'd definitely buy an Interactive Wall if I had the money.


Shane McCully (10100806)

  • Video Title: Beardyman covers Mumbai Cells (VIP Lockdown Mix) by D-Code / Shiva Soundsystem
  • Video URL: [8]
  • Posted by: beardyman on 19th July 2010
  • No. Of Viewers: 85,812 views, Ratings: 1,826 likes
  • Description: Beardyman Reproduces a track having only heard it minutes beforehand
  • Viewers’ reactions: Generally comments were positive obliviousfafnir01 writes, ‘’This is pretty incredible considering the circumstances. I wouldn't say it's his best work, but damn... under pressure like that, having NEVER HEARD THE SONG. Holy F-nuts... what a musical improv god!’’, which being honest summarises peoples reactions
  • Why I liked it: In this video beardyman, professional beatboxer and electronic musician, completely reproduces a Drum and Bass track (Shiva soundsystem & D-code: Mumbai cells (VIP lockdown remix) using only his mouth, a synth, and a few korg kaoss pads, having only heard the track moments previous to the recording! In my opinion beardymans use of the kaoss pads, looping and manipulating his voice, is the most innovative and entertaining use of music technology for live performance on the scene at the moment. The nature of drum and bass makes the performance all the more impressive, the seemingly endless layers of percussion, the heavy deep bass, the high BPM, recreated almost flawlessly, its mindblowing! I strongly urge you to check out more of beardymans works, as he is in my opinion a true innovator in the field of music technology, aswell as an amazing beatboxer!!

Shane Daly (10114432)

  • Video Title: Literal Instruments
  • Video URL: [9]
  • Posted by: MysteryGuitarMan on March 09 2010
  • No. Of Viewers: 1,465,173 views, Ratings: 32,958 likes
  • Description: literally.
  • Viewers’ reactions: All the viewers really love this video such comments as "best video evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!" "That is so awesome, Hahahaha. I wish I knew how to make videos like that. (:" by watching this video you can easily see why!
  • Why I liked it: I really enjoyed this video because of its unique qualities. Its quite humorous in one sense and in another its very creative! The guests in this video are also very talented, i was greatly entertained by this video. Mysteryguitarman has many alike this video spreading across a wide variety of controversial instruments such as guitar. All his videos are worthwhile watching but this of all is my favorite! I like the idea of perception in this video it really adds to the quality!

Jason Doyle (10048464)

  • Video Title: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble feat Flying Lotus "Drips/Take Notice"
  • Video URL: [10]
  • Posted by: sokaviolaon Sept 02,2010
  • No. Of Viewers: 1189 views, Ratings: None likes
  • Description: Miguel Atwood re - interprets a Flying Lotus track for a large ensemble
  • Viewers’ reactions: Only six reactions, awe inspirng and elevation were two of the comments
  • Why I liked it: I like how the ensemble interprets the album version and its electronic elements. It shows the backwards compatibility of a modern day laptop musician's music, in this case scored for a large ensemble. It points the way for new musical forms to take place in the future. I can see more and more albums been scored this way on laptops and transfered into musical notation for ensembles to play. With a new generation of ever more sophisticated controllers for digital audio files laptop musicians can interact with "traditional musicians" easier than ever. I believe this video shows this relatively new phenomenon.


Rory Maher (10132708)

  • Video Title: Ohm Studio real time collaborative music workstation
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: OhmForceSoftware on April 06, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 34,315 views, Ratings: 157 likes 2 dislikes
  • Description: Make music online with your friends in real-time with the Ohm Studio. Subscribe to the beta-test at ! Soundtrack by Versus, check their music at
  • Viewer's Reactions: General viewers reactions to the video were positive.One user "DjPeteMarriot" says "This technology is going to dramatically change our lives. Ohm opened the pathway to something that is going to become the standard in DAWs."There are several viewers who are concerned with legality issues concerned with the software. "meccleshall" says "Great idea but copyright / intellectual property is a nightmare. is each collaborator a session musician (one off fee) or a songwriter (and due points), how do collaborators qualify for PRS / MCPS, and who do these agencies pay.Imagine setting up a session, using various people's collaborative talents but releasing the track as your own. What if that track then gets signed for publishing or released?.If you are looking for pro musicians to use this, they will expect these issues to be clear.In general the overall impression was that this is an impressive product with only one negative comment from "mrbrockpeters" who said " This is like the most soulless way to make music. No thanks."
  • Why I liked it: I like the concept of this product as it is bringing a DAW to the masses at an affordable price.A lot of musicians find recording,editing and general audio and midi manipulation intimidating so this is a easier method of getting into the DAW scene.Also this product is handy for people who are in bands writing songs in different geographical locations as its user interface is quite clear and audio editing and recordings appear in real time as they happen allowing a seamless editing and songwriting experience for musicians.

Shane Harty (student no?)

  • Video Title: Buckethead-Jordan live (with solo)
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: xxdrummer370xx
  • No. of Viewers: 45242 , Ratings: N/A
  • Description: Buckethead using a killswitch and whammy pedal on a guitar
  • Viewers' reactions: luvmypit83 "he fucking destroys the giutar when he plays!! OMG this guy is something else!" most of the other 396 comments sound the same
  • Why I liked it:

I liked this video and idea because it is inventive and unique to Buckethead. The inbuilt killswitch is a sign of a new electronic era coming in, I also found that with the inclusion of the whammy pedal he achieves a unique style and sound. The mask is also a brilliant idea as it puts the empasise on the music instead of the persin/group. Buckethead and many other musicians are ushering in a new age of digitally aided music, moving away form the younger generations computer synthesisers and talentless mixing and remixing of classic tracks.

I wish i had invented this guitar because it is a great idea to be able to swap between strumming and tapping the killswitch which enables you to effortlessly produce a multitude of sounds through a variety of media such as the whammy pedal and the wah pedal and a chorus pedal etc. Buckethead hits the strings to make them ring and hits the killswitch to make them sound like individual notes. I would suggest you check out some more of Buckethead's work as it is creative and innovative to the world of music technology.

Sean Connolly (10127267)

  • Video Title: Auto-Tune the News #13: driving. stripping. swinging. (ft. Weezer)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: "schmoyoho" on 12 September 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 1,078,183 Views, Ratings: 14,460 Likes, 923 Dislikes
  • Description: The hallowed inner sanctum of U.S. Government rocks hard with the aid of representatives from the state of =w=.
  • Viewers' reactions:The majority of comments on this video were positive, as we can see from creatively-worded comments such as: "This is perfect! Omg", "OMG THIS IS SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!!". A lot of people were surpised and excited to see that a famous, established band such as Weezer made a guest appearance in the video:"Omg. Yes. Weezer!". Many others particularly enjoyed seeing a speech which was being given by the President of America, Barack Obama, turned into a catchy pop melody. He seemed to be one of the most popular aspects of the video: "Obama always wins unintentional singing", "The Obama part just sounds awesome.". A few people didn't appreciate the video, saying it wasn't as good as previous 'Auto-Tune the News' episodes from the schmoyoho channel. The video's supporters showed their annoyance at the number of dislikes the video has received, many of them using quotes from the video to convey their feelings: "The other 920 people were put on the no fly list with tinky winky"
  • Why I liked it:I really enjoyed this video because, for starters, it's an incredibly catchy and entertaining piece of music! After watching this video for the first time, I found myself going back to it time and time again, due to it's catchy melody and comedic value. The tune itself was stuck in my head for an entire week afterwards! The Gregory Brothers are a musical group behind the schmoyoho channel, consisting of three men and a woman. They have more of these auto-tune the news videos (12 others so far in the series), and they also occasionally remix other popular viral internet videos. What I love about this video, and their others, is the sheer creativity on display here. I love how they manage to find and manipulate these various normal, yet sometimes unusual, news clips and use audio-editing programmes and software to turn them into songs. For instance, the way that they choose the line used by the politician, "Don't leave swinging in the wind until Novemeber", and turn it into an incredibly catchy hook for the chorus of the song is, to me, pure genius! The use of green screen and simple video editing software to insert themselves into the news clips also provides them with funny and quirky videos to go along witht their auto-tuned pieces. I really do wish I was able to come up with something as entertainging as this....but until then, I think I'll just sit back and enjoy it!

Robert Grace (10138358)

  • Video Title: Best Keyboard drum solo
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: DavidMeShow December 07 2006
  • No. Of Views: 2,439,031
  • Rating: 15,061 out of 17,309 viewers liked this performance
  • Description: An excellent musical performance of a drum solo on a keyboard.
  • Viewers’ Comments: - Most of the viewers comments were very positive, some even thought it was too good to be true i.e.: they thought it was “fake” or “sped up” but others, the majority, thought different. Nearly every comment had a “Wow” or “Amazing” in it; some even thought he was a “genius” or a “prodigy”. In my case I thought he was an excellent and skilled musician.
  • Why I liked it: - What I really liked about this performance was that it takes a lot of skill to play a drum beat so well and in-time especially when it’s being played on a keyboard.

- Another thing I liked was that the drum sounds were MIDI messages and by the quality sound of the drums I’d say the keyboard was put through an external synthesiser and then played back out through the headphones. I only think this because the keyboard themselves look kind of old and I wouldn’t think they’d be capable of providing such good drum sounds.

- The final thing I liked about this piece was that it shows other musician that you don’t always need a full band to create your own music with drums, bass and guitar, all you need is basically a keyboard, a synthesiser, recording software and some knowledge on how to put them all together.

Pádraig Rynne (10049576)

  • Description: The Reactable being used in a live performance.
  • Viewers’ reactions: Viewers have mostly responded positively to this clip. Most are saying that “This is the future of DJs, RIGHT HERE!!!”, "I want one of these so bad!!". There are alot of comments saying this clip is the best of all clips they have seen posted to youtube regarding The Reactable. A lot of comments are in different languages including Spanish and Arabic.
  • Why I liked it: The reason I like this is because it is such an amazing invention that you can give an amazing performance on and it has so much more potential to change the way music is performed in the future. It has changed the way people can create and perform electronic music.

It really intrigues me the way you can manipulate sound with blocks on a round table. By rotating or moving the blocks on the table, a person can tweak a variety of sounds, beats and notes, creating an electronic piece of music. As well as the audio element is the visual element of The Reactable. As blocks are moved you can instantly hear the change in the sounds of the music. You can literally see the music as it is created. You can see by this clip that all the music is connected through the blocks from one block to the next. The electric current effects you see that connect between the blocks make it lots of fun to watch as well as listen to. I think to be able to come up with an invention like this is very impressive and I think it will become more and more popular as people use computers more and more to create music.

David Moya Garcia (10003416)

  • Video Title: : Trekkie play Star Trek Theme on the theremin
  • Video URL: (:
  • Posted by: diggsharrington on 27 April 2009
  • No. of Viewers: : 93,723 views, Ratings: 553 likes 5 dislike
  • Description: A super Star Trek fan plays the theme song on a Theremin. Yes, he's doing it ...
  • Viewers' reactions:There just 191 comments, the majority of them are really positive, but the most interesting are the diferents opinion about the old school science fiction movies(star trek, star wars...), if they are really science fiction or not."
  • Why I liked it:: I like this video, for the two predominant elements mix together:

- Science fiction: because some times it’s more than science fiction, like the comunicator in star trek, how we can imagine in 1966 this technology became reality for everyone.


- Theramin: it’s one of the first electronic instrument invented(1920) without contact, in this time it was looking amazing, but it’s still looking coming from another galaxy in this epoque.


- This two elements together are like a parody of love, but which one it’s real science or science fiction.

Adam Harrington (10128387)

That particular comment was liked by 79 people at the time I watched the video which I think shows the general reaction upon first seeing this video! "I had to stand and clap too." is another comment that stood out for me. The majority of the 1,222 comments were very positive as most were astonished at Buddy's amazing talent.

  • Why I liked it: Buddy Greene seems like a genuine man and is instantly very likeable. I love the video beacause it shows a man who clearly loves his music, his instrument and is doing everything he can to erase the typical stereotype that goes along with harmonica playing.

He plays 'Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring' by Johann Sebastian Bach, Mozart's Piano Sonata in C, K. 545 - Allegro and Rossini's William Tell overture to the delight of the crowd. Basically I like this video because Buddy is a man who clearly has spent hours and hours practising and he deserves to be applauded for his talent.

Ben Fox (10126953)

  • Video Title: More Misa Digital guitar
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: misadigital
  • No. of Viewers: 269,633
  • Description: This is a video showing a small sample of sounds that the mesa digital guitar can be programed to play. Due to it beingmidi guitar, the misa digital guitar can be connected to any modern synthesizer / sampler / etc… which are midi compatible. In the video misadigital has used a number of such synthesizers to create the sounds that is featured.
  • Viewers' reactions: The viewer’s reactions to this video have been very positive with comments such as “very cool” and “amazing” as well as some viewers saying the need to get one. There has also been many questions asked about certain aspects of the Misa Digital Guitar showing great interest in the midi device.
  • Why I liked it: I found the video gave a large insight into the creativity that is possible with such an instrument. I also like the way the digital guitar that is featured in the video is a great example of how a traditional concept such as an electric guitar can be fused with the modern and emerging technology of the 21st century to create a whole new concept of an instrument. The fact alone, that modern band’s such as Muse and Pendulum have started to use such guitars to further the impact of their music, really shows the popularity that these types of guitars are starting to gain.

Tara Donoghue (10131787)

  • Video Title: ENESS LightScraper- an interactive installation.
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: eness511 on February 08, 2009.
  • No. of Viewers: 18,954 views, Ratings: likes 28 dislikes 2
  • Description: The building of a large vortex of motions and sounds fed from its surroundings and the environment.
  • Viewers' reactions: Although the video had over 18000 views only 8 people made a comment.Every persons feedback was very positive.Viewers used adjectives such as "incredible""amazing" and "wow" to describe the exquisite interactive instalation they had just seen. One person said "Muy hermosa idea y que buena locacion" which translates from english to spanish, "very beautiful and good location". I agree.
  • Why I liked it:The first thing that caught my attention was how hands on this project was. I loved how ENESS took something so simple and made it into something beautiful.
  • The light scraper was custom built from aluminium with a translucent mesh. It extends high into the sky and is lit up simply by the means of interactive lighting technology controlled by the motions of humans and the enviroment. Only one computer and two projectors were used to create the effects.
  • I loved the bright colours.The blues, greens, reds and yellows contrast to those of the Australian desert where it was set. It gave me a happy feeling when I saw it, I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to whitness it first hand.
  • I wish I had been involved in something so amazing as it is exciting, innovative and very creative.

Brian Dineen (10003411)

  • Video Title: Scenes from Street Fighter 3 & Alpha in 3D on an iPad.
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: kode80apps on September 15th, 2010.
  • No. of Viewers: 84,314 views, Ratings: likes 0 dislikes 0
  • Description: I'm a huge Street Fighter fan. Using images I found online and HoloToy I created these 3D scenes from Street Fighter 3, Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Viewers' reactions: Viewers seemed pleased with the update that allowed them to convert 2D images to 3D, and generally praised the designer for creating the app. "That just made this app way cooler! Worked on the first try and it took seconds to upgrade the scenes I've made", "Wow! This almost makes the iPad worth something!", "This is amazing. I've never seen 3D image conversion before, and on an iPad no less. Mind = blown."
  • Why I liked it: When I first saw this App I thought it was a clever way of using the built in accelerometer in iOS devices to mimic 3D and allow users to enjoy the current 3D trend without investing in expensive televisions. However with the latest update and this demo video my reasons have changed. I now love the ability it gives the user to use 2D photographs and build them up in the editor to create their own 3D scenes using a simple interface without the need for any programming knowledge. A user can import separate elements with transparent backgrounds and build each layer up until the achieve the result they want.


Video Title: Andy McKee - Gates of Gnomeria

Video URL:

Posted by: rpoland on the fourth of September 2007

No. Of Viewers: 1,683,973 Viewers

Description: Andy McKee is known as one the world’s best acoustic solo guitarists! In this video he is playing one of his very well known songs that he composed on a harp guitar. For those who have never heard or seen a harp guitar, the name is quite self explanatory it’s a combination of a guitar and a harp. It has very distinct and wonderful sound. check out the video if your still unclear about it .

Viewers' reactions: The majority of the viewers that had heard of Andy McKee before were impressed and amazed at the video and enjoyed the new song performance. Others who never heard of him before were also impressed with the video and had enquires about the instrument that he was playing (HARP GUITAR) of course as with all videos there is always someone who is dissatisfied with video but in the case of this video it was in the minority. All in all there are 3,403 comments on the video to date the most of them are speechless at what they hear and see. I imagine the video will still receive many more positive comments in the next following few months/year. Throughout the comments Andy McKee is called a guitar hero several times and is well known to anyone who has major interest in acoustic solo guitarists.

Why I liked it: I liked the video because, firstly I have an interest in guitar playing , the harp guitar is such a unique instrument with a very different and interesting sound . The harp guitar sounds different to a standard acoustic guitar because of the additional six strings that are plucked and are let ring out. In combination with the standard six strings on a normal acoustic guitar chords , single notes and melodies can all be played together to achieve a very unique and wonderful sound. I also liked the fact that through this video so many people have become aware of the harp guitar. Without this video along with lots of other similar ones some people would have never become aware of an instrument with such a wide range of amazing sounds!I also like that through this video Andy McKee has created publicity for himself and for his mind blowing musical performances !!.

Daniel Fox (10119868)

• Video title: ZOOZbeat and Improvising Robot 'Shimon' Jammin'

• Video URL:

• Posted by: zoozmobile on the 9th of December 2009

• Description: An improvising robot musician you can jam with and an interesting music technology app for ipod touch/ iphone..

• No of viewers: 32,683

• Likes : 54

• Dislikes: 4

• What were the other viewers comments: The general consensus of the other viewers was one of utter shock and amazement. One viewer however expresses his worry that such machines could take from the emotion and creativity of music. Most people disagreed and were delighted with this futuristic advancement in the world of music technology

• Why I liked it: Several aspects of the video appealed to me greatly. I was very impressed, watching the opening few seconds of the video, at the control the man had over the music using his iphone and the ZOOZbeat app. The way the music responds to his hand movements is fascinating. But once he flicked the phone and the robot ‘Shimon’ began to jam along with the man and his iphone I was gob smacked. The robot was playing along to the music quite well on his strange xylophone like device. The way Shimon could play along in different musical styles as controlled by the iphone is quite amazing also. The robot even nodded his head to the music. Though this has very little use it simply adds to the robot’s appeal.

• Conclusion: Shimon and ZOOZbeat used together create a very impressive combination which would provide hours of fun as a toy and potentially could be used in a very artistic manner.

Michelle Mercier (10128271)

  • Video Title: Interactive art with wooden mirrors
  • Posted by: OUlearn on July 7th 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 240,158 views. Ratings: 675. likes 667. dislikes 8
  • Description: The video is of a demonstration of a mirror made of wood. Each wooden pixel is on a

rotatable axis. There is a small camera in the centre that records what it sees, turns the image in greyscale and transmits the information to the rotating pixels in real-time, producing an image.

  • Viewers' reactions: The reactions are mostly positive, suggesting uses for the machine as a computer monitor or television screen. Some enquire as to why some of the pixels don’t work, and as is the nature of YouTube, some comments have nothing to do with the video at all they just seem to be dozens of people writing where they are from.
  • Why I liked it: I like this interactive installation because I don’t think I would have thought of it myself. It’s ingenious. Every technological machine I have ever heard of used metal, plastic or silicone as it’s raw material, but Daniel Rozin has decided to mix new technologies and simple, basic wood to create something completely new and different. It is an example of extremely creative, artistic and functional design. I also like the way the video was done: plenty of live demonstrations and a clear concise explanation of the technologies involved. It would be great if the pixels didn’t get stuck and it would also be good if there were more pixels to give clearer image, but it is still a great idea in itself.

Nicholas McDonogh (10120866)

  • Video Title: Interactive Projection Art on snow - Red Bull Off The Planet
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: redbull September 20, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 90,827 views, Ratings: 801 likes 790 dislikes '’11
  • Description: This interactive installation is for those who enjoy new technology and extreme sports all at once. A 3D image is projected into an inflated sphere between two snow ramps made for snowboarders and skiers. This globe shows different images at different times for example one minute it could be the earth revolving and the next an eyeball focusing on the snowboarder or skier as he/she soars over the gap between the two ramps. As well as the globe the two ramps on either side also have images projected onto them such as the “Red Bull” logo and laser images.
  • Viewers' reactions: Overall reaction of the viewers seem to be very positive. There are no negative comments as the video seems to interest all of its viewers.
  • Why I liked it: I personally liked this design as it not only shows modern day technology but also involves a great interest of mine which is snowboarding. I also think it adds huge excitement for the audience as it stands out greatly grabbing the audiences attention and keeps them interested. The many different colours and images make this a very artistic piece of work in a very modern way. As well as this the innovation and creativity put into this project is that of something I would be interested in studying.

David Tritschler (10109587)

  • Video Title: Electro-Harmonix,Vol.7 Reverb Tricks
  • Posted by: Effectology
  • No. of Viewers: 17,115 views. Ratings: 67. likes 67. dislikes 0
  • Description: This video shows how an amazing array of sounds can be created using EHX effects and imagination.No MIDI,samplers or keyboards were used,only an electric guitar and EHX effects.
  • Viewers' reactions: All viewers reactions were positive,for example nono 1313 writes "from 3:38 ... oh my god...".A lot of the comments were questions on the "tricks" and the techniques used to achieve these.The guitarist answers all questions.
  • Why I liked it: I found this video both imaginitive and fascinating.I have watched quite a lot of similar videos on Youtube and the USP of this video is the lush,wet sounds of the reverbs used.I particularly liked the demonstration of the Cathedral Reverb infinite sustain mode.This enables a guitarist to play,sustain it forever and play lead lines of its respective scale(s).I also like this video because Reverb is my favourite effect.

Patrick Shanahan (10003406)

  • Video Title: Interactive Horror Movie Last Call
  • Posted by: Wannahaves
  • No. of Viewers: 16,271 views. Ratings: 61. likes 61. dislikes 0
  • Description: Last call is an interactive horror film where the audience becomes part of the cast, through phone calls.
  • Viewers' reactions: The comments were positive, with the majority open to the an exciting new experience.
  • Why I liked it: In the world of film where you imagine you have seen it all this is an interesting and innovative idea. The interactive experience for the audience would definetly add to the film to make it more enjoyable and less predictable. The use of the phone in the initial set up and as the interactive tool means it is not too complicated and ultimately user friendly.

Shaun Morris(10130748)

  • Video Title: Nintendo 3DS:Promo Trailer-E3 2010
  • Posted by: IGNentertainment
  • No. of Viewers: 550,737 views. Ratings: . likes 2571. dislikes 224
  • Description: The 3DS is the first gaming handheld that will be able to play 3D games. This video is a dramatic reenactment of what the 3DS can do as the 3D effects would not show up on video>
  • Viewers' reactions: The majority of comments were positive. Fans of gaming seemed to be behind it and thought it was a great idea. Comments like "Epic" showed how such a step forward this handheld is for gaming, while ones like "beautiful and shiny" show that the 3DS is also pleasing to the eye. There were some unpleasent comments also slating the handheld for being inferior graphically to the Sony PSP.
  • Why I liked it: I liked the trailer because it was a bit over the top and they really exaggerated what the 3DS is capable of. It was also pretty funny as all these well known nintendo personalties (such as the creator of Mario) were really selling this great idea. The product itself is also really exciting. Games can be played without the need for those expensive 3D glasses, it also has high quality visuals, two cameras, an anolog control and two beautiful bright screens( one of which is a touch screen). This technology is way ahead of anything else in the market at the moment and shows how Nintendo are always one step ahead of its competitors when it comes to innovation. As always Nintendo will have a great line up of games releasing with this including Super Mario and Metroid. This will be the definitive handheld device when it releases next year and i cant wait to experience Nintendo's great games in 3D.

Philip O'Sullivan (10124071)

  • Video Title: E3 2009:Project Natal Xbox 360 Announcement
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: gearlive June 02, 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 6,613,632 views, Ratings: 16649 likes 14971 dislikes 1678
  • Description: A new wireless motion controlled system being developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 whereby a person can play games and interact with their Xbox console simply by using their body movements and voice.
  • Viewers' reactions:Reactions to the project are mixed with huge numbers of people expressing excitement about the upcoming product whereas many people are also stating a lack of faith in the system and its ability for example "2 bad its gonna suck. motion capture, is nowhere near this good".
  • Why I liked it:Personally i believe the system has huge potential,being able to become involved physically within a game either alone or in a multiplayer setting or watch movies and interact with your console as if in the future with voice and facial recognition seems quite impressive however,like many of the people who appear sceptic about the product i too think it will be some time before the Natal project now known as "Kinect" will reach its full potential as opposed to being a next generation Eyetoy with gimick games and applications from its launch.I enjoy games quite alot and play them regularly and i can imagine sometime in the future being able to play the latest Halo or Call of Duty using my entire body and that seems incredibly cool.I'm sure eventually when the bugs have been worked out and there are worthwhile products and games being released for the system I'l buy my own one.We'll just have to wait and see.

Joanne McGuire (10119434)

  • Video Title: Coldplay - Violet Hill (piano cover)
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: 0AdRiaNleE0 on April 30, 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 211,995 views, Ratings: 665 likes 1068 dislikes 63
  • Description: This is a version of the melody of Coldplay's hit single Violet Hill, performed on the piano.
  • Viewers' reactions:The majority of the viewers comments are positive, many describing the performer as awesome and talented.
  • Why I liked it:I found this performance uplifting and creative. As a fan of Coldplay's music I enjoyed this version and was impressed by the performers ability.

Samantha Berry (10103988)

  • Video Title: Sony Mavica Floppy Disk Digital Camera
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: vwestlife on April 24, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 2,695, Ratings: 31 Likes: 30 Dislikes: 1
  • Description: This is a video showing a digital camera from 1997, three years before the first USB flash drives were sold and a couple of years before flash memory and memory cards shrank in price and grew in popularity. This digital camera has a battery life of about an hour and a half, can hold up to 500 shots in this time, and it is all stored on a 3.5” 1.44 MB Floppy Disk. It is recommended that you don’t try to capture more than 20 pictures on this camera al at once, as they’ll end up being compressed so much, they’ll come out with very poor quality.
  • Viewers' reactions: Mainly the comments were all positive with many hints at the nostalgia of the old times, when this type of technology was only what the three piece suits could afford. There was only one comment in particular that slated this object for it’s maturity. Other than that, all of the other reviews were extremely positive, more than one stating “Let’s teach these kids a thing or two about technology.”
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video and this item because it too brought back a huge amount of nostalgia for the old days. I can remember my first ever floppy disk, I thought it was the most amazing thing in the world because it was bright purple and see through. I’d love to own a Sony Mavica, somewhat because it’s now rare and antiquated, but also because there is a certain elegance in this products lack of grace. The fact that everything is stored on a 3.5” Floppy fascinates me too, because nowadays I am so used to 4GB memory cards getting smaller and smaller, whereas 13 years ago, 1.44MB of memory was stored on something over ten times the size.

Alan Ryan (10002094)

  • Video Title: Robert Marcello - Examples with GR-20
  • Video URL: (
  • Posted by: internationalbeggar on April 13, 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 347,855 views, Ratings: 685 likes and 30 dislikes
  • Description: A demonstration of a guitar synth, the GR-20.
  • Viewers' reactions: The video had 618 comments. Almost all were positive, responding to an amazing player, with an even more amazing product. One comment addressed an important issue regarding guitar synths. “I hear people talk about the GR-20 not tracking well.. but this guy rips and I don't hear it having any trouble keeping up!”.
  • Why I liked it: Pianists have held an advantage over other instrumentalists for so long, in that they could buy a synthesizer, and access thousands of new sounds, without having to learn another instrument. Guitarists now have the GR-20, which is a foot-controlled midi-based synthesizer. It effortlessly overcomes the obvious problem of converting the analogue signal of the guitar strings into midi data with the installation of a GK-3 pickup. This allows the guitarist to ignore the synth while playing his guitar as normal, then easily switch to the synth, and a screaming saxophone or a noble french horn sounds out from the speakers. Tracking was an early problem with guitar synths, with the processing time of the conversion being too slow for fast passages of play. The GR-20 is so fast, it will track anybody with clean technique, more matter how fast they play. I love this brilliant, brilliant piece of technology! With this synth, I could play the saxophone, french horn, wurlitzer, and even the sitar just as badly as I play guitar!

Caitriona Conefrey (10103791)

  • Video Title: "Interactive Mirror"
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: enouno 23 October 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 959,454 views, Ratings: likes 2,419 dislikes 160
  • Description: This video shows an effort to dive deeper into human computer interaction, using the Interactive Mirror, which is a patent pending touch capable mirror. The Interactive Mirror allows its users to sketch, paint, view photos, play games and much more, making it a very dynamic system
  • Viewers' reactions:The viewer’s reactions were mostly positive with comments such as “awesome”, “cool” and even “I can’t take my eyes of it”. But there were some viewers who believed that the video was a fake, using a projector and also a few were worried about smudge marks. However, I felt that the majority of the viewers, including myself, found it very interesting.
  • Why I liked it:
  • What I really liked about the Interactive Mirror was the fact that it doesn’t need to have a set purpose. I can imagine myself in the morning brushing my teeth with one hand and drawing with the other. You can digitize all your clothes and see what they look like on you without having to actually put them on. I think having an Interactive Mirror would help brighten your day and start it off right.
  • I like the way something so simple and as basic as a mirror has been modified into a touchscreen experience like no other, you can have animation layered on your reflection and the world behind you, people like putting themselves into art and you can see this by the wonderment in the people in the video. It also shows me a lot of potential, as it could be used for a variety of marketing and artistic applications
  • I would have loved to have been involved in the designing of this very creative and artistic, functional piece of work

Mike Harte (09002035)

  • Video Title: Eigenharp demonstration
  • Posted by: eigenlabs
  • No. of Viewers: 11,663 , Ratings:58 likes , 1 dislikes
  • Description: The video is a demo of a new "electronic Instrument" called the Eigenharp. Its main charachteristics are, velocity sensitive fingerpads that use Touch 3d technology i.e. they respond to 1.pressure, 2.Sensitivity and 3. Up + down movement. Four way joystick, Breath controller and Ribbon controller to control the depth of fx e.g. Tremelo. Two variations are shown ,the Pico which is a smaller version of the Eigenharp Alpha. The Pico has 18 key matrix and 1 ribbon controller where as the Alpha has 120 key Matrix,12 percussive keys and 2 ribbon controllers. It comes with its own sounds and you can assign your own also.The clip shows the musician playing the pico as a clarinet. It also records sounds while playing them, layering them into loops, arranging and playing multi instrument tracks.There are leds on the buttons of the eigenharp arranger. 2 musicians perform a composition on the 2 eigenharps.
  • Viewers'reactions:The viewers are really blown away by it, it seems to do many things and promises a lot.It looks really impressive to watch. There are however some problems that some viewers can see with it. Superbassist adds a comment that it will only run on Mac software and Yutsis and Hammer1234509876 comment on why its usb and not Bluetooth. The price is cwondered what to be as it looks expensive. The comments on the whole are very positive about the Eigenharp.Places most interested on this video is America, Alaska, Sweden, Britian and France with the majority been men between the ages of 25 to 54. Probably because it looks like a big toy with flashing lights on it.
  • Why I liked it:The eigenharp looks very futurisic and fun to play.The use of having the breath control for fx is clever as it leaves your hands free to play and arrange. In live performances it looks good and I think a band with just Eigenharps would look great and it seems possible that this could be the start of a whole new instrument/arranging/recording digital tool.

[11] [12] [13]

Damien ADAM (10069496)

  • Video Title: N'importe Comment - The Toxic Avenger featuring Orelsan
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Roymusiclabel on july 23, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 200,217 views, Ratings: 444 likes and 24 dislikes
  • Description: A video-clip from a French artist. Globally the singer is looking for girls to go to a party, organised by a friend of his.
  • Viewers' reactions: Of course you can find a lot of comments saying that it is really bad and insults, as usually! However a lot of people like this video-clip, because it is innovative, the video effects are great and there is a lot of pretty girls! actually, in France this style of music is fashion.
  • Why I liked it: I liked it because it's French! And i have to contribute to this wiki with something from my own culture. And what subject could be more pertinent than Facebook for this assignment? I think it is a metaphor to show that Facebook is actually everywhere and it is a great way to meet new people like in the video-clip. It is a fact, that you can find so many people to promote an event by just creating an event on Facebook and sending requests to your friends. The video-clip fits the subject because it just show that you can easily promote an event, a meeting or an exposure, and eventually broadcast about a last minute change. The French lyrics are not very interesting, that's why i won't speak about it; the main interest is for me the video-clip. Obviously it is a little bit exagerated but it really looks like a soon future. For example i liked the way the singer chose his clothes with his cellphone, because it could be true in several years... And the pokes are just hilarious!

Colm O'Neill (10120432)

Video Title: extraordinaire instrument de musique

Video Url: (

Posted by: mat83990

No. of Viewers: 92,816 views, and is unrated

Description: This video depicts a digitally created, music machine that combines both percussion and melodic aspects. The device shoots balls at strings and percussion instruments such as xylophones, symbols and drums to produce a beat with which to accompany the melody. Viewers' reactions: Due to the origins of this video many of the comments are in French however it is clear that these are often complimentary as “c’est magnifique” and “superbe bravo” are seen throughout the comment pages. There are also comments which describe it as fun and entertaining (in English) which are a very accurate description of this video. There are very few damning comments highlighting the fact that this is an intriguing video.

Why I liked it: I thoroughly enjoyed this video because of the technical ability of its creator. The capability of him to synchronise seamlessly both the intricate musical side and the visual graphics is an extremely impressive feat. I also enjoyed this video because of the similarities it bears with the modules that we, as MMPT students, will be studying in the coming years, such as Digital Media Software and Systems as well as animation in our Perceptual Systems labs. Another reason why I liked this video was the originality of the idea. The balls that came from the machine in different areas were used alternatively to produce a variety of different sounds as they hit its individual targets. I had never experienced anything like this video before and it inspired me to hopefully recreate something of this nature in the near future.

Gearoid McTernan (10003393)

  • Video Title: Introducing the Playstation Move
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Playstation on 11 March 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 1,126,299 views, Ratings: 3,477 likes and 704 dislikes
  • Description: PlayStation Move is the most immersive gaming experience possible. Using advanced motion sensors and the PlayStation Eye USB Camera, your every movement is mimicked on-screen in breathtaking Blu-ray powered HD. Take core gaming to a new level or bring your whole family in on the adventure with a title line up that will excite every gamer.
  • Viewers' reactions: The feedback regarding this product is very mixed, with a large amount of comments feeling that Sony have blatantly plagiarised of Nintendo due to the commercial and financial success of their Wii console “Sony - Stealing where others innovate. Lazy, copy-cat bastards”. Other comments have been praiseworthy noting their excitement in playing Wii-like games but with enhanced graphics and better technology in relation to the controls “ps3 graphics and games mixed with wii like awsomeness YEH!”.
  • Why I liked it: Being a fan of the Nintendo Wii but disliking the dated graphics on the majority of its games, I was instantly a fan of this product when it was announced earlier this year due to the Playstation 3 being a more powerful console. While I understand that a lot of the gaming community have voiced their anger regarding its strong resemblance to the Wii, I feel that Sony have improved on several issues that people can experience with the Wii such as implementing wireless controllers and also adding the ability to recharge these controllers via the USB port in the console instead of having to replace AA batteries. The biggest improvement is the how a player’s motion is tracked. The Wii has trouble perceiving depth, while the PS Move actually properly calculates your position, and renders your motions correctly within the game. This is a problem that the Wii has not corrected since its launch and is a very strong selling point for the PS Move as the games will be of a higher quality both graphically and in usability.

Michelle Ryan (10109102)

  • Video Title: Naturally 7 performing "Wall of Sound" on The Ellen Show
  • Posted by: 76Raven on 19 May 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 180,675, Ratings: 418 likes, 15 dislikes
  • Description: American group Naturally 7 performing live for the first time on the Ellen Show. Each of the members in the group use their voices to recreate musical instruments from drums to trumpets to bass guitars.
  • Viewers' reactions: This clip has received almost all positive comments. Viewers have described it as "Gobsmacking talent", "phenomenal" and one viewer says that they're "...even more amazing live".
  • Why I liked it: I liked this clip because after searching through almost what feels like all of Youtube this was the one clip that I thought was really different. The members of this group use no musical instruments but instead use thier voices to creat the sounds. It's an amazing talent and is like nothing else out there at the moment. Each one of them has their own special instrument within the group from drums to bass to lead guitar to trumpets. In my opinion, its completely unique to today's music industry which is why I liked it so much.

Johnathan Cody (10111174)

  • Video Title:Animal Collective-Brother Sport "live at Midi festival " 2007 French - Riviera
  • Video URL: [14]
  • Posted by: MIDIfilm on August 23 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 209,890, Ratings: 515 likes, 28 dislikes
  • Description:Animal Collective performing their song Brother Sport at the Riviera festiva
  • Viewers' reactions:Most of the viewer's comment were mainly positive, most obviously being fans of the band "The best part was from 0:00 to 6:45". But of course there we criticism of the band like "Why are they letting the roadies play so long ??" but none of the criticism was constructive and therefore lack any significance to the video rather than just an annoyance to fans of the band. There was also alot of references to drug use in the comments.
  • Why I liked it: Being quite a fan of this band myself helps me enjoy their unique style in music. They sound like few other bands out their at the moment partly to the reason that they use very few actual playable studio instruments like guitar bass etc. especially on this song. It's obvious that this music isn't going to appeal to everyone and I myself found that it requires more than one listen in order to thoroughly enjoy as much as a I do now, although they say that's the makings of a good song! With their interesting use of odd instruments, often strange vocals and obscure song structures and lyrics its hard to take it all in on first listen anyway. This is why I encourage multiple listens to those who've watched it. I like it because all those unique elements combine together to create a very catchy and enjoyable song and really pushes boundaries in what we do to produce good music in this new musical age of technology


Kara-Ann Moore(10077707)

  • Video Title: Tenori-on : What more could anyone want??!
  • Video URL: [15]
  • Posted by: manofmusicproduction on March 18,2008
  • No. of Viewers: 63,918, Ratings: 40 likes, 5 dislikes
  • Description: The Tenori-on is a digital musical instrument produced by Yamaha. It is a 16 by 16 matrix of LED switches that allows the users to create "visible music". There are 6 different performance and sound/light modes for this instrument. These 6 different modes create in total 16 different layers that notes and voices can be assigned to and played together creating digital music
  • Viewers' reactions: All of the viewers like mans work and didn't have anything negative to say about it. They all thought for the most part that is was amazing.
  • Why I liked it: I am a music person having a huge collection of music ranging from numerous records to cassette tapes and CDs. So when searching for a new music instrument I came across this which I thought was amazing because it gives people, who may not know how to play an instrument or who are not very musical to be able to create music.

Paudie Hayes(10131523)

Video Title: Inteactive Snow Projection

Video URL:

Posted by: eness511 on 2 October 2008.

No. of Viewers: 54'307 Ratings: 152 likes, 3 dislikes

Description: a crew create a variety of images in the snow using projection.

Viewers' reactions: The comments for the video, in general were very good. The feedback was very positive with the word "Awesome" appearing a lot in the few comments made on the video. With over 54'00 views it would be considered a popular video in the category it would be in. I personally watched the video five or six times before writing this assignment.

Why I liked it: I like this video because its such a simple idea yet very effective. Sight is our most powerful sense in my opinion. the idea of the rotating globes is a bit of a mystery to me but i beilieve it has something to do with the end where the truck comes in and dumps more snow on the Eye Balls making them look broken and distorted. Maybe it is trying to say if you have seen the world your eyes have seen it all and have completed their job and no longer as valuable as they once were. i also really like the reaction of the creators of the master piece as the snow is piled on top of the eyes at the end. You can tell through the joyous shouting and laughter that they belive they have done a great job. They seem to love what they do. They put in a bit of work and got their rewards when they saw it in action.


Derrick Dillon (10106901)

  • Video Title: Birds on The Wires
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: misterbaxt3r | 06 September 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 255,553 views, 1,376 likes, 31 dislikes
  • Description: When reading the newspaper this guy comes across a picture of birds perched on wires, he suddenly sees

the birds as musical notes and decides to find out what it would sound like if he composed the music.

  • Viewers' reactions: This video got a great reaction. Most people commented on the originality of the idea and were amazed with the results. It also seemed to cheer people up with comments like "This made my day".
  • Why I liked it: I like this video because it shows that music doesn't have to be complicated or over thought. This guy's ability to see music in the ordinary also got me courious and I started looking aroung my own surroundings for similar inspiration.

It also shows that music is a universal langague that ever birds can use!

Killian Stone(09005157)

  • Video Title: E3 2009: Project Natal Milo demo
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: gearlive on June 2nd, 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 2,365,219 views, Ratings: likes 5,753 dislikes 593
  • Description: Milo is an interactive child created for the Xbox Kinetic, the Kinetic uses the players motions and even there facial expressions to allow them to be the ‘controller’ for the game via a camera. Milo has been created to use this software to interact with the player in ways that would have been unimaginable a few years ago, recognising faces and expressions.
  • Viewers' reactions: The reactions to the Milo demo are mixed, some people claim it as a fake while others seem amazed at the technology that Microsoft have achieved. Eg. “Yeah this? is AI. This is pure artificial intelligence. How the HELL is that crap? This is MORE than the most advanced game ever invented, it's probably AWESOME to play“.
  • Why I liked it: This system seems to work very well already and is miles ahead of all its competitors. The Kinetic has a huge potential to take over the way games are played in the modern day and with exercise becoming integrated with gaming as with the Wii-Fit and the less successful Eyetoy, I believe that this way of game play will become the mainstream. I was really taken away the first time I say this video as it is quite hard to believe that it wasn’t just scripted and that Milo actually recognised and understood the players face and voice as well as movement and actions. If this technology really is as successful as it appears then the world of gaming is in for a lot of changes in the coming years.

Niall O'Sullivan(10104712)

  • Video Title:Make me play a song!(Interactive Piano)
  • Video URL: [16]
  • Posted by: MysteryGuitarMan on January 12, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 1,460,196 views, Ratings: 49,719 likes, 484 dislikes
  • Description: This is an interactive video where 'MysteryGuitarMan' asks you to make him play the guitar. A keyboard appears on screen and you click on a piano note. Whichever note you click, he will play on the guitar
  • Viewers' reactions:The majority of viewers reactions were extremely positive. Some viewers left comments telling him what they played and some left videos of what they played. One negative comment was that there was not enough keys on the interactive piano to play the song they wanted and another negative comment was that 'MysteryGuitarMan' does not respond to his fans properly.
  • Why I liked it:I loved this video for a number of reasons. Mainly because of the interactive nature of the video. You really feel like he is playing the notes literally as you click them even though it is all prerecorded. He also has a different facial expression for each individual note which is enjoyable to watch. I also liked this video because it makes me curious about how this sort of video was created and whether I would be able to create something like this in the future.

Harry Mercer 10122311

* Video Title: Roger Linn Design

* Video URL: [17]

* Posted by: RogerLinnDesign

* No. of Viewers: 173, 012. Likes: 910 , Dislikes: 10

* Description: A MIDI, touchpad instrument which is connected to a laptop via USB.

* Viewers' reactions: The instrument recieved very positive feedback from the viewers. Many people made suggestions to add a Record button on the touchpad and other ideas which they think may help make this instrument more popular in time to come. Profwaffel said "That looks and sounds great, Mr. Linn" . Many viewer's compared it to the 'Koasillator' saying that Roger Linn's design is far superior in that it is easier to use, it has a greater range of notes and therefore allows for more creativity.

* Why I liked it: I liked this instrument for many reasons. The first being it's user-friendly interface. It is shaped like a regular computer keyboard so we are already used to using this type of interface. The touchpad is organised into rows of chromatics making it simple enough to use. There is a high range of notes allowing for a variety of different styles and sounds. Mr. Linn demonstrates the easy ability to slide from one note to any other and he also shows us the use of vibrato. He shows us that it is fairly simple to play full chords. This instrument is not like any other instrument i have seen before and this is why it appealed to me.

Andrew Park (10130896)

  • Video Title: Magical Instruments
  • Video URL: [18]
  • Posted by: MysteryGuitarMan on August 03 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 1,875,530 Ratings: 39399 likes, 805 dislikes
  • Description: The video shows 'MysteryGuitarMan' performing a song as his instruments 'magically' morph and change as he plays. After this part of the video he shows his puppy eat a virtual puppy!
  • Viewers' reactions: From reading the comments, most viewers seemed very impressed with the video and complimented the creator of the video, "Man, you make the coolest videos in the world". As always there was a couple of negative comments, but for the most part the video was very much enjoyed.
  • Why I liked it: I thought this video was very creative. Apart from the music, I found the visuals quite stunning. The transitions between instruments was very smooth and I was surprised at how professional it looked. I have seen other videos where something similar was attempted, but I think this is one of the best of this kind. It is clear that a lot of time was put into this video and it has certainly payed off. The puppy scene is also quite funny, but I particularly like the morphing instruments part because of it's creativity and professionalism.

Eoin Murray (10108939)

  • Video Title: Impossible guitar Dominic Frasca
  • Video URL: [19]
  • Posted by: dmitryddd3d on April 18, 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 7,393 views, Ratings: 12 likes, 0 dislikes
  • Description: In this video Dominic Frasca is showing us his guitar mastery on a variety of guitars with his unique style of playing.
  • Viewers' reactions: Despite the video having over 7,000 views, it only had 8 comments.Most comments were showing a positive reaction, ("best acoustic player alive" or " Love this man...Awesome... Really inspiring.....Love it..."), others wanted to know what songs he was playing. This, I believe, shows a very positive reaction to the video.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video, firstly, because I am a fan of Dominic Frasca's music. I find his style of playing very piano like. I thought that it was an interesting way to play the guitar. Secondly, I liked this video because I thought the sound of the guitar was very relaxing. Dominic was able to take tapping, (something that is commonly found in heavy metal music), and transform it into a relaxing melodic tune. Finally, I liked this video because I found it very inspirational. It has inspired me to become more experimental with my guitar playing.

Michael Hennigar(10129367)

  • Video Title:Les Claypool (live) - Whamola jam - 06-04-09
  • Posted by: whatfuckingever444 on June 05 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 24,848, Ratings: 53 likes, 1 dislikes
  • Description: This is a video taken of Les Claypool (the guy in the monkey mask) playing an improv peice with his band in Memphis Tennessee. His instrument of choice for this peice is a Whamola which is a descendant of the Washtub bass of skiffle and bluegrass music. It consists of a double bass style neck, a pulley-and-lever system and a single bass string.
  • Viewers' reactions:The viewer reactions to this video are almost entirely possitive asside from one comment which was removed. Many of the comments praise Claypool for his innovative approach to music. One which struck a chord with me was "dude could play a solo on a cereal box andsell a platinum record of it. Also amoung the comments are questions from viewers, mainly what instrument he's playing, where they could get one or how to make one themselves.
  • Why I liked it:I liked it this video because it shows how music can be produced by the most absurd means and not just by classical or mainstream instruments or only by people who are musically trained. The Whamola is an instrument which can produce a huge variety of sounds from a wide array of playing methods. However for me, the best quality of the Whamola is it's accessability to anyone. Really all that is required to play it is a good ear and a passion for music.

Niamh Begley (10131256)

Niamh Begley (10131256) • Video Title: Interactive Floor Projections New Water Effect

• Video URL:

• Posted by: ScenesItaly

• No. of Viewers: 66,454 views

• Description: This is a new water affect interactive floor projection.

• Viewers' reactions: Though there were a large number of views there were only 23 comments. All viewers were very positive, and intrigued by this feature. One viewer was even overwhelmed, and felt that they could now “walk on water just like Jesus”. Others felt that this was something that would become a regular feature in buildings of our futures. I hope that it does.

• Why I liked it: I found the whole concept to be astonishing. The graphics made you feel like it was really water, so clear and very high quality. Something as natural as water is hard to replicate with any real accuracy, but this is flawless. The concept is extremely futuristic and inspirational. The idea of “Walking on water” has always been a desire for many people, the dream of walking on water was something that only “God” could accomplish. Now, anyone can...if they pay enough. I honestly thought that this was a phenomenal piece of technology and have added a viewing of this digital wonder to my Bucket List.

Neil Quinn (10102132)

Neil Quinn (10102132) • Video Title: Nosaj Thing - Dj set (Live on KEXP)

• Video URL:

• Posted by: kexpradio

• No. of Viewers: 163,531 views 1,111 likes 22 dislikes

• Description: This is a live improvised set from a Los Angeles based Dj named Nosaj Thing.

• Viewers Reactions: From the comments I have read people seem to be in awe of his work and how relaxed he looks doing such a complicated job. From one or two comments read it also seems as though people are coming back time and time again to view the set as it is put together so well. In general there is a good response and people seem to enjoy what he is doing.

• Why I liked it: Besides being a fan of his work already the camera work is done really well and the sound is very clear which is hard to come across on youtube as many live sets are done with bad quality cameras and the sound generally follows in that direction. The music that he is putting together off the drum machine he is using (MPD 32) is incredible as it is totally improvised and for him to not slip up even in the slightest is impressive. I also thought that it was a great idea the way they matched the lenses of the camera with the mood of the music, a slightly darkened effect. The setting is relaxed which also contributes to the video, subtle lights in the background all inhance our perception of the video and sets the mood right. In all I found this video to be enjoyable aswell as educational.

Killian Vigna (10129758)

  • Video Title: Brett Domino: Justin Timberlake Medley
  • Posted by: brettdomino April 07, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 477,833, Ratings: 5,525 likes, 40 dislikes
  • Description: Brett Domino and Steven Peavis perform a medley of Justin Timberlake hits using a unique assortment of technological instruments
  • Viewers' reactions: Pretty much all of the comments we see here are not just positive, but highly encouraging too, ("morgrp - Brett and the trio just keep getting better and better! AWESOME!"). Some say it’s so good, that when there was a previous 39 dislikes, a user who goes by, "jelly4jesus" argues how "39 people missed the like button." and another user "guillemdf" declares "40 people have shaky hands!!" But there is a definite fan base for these guys, whom according to "pascalb" this video is "Frigen unbelievably fantastic!!!!!!" and credits, "You guys are stars!!!"
  • Why I liked it: Apart from being a brilliantly entertaining video, with their mass amount of enthusiasm and energy in this clip, I love how just two guys can create an incredible song using none of your everyday instruments, but instead use a list of modern technology no-one else would even think of (The iPod Touch DigiDrummer Lite, Theremin, and Stylophone). This clip shows how you don't need to be a "classically trained" musician, or be a finger wizard on the piano and guitar to produce what people want to hear, they have put it done to their own creativity and use of improvisation to accomplish "a masterpiece". All in all, I love how this video shows that anyone can play music without a means of musical talent, and show the benefits of improvisation.

Jack Casey(10117822)

  • Video Title: Ringtone Vadrum Medley (Drum Video)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Vadrum : August 16th 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 3,117,893 views, Ratings: 12359 likes, 289 dislikes
  • Description: This is my funny drum medley of classic Nokia monophonic ringtones!!! Thanks everyone for the awesome support
  • Viewers' reactions: Most are quite shocked by the number of dislikes and are in awe of the creation of various drum beats to the typically annoying monophonic ringtone. While there are the rare comments of negativity, it is mostly positive towards the innovative idea of Vadrum and he experiments brilliantly with Nokia's ringtones.
  • Why I liked it: Innovation is the main element of the video and the uniqueness of the idea which has never been done before is why I liked this video. Especially to put the time and effort into making an inch perfect drum beat to each individual ringtone in the form of a medley is what amazes me most. While it being a little random and extravagant, it is an extremely entertaining video for those who have an interest in drum techniques. It manages to achieve a status for typical monophonic ringtones and take it away from its usually annoying screeching sound to an awesome sounding drum clip.

Liam Cialis (10119051)

  • Video Title:Pendulum-I'm Not alone(live)
  • Video URL: [22]
  • Posted by: JohnSimmonsLFC 17th August 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 231,555 views, 1,426 likes 19 dislikes
  • Description: A live performance by Drum and Bass band Pendulum. A cover version of the Calvin Harris song 'I'm Not Alone'
  • Viewers' reactions:The viewers reactions were mostly positive.They seemed to be amazed by the incredible version Pendulum performed live. There were a number of dislikes but it was down to personal tastes not because of a bad performance.
  • Why I liked it:I enjoyed the peformance tremenduously. As a fan of the band and of their music it was interesting to see them remaster a song and to play it with such finesse. I like the original but it is always good to see people putting their own interpretation on things. I also enjoyed it because of Rob Swire's (singer/guitarist)instrument. The instrument he used was a Ztar. This is a MIDI programmed musical instrument that can be programmed to act like a guitar but also a synthesiser. It is extremely rare to find a musician using one live and it was incredible to see being used. I was particularly interested in this as in my course we learn about MIDI and the advancement of technology in music and for this reason I found it enjoyable. It was interesting to see someone perform using this technology but also playing a classic instrument, a guitar,to such great effect.
  • Video of the Ztar. [23]

Emma O Leary(10117652)

  • Video Title:iPhone Ocarina App Demo - Ge Wang
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: ForaTv, on March 27 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 64,565, Ratings: 164 likes, 17 dislikes
  • Description: Ge Wang, co-founder of Smule, plays The Legend of Zelda theme song on an iPhone using the expressive social media app Ocarina.
  • Viewers' reactions:The majority of comments were positive and people seemed impressed that Ge Wang played “The Legend Of Zelda” theme song and Led Zepplin using the app, Ocarina. Comments ranged from “This is amazing” to “One of the funniest apps ever”, showing that this app is quite popular.
  • Why I liked it:: I like this iPhone app and this video, as the idea is so simple yet extraordinary. The creator, Ge Wang, has created an app which executes the natural, simple sound of an old wind instrument, known as the ocarina, through an iPhone. The demonstration is as informative as it is entertaining, especially when Ge Wang talks about "The Mule". It also shows how the app provides entertainment for a group of people not just one person. I like the whole concept of being able to produce such a simple sound from such an advanced piece of technology. This app also shows how advanced mobile phones have become, they are now used for far more than communication.

Kevin Hayes(10110194)

  • Video Title: Super Music Technology
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: fangzhengcn on October 25th 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 2017, Ratings: 8 likes, 0 dislikes
  • Description: The description for this video is a promotion for a website:More gadgets,visit: novelty product,novelty item Promotion gift,novelty gift,novelty toy,gadget,novelty gadget,novelty bath series,cute item,gadget,novelty item
  • Viewers' reactions: There were very few viewer reactions on this video, and they were ao mixed reactions in favour of the device and against it. Most people liked the device, called a reactable, mainly due to the fact that it is original and has a futuristic look to it. However there were still people who believed that they could replicate if not out do the reactable with software that is already widly available like Logic, Pro Tools and a Korg Sound Module.
  • Why I liked it: I like the reactable because it is a completely different way of creating digital music to what is conventually used around the world. I think the idea that you can manually add and take away effects quickly and easily. Also that you are able to fine tune the beats to the frequency you want, which is quicker and easier then alot of software that could do similar things also appealed to me.

Garry Carroll (10049509)

  • Video Title: Brett Domino: Justin Timberlake Medley
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: brettdomino on April 7th, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 478,910 views, Ratings: 5,523 likes, 40 dislikes
  • Description: Brett Domino and Steven Peavis perform a medley of Justin Timberlake hits using assorted miniature instruments and lap tray travel bags
  • Viewers' reactions: I have searched back through numerous pages of comments and I have still yet to find a single negative one. Comments such as "Brett and the trio just keep getting better and better! AWESOME!" and "these guys really know how to make music =)" show us that these are not only one off viewers but actual fans of their music.
  • Why I liked it: The first time I watched this video I was in convulsions laughing. It starts off with 2 rather nerdy looking characters unzipping padded bags in which they safely carry their ridiculous array of musical instruments. They then perform a medley of Justin Timberlake songs using Kazoos, Theremin's, iPhone's, Stylophone's and some other odd looking instruments. Their choice of songs definitely adds to their comical appearance as they are the most unlikely candidates to be "bringing sexy back" as they suggest in the video. They manage to keep straight faced throughout the performance in an attempt to persuade some viewers that they might actually be serious. Although the video is intentionally comical, you will still notice the fact that they are very talented musicians underneath it all. The video is also edited very well by using separate windows for different instruments and vocal harmonies. This allows the viewer to subconsciously break down the song into its individual tracks and appreciate the talent and process gone into recording it. I really enjoyed this video as it proves that no matter how good your equipment is, it's only as good as the person using it.

Ultan O'Connell(10120963)

  • Video Title: Deadmau5 Live @ Coachella 2010 Moar Ghosts 'N' Stuff (Rob Swire) Full Set HD 720p
  • Video URL: [24]
  • Posted by: jameswilson24 on April 17, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 339, 111, Ratings: 1,314 likes, 29 dislikes
  • Description: Deadmau5 live @ Coachella 2010, Moar Ghosts 'N' Stuff FT. Rob Swire full set. High Quality 720p
  • Viewers' reactions: There were 681 comments at the time of viewing.The comments and reactions were almost entirely positive.Ranging from comments such as "This set is total badassness. The visuals and the beats...Just Awesome." to simply "amazing!!!!!".There are also many comments to compare Deadmau5 to Daft Punk, a similar duo of DJs who are widely regarded as the best in their field.Many comments also pertain to the visual aspect of Deadmau5's performance with one viewer commenting "my eyes are lost in the lights........AMAZING".
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because it is first and foremost a fantastic original piece of music performed by one of my favorite artists, Deadmau5.Deadmau5 has recently taken the world by storm with his energetic and unique live performances, as witnessed in the video.The cube upon which Deadmau5 DJs is specially constructed for his shows and is designed to provide the optimal experience.The visual lights and effects of Deadmau5's performance are stunning.They are also specially designed and programmed to be in sync with the music, thus presenting the viewer with a totally entrancing and awe-inspiring visual and audio performance.I really enjoyed this video because it is a showcase for the kind of performances that artists are now capable of with the equipment they have.This performance is in my opinion a work of art because of the fantastic mesh of visual and audio aspects, all created using digital media and the latest music technology.

Oliver Phillips (10112715)

  • Video Title: Otto ~ GettingStarted
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: luderec on June 27th 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 22,051 views, 28 likes, 0 dislikes
  • Description: This video serves to give us a demo of the OTTO, a truly remarkable and innovative instrument. It runs through quickly how the device can be connected to a computer via USB, how it reads rhythmic audio samples, and how you can then manipulate those samples in whatever way you wish using the pad suface.
  • Viewers' reactions: There are only 6 comments on this video from viewers yet they are all very positive towards the OTTO. The gadget is even described as "inspiring" by one viewer. One viewer does ask for another video to explain more thoroughly how the pad works, which i agree with, as even after watching this video and other ones demonstrating the device, I still do not completely understand how it work.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video as it really does make you think differently about a much wider range of beats that can be explored in music. The complex beats and rhythms that are produced on this pad cannot be done on standard drums, which therefore opens up new possibilities in beat mixing and overall music production. Also because I have a strong interest in music, and particularly drums, this video strongly appeals to me as I feel that the OTTO would allow me to be much more creative in the way I think about more complex beats and rhythms. The OTTO is said to "allow the musician to control the audio sample as if it was in his hands", and after watching this video, I truly believe this. It is an exciting creation that really does allow musicians to get closer and more intimate with the music they are trying to create.

John farrell (09007230)

  • Video Title:Data to digita art
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Fora tv (march 2010)
  • No. of Viewers:6,610 views, 105 likes, 5 dislikes
  • Description:The following video is a short ten minute presentation by Artist and designer Aaron Koblin of googles creative

lab.There are three projects on show and all three display data visualisations ie.. animation of Air traffic over America and sms usage in Amsterdam on New years eve.

  • Viewers' reactions:There were not so many comments left for this video but of the few there was they were very positive, there was a few

moans about video quality and the real world apps for this video but for the most part there were one liners like cool and brilliant.

  • Why I liked it:I liked this video firstly for its data visualisations and I thought the use of these in monitoring flight traffic over the US was fantastic. 148,000 flight paths were represented digitally,and you can make out the map of America without any geographical aides!Another interesting point on this video was a live installation in New Yorks museum of modern art in which data was submitted by (at+t)an American telecom company.This was used to monitor how people in New York city communicated with the rest of the world.The same method of input

was used in line with a dutch telecom company to map sms usage on new years eve,this overall made for very intuitive viewing.

Aindreas McGowan(0875333)

  • Video Title: Impossible Guitar: Concrete Block & Piezo
  • Video URL:[25]
  • Posted by: Tonemonger 11 June 2009
  • No. of Viewers:39,312 115 likes 7 dislikes
  • Description:Recording Artist, Tony Smotherman from Vision Sound Records plays Larry Lashbrooks piezo powered creation. Lashbrooks patent pending Naturacoustic™ piezo bridge is a revolutionary breakthrough in piezo technology, featuring a proprietary design to maximize resonance transfer, tone wood construction, tunable saddles and passive electronics. If it can make a concrete block sound this good, just imagine how great it will sound on your guitar!

Please visit for more info.

  • Viewers' reactions:this video was met by most people with great surprise and astonishment as they were baffled that a guitar made of concrete could sound like that. others who were more knowledgeable on the subject of guitars and electronics were more sceptical.
  • Why I liked it: I enjoyed this video as I was amazed that a concrete block could sound anything like that. it is probably one of the worst materials imaginable to make a guitar from. the resonance should be simply appalling from such a porous material. All these things in mind suggest that it should sound terrible but with the piezo pick-up it sounds remarkably like an acoustic guitar which is quite baffling. the technology used in this is genius and can be used in an electric guitar to make it sound like an acoustic guitar or simply to blend in acoustic tones to your guitar sound. This can be fantastic for adding some warm tone to your sound and to produce a much fuller sound. the technology used to make the piezo is fantastic and begs the question what's next? I imagine that this technology will be developed further so that eventually all kinds of tones from all kinds of instruments are available in every guitarists repertoire.

The piezo is also fantastic to have for live gigs as it saves time between songs if you need to change to an acoustic guitar, instead you can simply just turn the piezo up. It is also useful if there is an acoustic section in a song you can simply use the piezo instead of having to change guitar really fast or having another guitarist with the acoustic guitar just for that segment.

Daniel Keigher(10097996)

  • Video title "Boys Noize (live) Hardfest (NYC)"
  • Posted by : JOEDONUT April 4th 2010
  • No of viewers 50,272 Ratings:211 likes, 4 dislikes
  • Description:Alex Ridha aka "Boys noize" dropping a heavy bassline at hardfest New york city.
  • Viewers Reactions:Of the 4 people that disliked this performance,none of them bothered to say why.the comment area only shows great enthusiasm for Boys Noize and his music,a lot of them being very graphic in their description of how much they love this performance.In the words of "magusunltd":"I'm perfectly straight and have never had any homosexual tendencies, but this dude's music makes me cream my pants. I'm seeing a psychologist about this on Monday."There are a lot of comments from proud europeans saying that the continent is leading the way musicaly these days.(as Alex Ridha is german)."Darkhustle"puts it simply and says"european music>american music :D".But my favourite comment comes from "lotrfan 99""electronic dance music just makes us go back to our original roots. a beat. a drum. and movement. theres no set way of doing it. you just let it take you over."
  • "Why i liked it":I love this performance because of its integrity,its not a gig where people happened to be passing by and said they'd take a look.Nobody went to hardfest on a double date to help out their friend.Everyone that was there had at least one thing in common,a love for dance.This performance is a perfect example of what dance music should be.Watch the moment when thsong begins,what you see is roughly 5,000 people(in perfect unison) feeling the thud of the subwoofer right down to their feet as they cant stop themselves from moving.Techno at its best!

David O'Sullivan (10130926)

Video Title:Introducing the Playstation Move

Video URL:

Posted by: PlayStation

No. of Viewers: 1,166,265, Ratings: 3,512 likes, 714 dislikes

Description: The unveiling of Sony's new interactive experience called the PlayStation Move to the world.

Viewers' reactions: Mostly the comments posted on the video very positive towards the system because of the potential prospects that this system is capable of. A lot were conversations between other viewers discussing the technology involved in the system which were slightly confusing but highly interesting regardless. The negative comments mostly came from XBOX 360 and NINTENDO WII users who claimed that the motion sensors i.e the 'nunchuks' were too similar to the motion contollers of the WII and that the accuracy of the motion sensors were a 'direct' rip-off of the sensors of the XBOX 360.

Why I liked it: I enjoyed this video immensely because of the sheer potential of the system. Never before have people been part of a truly interactive experience such as this. My favourite part of the video was the showing of the player engaged in a 'fight' with his computer generated opponent. The accuracy of the motion sensors in relation to tracking the movements of the player was absolutely mind-blowing! Overall I enjoyed the video because of the infinite amount of possibilities for the system.

Nicholas King(10123563)

  • Video Title: Adam Ben Ezra - YouTube symphony audition
  • Video URL: [26]
  • Posted by: adambenezra on January 27th 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 16,984, Ratings: 105 likes, 3 dislikes
  • Description: The video is of artist Adam Ben Ezra playing two songs on the double bass as part of an audition for the Youtube orchestra.
  • Viewers' reactions: There is some negative comments but most of the viewers were impressed at his playing.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because he is playing the double bass as a solo instrument, and tapping and slapping the body of the bass with his hands for creating a rythm at the same time. This unique way of playing creates the effect of two instruments, a drum and bass playing together and allows him to solo on the bass without it becoming boring as a single instrument solo can.

Denis Cronin(10103031)

  • Video Title: Search the Internet by Speech Commands
  • Video URL: [27]
  • Posted by : tjamassey | October 22, 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 9,581, Ratings:11 likes, 2 dislikes
  • Description : This is a video showing the starter pack of a program which allows you to search the internet and basically control your computer using your voice it is also interactive so it replies and even answers questions using the internet.
  • Viewers' reactions: While there was a few negative comments saying "THIS IS THE STARTING OF AN POCALYPSE!" which i felt to be a bit over the top as this technology could only help however most of the comments were asking where could they find this technology "Can you tell me where to download the START program? I really would like to try it" And to be honest I was with them, and I hope I can download this software soon.
  • Why I liked it: Well I really liked this as it is the next step up in technology as far as I am concerned. I felt this was amazing how there was no need for any input devices other than a microphone and I felt that this looked much easier than switching to different pages or searching your laptop when your could just say one single word and it pops up. Also as I saw for the video this could control other devices connected to the computer such at the light and therefore this technology could be used to make life allot easier, no more looking for a control.

Kevin O'Leary (10119302)

   *Video Title: Alexisonfire & Moneen - "Passing Out in America & Accidents Are on Purpose"
   *Video URL: [28]
   *Posted by: Alexman2525 16th November 2006
   *No. of Viewers: 122,803 Ratings: 344 likes, 11 dislikes
   *Description: Music video of Alexisonfire covering Moneen's song 'Passing of America' and Moneen covering Alexisonfire's song 'Accidents'
   *Viewers' reactions: There were 370 comments on this video. From what I could tell, the were all positive e.g. "Wow! whoever came up with the idea for this video is a genius! it is executed brilliantly and also compliments the songs very well!" and the usual hyperbole of "best video on youtube"
   *Why I liked it: Alexisonfire are one of my favourite bands but even if they weren't, I would still like this video because the concept is so original. Both songs were simultaneously performed and filmed at opposite ends of a very large studio. While the songs are being performed, dancers and actors are performing around each band. Orchestrating this shoot would, I'd imagine, have been very difficult and very to those involved. All-in-all, great idea for a music video!!

Harry Cumiskey(10126627)

  • Video Title:Homemade midi controller - Controladora midi caseira
  • Video URL: [29]
  • Posted by: Victorjdh | September 26, 2009
  • No. of Viewers:4535 no, Ratings: 4 likes, 1 dislike
  • Description:I used a wireless optic mouse with scroll into a box and a cd-rom on the scroll. Easy, not? - Usei um mouse ótico wireless com scroll dentro de uma caixa e um cd-rom em cima do scroll. Fácil não?
  • Viewers' reactions:There was not too many comments but the few in English all seemed very poitive with one comment just stating "Genius!"
  • Why I liked it:I really liked this video because it shows how easy it can be to create a digital sound controller with everyday items that you would find lying around the house, a cd, a mouse and a cardboard box. I also think the maker of this video showed how innovative a person can be when it comes to creating a digital instrument and how it is very possible to use cheap components to recreate a useable digital version of an old anolog instrument like the turntables.

Fiachra Kavanagh (10108718)

  • Video Title: Kila ‘Glanfaidh Mé’
  • Video URL: [30]
  • Posted by: lancehoganireland on November 16th 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 3,073 views.
  • Description:This is a video taken from a DVD made by the band Kila and Lance Hogan (director) entitled, “Kila Once Upon a Time”. The DVD was shot in Vicar Street in Dublin. The video shows off Kila’s ability to incorporate the visual experience with the musical experience.
  • Viewers' reactions: For this particular video there are no comments or likes. However, on a different video of the same band playing this particular piece (but of lesser quality) there is quite a few positive reactions to the video. “That’s a tune that makes the hair on the back of the neck stand up. I wouldn't be the biggest fan of trad but this is incredible.” This quote is the comment that stands out the most from the list of 65.
  • Why I liked it: There are a few different reasons why I like this video. The main reason I chose the video is because I am a major ‘trad head’! I love most Irish Traditional performances, but this video shows how the Irish Traditional genre is evolving and fusing with other musical and cultural influences. From this video alone, we can see influences ranging from African to Cajun. But at all times staying loyal to the Irish Trad genre. It is an amazing visual experience also and for an Irish Traditional band to incorporate the visual and the musical so well truly astonishes me. It is an amazing video made by an amazing band.

Hantang Liu (10075704)

  • Video Title:Future of Screen Technology(Experience a normal day in 2014)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: TATMobileUI on September 1st 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 1,467,985 views
  • Ratings:3479 likes,86 dislikes
  • Description:This is a video showing future screen technology applied on cellphones,computers and even mirrors.The technology will affect every aspect of people's life.
  • Viewers' reactions: Most of the comments are positive while some people doubt the cost of these devices(e.g."not everyone can afford for alll these.....reality check ~") and whether we really need this technology(e.g." There's a time and a place for the news, and it certainly isn't as i'm tryign to brush my teeth.").It's funny that many people state they would believe all the high technology happening rather than "Sweden wining the world cup 2014",which is a supposed piece of news in the video.
  • Why I liked it:Some of the technology in the video exists right now,like multi-touching screen technology and transperent screen.But I was still shocked when the man stretchs the screen for wider view.It's really amazing! I also love the way the man silences the clock:he makes it without touching.These high-tech products will notably make our life more convenient and enjoyable.I can't wait to own such a stretchable phone!

Paul Hayes (10046682)

  • Video title: touchAble features overview
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: touchAbleapp August 11 2010
  • No of viewers: 18,049 views
  • Comments: There are 19 comments to date. As the video is essentially a promo for a new software product, the comments are a mixture of technical questions and "this app rocks!!!" cheerleading.
  • Why I liked it: touchAble is an iPad-based remote control surface for the software sequencer/DAW Ableton Live. Users can input melodies or drumbeats in real time, and can access most of Live's parameters with the help of iPad's Multitouch feature. Users can also adjust more than one parameter at a time, thus freeing them from the productivity bottleneck associated with using a mouse. The clincher? If you already have an iPad and have Ableton Live installed on your laptop, touchAble just costs $13.99 from iTunes App Store.
  • Description: This product is by no means the first remote DAW controller, which are too numerous to mention. Neither is it the first grid-based controller (that honor would go to Monome and its clones Tenori-On and Novation Launchpad) It is not even the first Ableton-specific controller (that would be Akai APC 40 and the aforementioned Launchpad). The first, and current market leader in Multitouch display interfaces for music is Jazzmutant's Lemur, which retails for a cool €1,999. The beauty of touchAble is that it combines the featuresets of all of these products at a very affordable price.

As one can gather from it's name, Live's workflow emphasizes spontaneity, with the ability to trigger audio and midi "clips" on the fly. Its huge popularity in DJ created music has led to a demand for robust performance-based controllers. touchAble is the latest in a line of controllers for Live, but it breaks new ground in value, in an innovative and elegant package.

Ursula O’ Sullivan (10114149)

  • Video Title: Live uncut solo electric cello through live looping
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Matthew Schoening (thecelloman)
  • No. of Viewers: 57,674
  • Description: In this video Matthew plays the electric cello through the use of looping and in doing so creates a one man band. He creates such different sounds including a back drum beat, producing such a unique and amazing song. The use of looping is growing widely popular yet I’ve never quite seen it with such a classical-known instrument.
  • Viewers reactions: The viewers reactions over-all were very positive with one women even describing how “I fell in love with cello again”. This video in fact had no negative feed-back at all which I find fabulous as this in fact is so different and quite amazing. Many viewers also praised his composition describing how brilliant it is. One person even agreed to marry him (but that’s besides the point).
  • Why I liked it: I absolutely love this video for the simple reason being that its so different. The cello is considered to be a highly classical instrument but here, Matthew changes every aspect and expectation of it. Through the use of looping Matthew creates a one man band, including from the electric cello, a back beat. What I really liked about the video also was the simplicity of it. Every sound you hear is created right in front of you from one instrument, eventually reaching an amazing climax. I also really like how Matthew takes something so simple and turns it into something so unique and unusual. Finally I really enjoyed how much this video and sound captured my attention for the entire time by introducing a new sound constantly and creating an amazing song


Shona Coultry(10126546)

  • Video Title: BeatBearing demo
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: peterdbennett on November 28 2007
  • No. of Viewers:1,407,724 Ratings: 4049 likes, 368 dislikes
  • Description: This Instrument is a tangible rhythm sequencer. Ball bearings are used to trigger (Roland TR-808) drum sounds. Visual feedback is provided from a CRT display underneath to indicate the current time and the state of each beat.
  • Viewers' reactions: The viewers reaction are mostly positive, although there were a few smart comments and jokes made. The inventor however received great praise and there were many people requesting to purchase one.
  • Why I liked it:I choose this video because I believe it is an amazing and clever invention. It is very impressive that this musical instrument can manipulate rhythmic patterns through the arrangement of ball bearings on a grid surface. It is so different and unique, it appeals to me as I have a great interest in drums and creating rhythm patterns. It also has a simple structure and easy access to changing from one rhythm to another quickly. In the future I can see this beat-bearing tangible sequencer becoming popular due to the great response from the viewers.


Sarah Larkin(10102655)

  • Video Title: OTTO –demo .03
  • Who posted it:luderec
  • Video URL:
  • No. of Viewers:2,480
  • Description: OTTO is a new musical instrument for beat-slicing, the technique that allows you to create complex and variegated rhythm sections by using just one rhythmic audio sample, cutting it into little pieces and rearranging them in time.*Viewers' reactions: The viewers reaction are mostly positive, although there were a few smart comments and jokes made. The inventor however received great praise and there were many people requesting to purchase one.
  • Viewer’s reactions: There was only one comment but the viewer was very impressed by it. “I am amazed at the possibilities for live performance with this instrument ever since I saw this a few months ago”.

The viewers all made positive comments on the other demo videos for OTTO.

  • Why I liked it:I like it because it allows you to create complex beats and rearrange them in time.

The lights make it look very cool, as well as making it easier for the user to control. It takes up little space, so it is very practical and would be easy to transport to gigs, etc. You can create any beat for any genre of music for example the other 2 demo’s are very different to this demo. You can create complicated rhythm patterns that you would not be able to achieve using a normal drum kit.

Maurice Dooley(10113215)

  • Video Title: "Pipe Dream" -
  • Video URL: [31]
  • Posted by: AnimusicLLC on the 17th of March 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 453,961 viewers, Ratings: 1575, 1562 likes, 13 dislikes
  • Description: This Animated video clip is a 3d music visualisation from the DVD Animusic 1. Both the music and visuals in this video are entirely digitally synthesized. Not only did this video capture my imagination and open a whole new way of thinking in my mind it was also

voted as one of the 50 greatest animation projects ever by 3D World magazine. This video uses Midi software instruments such as Acoustic Guitar, The Bongo, The Banjo and Percussion including: A drum kit, Tubular bells & more.

  • Viewers' reactions: Some viewers were of the opinion that it wouldn’t work in real life as 1 person said "It's against the laws of physics, but I know how you feel. I've always wanted to try this, but there'd be balls flying all over the place." This was the highest rated comment. While others that took time to enjoy the technological 3D experience left comments such as " niiiiiiiiice", "that’s soooo cooool" and "I love this piece of work if it was graded it would b a A+++++++++"
  • Why I liked it: I would consider myself as a person who loves watching youtube videos but when I first saw this video it struck me like no other Youtube video had before. My eyes were glued to the computer screen in anticipation of what was going to happen next? This video is very much so a complex piece of work and it would appear in the video that there has been a huge amount of work and effort gone in to creating and putting this video all together. The precision and accuracy in this video is most admirable, there is so many things going on it baffles my mind, sending shivers down my spine. In my opinion whoever came up with the idea of this video is a absolute genius. That is why I really liked the video.

Lisa Fahy (10138889)

Video Title: Adobe interactive installation

Video URL:

Posted by: adobesims

No. of Viewers: 47,350 views.

Description: I chose the Adobe Interactive Installation. This kind of installation allows the person to control what they want to happen on the screen by interacting with the installation, be that walking, running or even working out in front of the screen. All of this motions will be sensed through the in for red cameras which are built into the adobe interactive installation. It gives the people a creative license to change what’s happening on the projected screen. This product allows people to engage in an imaginary world which is spectacular to see people really having fun and fully engaging with a product as unique as adobe.

Why I liked it: As it says in the you tube video, I love the fact that it is not selling a brand to people but immersing a person with a brand. Adobe creates experiences for people which they will never forget. I believe, for me, that this interactive installation will bring about a new generation of technology. It is a new form of entertainment which encourages peoples creativity and allows them to become active as the person has to move in order for the interactive installation to incorporate what the person is doing and change the movement of the animation which is displayed on the 25-foot wide by 10-foot high projected screen.

Viewers reaction: 16 comments were made. An overall positive response from all viewers , many were interested in buying the product.

Adam Dunbar (10049681)

  • Video Title: Melodyne - Direct Note Access
  • Video URL: [32]
  • Posted by: dafunkmastah77 on March 11th 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 471,813, Ratings: 800 likes, 24 dislikes
  • What were the other viewer's comments: Although predominantly positive there were a total of 615 comments ranging from "for people like me who can't play guitar this is simply amazing. I can make much more use of guitar samples (or any sample for that matter). This opens so many more possibilities for people who produce music on their own" to "SCIENCE making talent less and less necessary".
  • Why I liked it: This is relovuntionary technology & a massive improvement on what was already a great plugin. While the original Melodyne allowed the user to move musical notes & change tuning & timing within an audio track this new software can break down a chord into single notes which can be manipulated individually. Apart from the obvious advantages of being able to correct misplayed notes, now any musical material can be used in any context. Therefore, the possibilities are endless. Melodyne - Direct Note Access is incredibly user friendly & although it's possible to drastically alter any audio track it still maintains excellent sound quality. Overall, I think it's amazing technology & a great tool for musicians & producers of sample based music alike.

Cian Scanlon (10121021)

  • Video Title: Reactable live in Berlin
  • Video URL: [33]
  • Posted by: Marcosalonso on February 21, 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 1,283,511 views: 1,311 likes, 94 dislikes
  • Description: This is a video regarding the Reactable music instrument, a live performance where four people perform on the one instrument.
  • What were the other viewer's comments: Generally people really liked this video. However, as it appeals to a certain genre but in a different way, there are a lot of comments where people claim it to be all show. One of the highest rated comments on this video is "It's not really about the music on this device, it's about the technology..."! This comment alone i think shows why people would both like and dislike this form of instrument.
  • Why I liked it: The reason why i like this is because i like both the music and the technology. I think that it's a very visual way of performing music, and therefore a more enjoying and aesthetically pleasing video. The instrument itself is very expensive which i assume is why there are so many people on the same one, this is a very cool form of collaboration as it's not quite like a band or group. I think it's important to have a visual image in mind when working on any sort of music, so the idea of an image, picture, or formation in order for the music to happen is very cool! I like the idea behind the music, and behind the instrument. I think it's less mainstream that your average music. As a whole, i find the video fun to watch and listen to, it's interesting how the music is made and i appreciate the final sound product!

Ronan Quinn(09001946)

  • Video title:Throwing Fire
*Video URL:
  • Posted by:ronaldjenkees
  • Ratings:*****
  • No.of Viewers:3281677views

What were viewers reactions The viewers reactions were all positive did not see one negative reaction to his piece. Having watched it numerous times i can see why it still blows me away everytime for a guy to make something so difficult look so easy and simple is amazing all the time whilst having fun.I think the advice he gives to "take your time with your music, it doesn't have to be complicated,it doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be fun ( most of the time ) is a very sound piece of advice for any aspiring musician.

James O Keeffe(0883018)

   What were viewers reactions

Their were 60 comments posted by various people from around the world. Some people seem to think its fake and unrealistic others seem to be amazed. other people doubt the technologies capabilities to do tasks in realtime.

   Why I liked it 

I liked this video because its showing a guy playing notes from a piano on air Literally i also like some of the critiscm it got from people saying its fake or it wont work how many famous inventions was that said about !! it also gives me an insight in to what is in store 20 years down the line they could be standard in the music industry i'll have to wait and see hopefully Nike will sponsor the AirPiano! the main reason for me liking this video i was amazed at what i saw!

Jennifer King (09006869)

  • Video title: Reactable live in Ibiza #1
  • Video URL: here
  • Posted by: marcosalonso
  • Ratings: *****
  • No. Of viewers: 34,357 views

What were other viewers reactions: There were 38 comments in total to this video. Comments were of mixed opinions. Although the majority of people’s reactions were positive, “Totally unreal!” and “Unbelievable” Others were quiet negative for example “wtf was that?”

  • Why I liked it: “Reactable live in Ibiza #1” appealed to me for a number of different reasons.

I found it intriguing to watch the visual affects connected to the sounds being produced. The instrument stands out in the environment as it offers both visual and sound stimulation as apposed to sound stimulation alone.. I was interested in the fact that there were people standing and watching the performance which isn’t common in Ibiza. I liked how people were engaged. The performance stood out for me, it was memorable.

Seán Mc Keown (09005138)

  • Video title: "The APC40 Ableton Performance Controller in action!", a video demonstrating the AKAI APC40.
  • Video URL: Watch the video here
  • Posted by: svankov on May 12, 2009
  • No. of views: 70,946 Ratings:***** (227 Ratings)
  • What were the other viewer’s comments: There was a total of 182 comments, all very positive, mostly commenting on the innovative features of the APC40 and applauding the user's performance. Some viewers enquired about its features or the cost of the unit.
Why I liked it/ About the APC40
  • I have chosen this video as as it provides an excellent demonstration of the APC40's features. The Akai APC40 is a revolutionary MIDI Controller, specifically designed for use with Ableton Live, a powerful DAW. An extremely innovative piece of equipment, the music/ music technology industry will simply never be the same.
  • This video shows how the APC40 enables the user to physically adjust software parameters. Featuring bidirectional communication, the APC40 is an interactive unit. It provides feedback from the software on its clip matrix and rotary LED control knobs enabling pinpoint performance, as demonstrated in the video. Also the unit is programmable allowing for infinite posibilities, again as seen in the video as the user has selected the parameters to be controlled.
  • This video caught my attention as I am a frequent user of Ableton Live, primarily for mixing/ DJ use and this controller is an essential piece of equipment for any serious Ableton user. This APC40 is often referred to as an instrument as it provides a creative, interactive feel to the performance as opposed to clicking a mouse over a computer screen.
  • The APC40 may look complicated to use but is a very simple piece of equipment as explained here. See the APC website for more details.

Adrian Whyte (0814504)

  • Video title: " Hypersonic sound (future weapons) "
  • Video URL: Video
  • Posted by: blaxterR on the June 17, 2008
  • No of viewers: 75,716 Ratings:*****
  • What were the other viewer’s comments: There were a total of 109 comments.
  • This video has caused a bit of a debate with the other viewers. The video title hypersonic sound was looked commented by viewers interested by the development of sound technologies. But some suggested that hypersonic would mean it would be faster than sound and not the frequencies it uses.
  • Other comments were on its military uses, how it could be used in combat? A negative comment was made that they used this in Iraq to send warning messages towards crowds unfortunately they couldn’t hear it properly even at 300 meters, the crowd ignore it.
  • Why I liked it: I was interested in seeing where and what developments can be made to sound technology and it could be used to enhance music.
  • I like that you could hear the sound when the speaker was directly pointed at you and when he turned it to the side you couldn’t.
  • On a previous video here he talks about how it could be used in surround sound units, museum displays and at the checkout lines in supermarkets. Where the sound can only be heard at a particular place without interfering to the rest of the environment around it.

Jennifer Agstrand (09003466)

  • Video Title: Amazing new shopping experience!
  • Video URL:Here
  • Posted by: itn on December the 29th, 2007
  • No. Of Viewers:75,907 views, Ratings: 4,5
  • The other viewers’ comments: It had 23 comments. Most of the comments are positive, most of them seems to like it and uses word as cool and amazing to describe what they think about it. They seem to be impressed of the new technology. And as one of them writes; “that's pretty amazing! wish it will available in more public places”. Some are discussing how the cameras are working. Examples of comments are:”If I'm not mistaken they use 2 cameras to track your hand movement. Just like eye toy, but a tiny bit more advance”.
  • Why I liked it: I have chosen this video because the first thing that I thought about when I saw this video on YouTube, I thought it was interesting and I was also impressed by the technology that the producers have presented. I like the way that they introduce us to it. They explain about the interactive window in a way that you get very impressed by it. One good thing with the video is that it gets you straight to the point. And I like it that they are using different people in different ages and gender in the video to talk about what they really think about it. And they seem to like the interactive window. I believe that this kind of technique will be more and more available on the market even though the video are a few years old at the time. I think that this is the new way to interact and communicate, maybe not always but it’s an important step in the development, as they say in the video “this is being held as the next step, using human gestures to interact with technology without touching a mouse, keyboard”.

Sofia Engdahl (09002763)

  • Video Title: scoreLight (ver.1)
  • Video URL:Here
  • Posted by: Alvartube, on 05 juni, 2009
  • No. Of Viewers:4 979 views, Ratings: *****
  • What were the other viewers’ comments: It has 8 comments. Only one is negative, the others are very positive. The negative one doesn't like the sound it makes, and the positive ones seem to be quite impressed by the technique. Examples of comments are: ”damn, its like playing god” and ”can i buy 1? if so, where and for how much?”.
  • Why I liked it: The first thing that caught my eye about this video was the visual effects that are so obviously connected to the sound it produces. Also, the technique it uses isn´t obvious, I had no idea how it works, until I read more about it. That made it a little magical, and most of all i like when the lazerbeam follows the lines around the G clef, letting the symbol of music create a sound of its own. You can read more about it on their website I think it would be interesting to explore this technique further, for example they write on their website how it can be used also with other objects than just figures on a whiteboard. It can for example be used with ”hands, dancer's silhouette, or architectural details”, which would take it to another lever, I think.

Hanna Arfvelin (09002099)

  • Video Title: Björk - Declare Independance (Later with Jools Holland)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: oldnavy21, 8th of June, 2007
  • No. Of Viewers: 289 018 views
  • What were the other viewers’ comments: It had 708 comments. Most of the comments were very positive and impressed of Björk’s live performance and the electronic/technologic music sounds. Some were asking about the reactable instrument. For example: “Wow, most creative artist since Roger Waters and Pink Floyd in the seventies”. “That's a reactable”. wow!!!” “She left me shocked. she's even more incredible live”. “Yo, anyone know that instrument where the dude's arranging the blocks and the sound waves are between them? I need one!".
  • Why I liked it: I find Björk’s use of new form of technological and reactable music, in this video, very interesting and impressive. The reactable music gives the performance a whole new dimension and stands out from other music videos and live performances. In the end this video left a lasting impression in my memory, which must be every artist’s goal with their music. I believe that this particular performance, and the reactable music itself, will inspire more musicians in the future to “think outside the box” – and try to create music that does not include the traditional instruments, but to use the power of digital media to make new original sounds.

Ciaran Smith (0742392)

  • Video Title: E3 2009 - PS3 Motion Controller
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: VoiceOfReasonGP
  • No. Of Viewers:294,191 views
  • What were the other viewers’ comments: Many users are impressed with the technology and its possible uses in playstation 3 games. Others compare it to the Nintendo Wii's motion controls and imply that Sony are trying to replicate Nintendo's success. Other users are comparing the motion control to Microsoft's Natal technology which is also a camera-based technology revealed around the same time at E3 2009. Many are arguing that the Natal technology is superior while others argue for the side of Sony's motion control.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because I a gaming fan and I own a playstation 3 myself. When I first saw this video I was very impressed with the technology and was excited to try it. I was especially impressed with how accurately the control is tracked by the camera. The preciseness of the controller is demonstrated well when the demonstrator writes with the conroller. This part of the video immediately made me excited to get my hands on the controller myself. Also at the end when he is using the controller as a sword and a bow demonstrates the use of the motion sensor in a traditional game and shows how the technology could change the way we play games forever.

Séadna Mcgillycuddy (09002065)

  • Video Title: Axis 64 Midi Controller
  • Video URL:here
  • Posted by: drbrainwork
  • No. Of Viewers:149,443 views
  • What were the other viewers’ comments: Apart from the odd negative comment, most people viewing the video are positive about the new instrument. Many people, however, are confused by the way the controller works and this is signified by some of their comments.
  • Why I liked it: This revolutionary midi controller struck me straight away as something that has never been seen before. It is based on the harmonic table, unlike most other traditional midi controllers that are based on the layout of the piano. Use of the harmonic table helps us better understand the relationship between notes, chords and scales, thus enabling more options for unique creative output.
  • One of the reasons I like this particular video is the fact that the “Axis 64” is being demonstrated by its actual designer Peter Davies, and who better to show the capabilities of a product than it’s inventor himself? He shows how the “Axis” can be used to easily construct: Major/Minor/Diminished/Augmented Chords and various types of scales. He shows how the instrument allows him to stretch up to four octaves with one hand something that would be impossible on a piano. Then he goes on to perform various styles of music to showcase what the instrument can do.
  • In my opinion an instrument like this has the potential to revolutionise the way people perform and create music. I doubt however that the “Axis” could ever replace the traditional piano type midi controller, but would be a good complement to it.

William Nolan (0722103)

  • Video Title:Crazy Multi-Input Touch Screen
  • Video URL:Here
  • Posted by:trevz0r
  • No.Of Viewers:2,280,689 views
  • What were the other viewers comments:Most people were really amazed at the screen and how the user was useing in with just his touch,They really wanted to purchase this piece of high-tech and were discussing prices and they were also imagining this technology on there own operating system at home.
  • Why i liked it:As i was browsing youtube i came across this video i was immediately captivated by the technology of this multi-touch screen!.
  • It Gives us an indication about how the computer industry will change in the next decade or so.This Computer still uses a key board which you can see at 0:43 in the video.This gives me the impression that soon enough we will no longer be using a mouse as we explore our computers but using our hands through touch which i find to be really fascinating .
  • The music i think fits really well with the video,It gives off a kind of" Badass" and futuristic appeal which suites this multi-touch technology because this will be the future of all computer system to come,The proof is in the Iphone for example which is a touch screen and is widely on the market today and has a similar system.
  • In the video it also shows the user navigating through a map and how easily he can locate or change direction with a simple touch movement,When you compare this tecnology to what we use now a days like Google Earth where i find that its not all that user friendly especially where you have to find where to move the cursor/mouse to navigate yourself around the screen,but the multi-touch screen makes navigation so much easier and user friendly which i find to be its greatest appeal because all ages no matter what background would be able to use this technology with no great difficulty.
  • I would really like to see myself in the future working in an industry developing this technology or even Operating it because it really is the way of the future in my opinion and it shows so much potential for Sound and Design in the future years.

Davis Gould-Duff (09007494)

  • Video Title: New electronic tree instrument-Treeotica
  • Video Url: [34]
  • Number of viewers:438
  • Other peoples view: There were only four comments to this video and all but one complimented the new instrument. The other comment was asking what was the musician doing with his left hand
  • My view : i was impressed when i watched the video because the guy who created the "Treeotica" showed a huge amount of interest and imagination to come up with a way of coverting the vibration of a branch being hit by a stick, into an electronic signal which is itself turned into sound. he also showed a huge amount of passion for his invention, by spending seven months to alter a guitar effects peddle into something that can change vibration into sound. he also showed passion by decorating his "treeotica". But what impressed me the most was that this video shows that with imagination and patience any number of new instruments can be invented.
  • i also liked the fact that the guy learnt how to get different sounds from his Treeotica by hitting different areas of the branches and hence produced different sounds. i liked this because it makes the Treeotica an instrument that can produce a range of sounds like a piano or a guitar, and it prevents it from being a object that just makes one sound.

Blue Cassidy (09005231)

  • Video title reacTogon - chain reactive performance arpeggiator:
  • Video [[35]]
  • Posted by:markyb60 August 15th 2007
  • No of viewers: 476,835 views :*****
  • What were the other viewers comments: Nearly every comment was a compliment to this piece of new technology or else a query on how much it costs and where it could be bought.I think that every person who watched this video liked it and so credit must be given to the designers of this new technology.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video presentation as it seemed like something off Star Trek! I think that it is yet another break through with interactive digital media. It combines the ingenuity of of using this type of music interface with a very effective and user friendly idea of hexagons as a method of plotting midi files.
  • Each hexagonal cell represents a fixed note in the harmonic table. So in essence the reacTogon is like a big, digital, futuristic piano. On each cell a counter can be placed, depending on the type of counter and the order and direction in which the counters are placed on the table will determin the melody that is created.
  • The pitch of the arpeggio can be altered with a touch sensitive transposer bar on the sidt of the table and is very good for creating effect and mixing two tracks to the same pitch. As well as the option of creating different pitch with your piece of music you have the option to use touch sensitive performance control faders on the side of the table to change the volume, timbre and rhythm of the composition. all of these options combine to give the user a wide range of choices and variations that are fun, innovative and easy to use.
  • I think a great extra with this machine is that with the addition of re-programming the device with extra control faders we also have the choice of controlling external instruments via the multi touch interface which also gives a huge range of possibilities.
  • I know that there is definitly other software out there of similiar design such as reactables but with each new creation of technology in this area our ability to create and use better interactive software is also increased. These are also a very enjoyable and creative part of technology which has the ability to now be more then just a computer screen but actually an end user piece of interactive hardware.

Andy Connolly(09001950)

  • Video title: "My home made Light Harp"
  • Video URL: Here
  • Posted by: jarleinar, February 16, 2009
  • No of viewers: 1,262 Ratings:*****
  • What were the other viewers comments: The comments on this page are all positive icluding several questions relating to technological aspects of the hardware.The poster engages in a dialogue with a fellow instrument building enthusiast to give further insight into the creation and workings of the light harp.
  • Why I liked it: The light harp is completely home constructed, a great illustration of the DIY ethic so prevalent in today's society. I really liked the recyling aspect of housing the unit in an old Blaupunkt radio, imbuing it with an "old world" aesthetic more pleasing to the viewer than many of the more sleek designs of similar mass produced devices.

From a user point of view the harp is extremely intriguing, the actions needed to interact with the machine being similar to more traditional instruments e.g. the "plucking" motion of the harpist. The tactile nature of the interface allows the audience to see a direct correlation between the movements of the musician and the sounds being heard thus enhancing enjoyment of the performance. There is also excellent use of the light triggering technology, while not entirely unique, the ability o hold and sustain notes in such a way is a relatively novel approach and the way in which he has incorporated many of the functions associated with synthesisers (pitch, modulation, octave up/down etc.) is impressively clever and more importantly, extremely user friendly.

The functionality of the instrument also offers many possibilites for different applications, as a midi interface the light harp would present many interesting possibilities for music and video and therefore is highly enjoyable as a motivational/inspirational video.

John Slattery (09004371)

  • Video Title: Haken Continuum
  • Video URL: Here
  • Posted By: blaCcC on 28th February 2008
  • No. Of Viewers: 58,760 Viewer Rating: Disabled
  • What were the other viewers comments: Viewers who posted comments were generally amazed by what they saw, often expressing interest in owning one. There were also some comments posted suggesting songs on which the Continuum was used.
  • Why I liked it: The Continuum fingerboard is an interesting development in the area of keyboard-based MIDI controllers and interfaces. I was intrigued by the lack of keys on the fingerboard, which had been cast aside in favour of a single surface which spans the length of the keyboard. In my opinion, It is a design feature which will(or should be) be replicated numerous times in the development of future musical instruments and interfaces.

I was fascinated by the presence of the 3-dimensional control system which is utilised on the fingerboard, where it tracks left-to-right, top-to-bottom and pressure values. This allows for unrivalled control of these parameters, available to the players immediate touch.

The ability of the Continuum fingerboard to mimic musical techniques such as legato, whammy, sliding and vibrato was interesting and added to the general appeal of it as an instrument, as it allows for a wider range of dynamic expression. Such a range of expression allows musicians to express their musical ideas more easily, and without technological boundaries hindering their progress, which is vital and a key goal in the success of any instrument.

The playability and ease of use of the Continuum fingerboard is aided by modes such as a 'round to nearest half step' which reduce the chances of landing on unfavourable notes by rounding the note to the nearest half step. This is bound to help avoid the development of a steep learning curve, which often comes bundled with many new technological innovations. Although the Continuum fingerboard borrows heavily from the design of the piano, the presence of the extra controllable parameter is what makes it stand out from a crowd of newly developed piano-based interfaces.

Athiei Ajuong (09006032)

  • Video title: "KORG Kaoss Pad KP3"
  • Video URL:
  • Posted By: Denkitribe, on October 28, 2006
  • No. viewers: 741,208..........727 Ratings.
  • Viewers comments: A lot of the people seemed to be interested in how they could use this device, but I found that there were quite a few that enjoyed the video
  • Why I liked it: I mainly liked this video because it presented the device quite well and cut straight to the point, without wasting our time much. It showed that music isn't always just about using instruments like guitars, drums, etc. It shows that music can be explored in more than one way if you look for it and use some imagination to do it. The device is able to bring a variety of effects into music and allows you to control various effects and multiple parameters. It also allows you to manipulate your own samples while playing live in real time. Overall, I find this to be a very interesting device and would like to see what else it can do. I liked the sample shown in this video and would like to see more.

Harry van Haaren (09005201)

  • Video title: "scoreLight (v.1.1) with the (very much needed!) participation of Daito Manabe"
  • Video URL: here
  • Posted by: Alvartube, on the 31st July 2009.
  • No of viewers: 29,202 Ratings: ***** (44 ratings)
  • What were the other viewers comments: Most people seem to find the device intresting, even though some don't seem to know what it is.
  • Why I liked it:

The technology behind this device makes me wonder what else is possible in the area of sound synthesis, especially without using a physical "instrument" to play, ie a Keyboard or fretboard. If this technology becomes more widely available I would hope it becomes possible to design a "non-physical" instrument, that can still be played by physical movements.

Having thought about designing a MIDI controller, I have grown interested in the way in which computers can interpret certain data from control devices. The method used here to allow the computer to use the shape of your hands (see 3:20 in the video) to compute audio signals without the need for physical contact with any "instrument" device seems like the future.

The way that the lazer is set up, there are many possibilities for sound generation, as corners in drawings, the inclination of the lines, and curvature of the lines can all be calculated, and so many synthesizer parameters can be controlled. In the video, the pitch is controlled by the inclination of the lines. The pitch of the sound is also continuously modulated as a function of the curvature of the lines. Corners in the drawing can be detected, and certain events can be made take place (ie: playing of a sampled sound, changing of a parameter etc).

Many other modes of operation are possible with the device, "bouncing" the lazer-beam on lines with & without gravity is possible, as is an interaction between the distance between two sources and, for example: their frequencies. The examples I've named are quite specific, and there are almost endless other possibilities to be explored with the scoreLight. I like the video because it demonstrates the device's capabilites, but at the same time it doesn't bore the viewer with technical details & facts.

Kathryn Connelly (09005968)

  • Video title: "Pop Medley: OutKast, Maroon 5, Usher - Woodwind Quintet"
  • Video URL: Video
  • Posted by:NewEdit617 on Febuary 8th 2008
  • No of viewers: 3,207 ratings:*****
  • What were the other viewers comments: The comments were all very positive and the people seemed to be very interested in the performer's work and how he created the piece. There were 12 comments altogeter and not one of them were negative.
  • Why I liked it: I really liked the appearance of the illusion that this piece was easily created.
  • I enjoyed the use of the eletronically created woodwind quintet especially the french horn , although it's technically not a woodwind instrument but "can be in a woodwind quintet" apparently.
  • I think what I enjoyed most about this piece was the use of visual aids showing the different instruments and pitch, notes etc, I found it was almost hypnotising to watch.The different instrumens were distinguished by colour which was just aesthetically pleasing I guess!He used the programme Music Animation Machine which appears to be a fun programme for creating visual melodies.
  • I particularly liked the fact that the composer used simple pop songs to display his talents as he does write his own melodies also, which are worth a look too!
  • The composer also used CAM studios which seems to be a good programme to use and plus it's free!!
  • I guess what I most enjoyed about this video was the fact that it was not too complicated and I enjoyed the technology side of it. It was an easy watch!

Anett Michael (09002155)

  • Video title: "Shadow Monsters at public play (GC2007)"
  • Video URL: here
  • Posted by: BlinkenArea, on 21st August 2007
  • No of viewers: 9,212 Ratings: ***** (12 ratings)
  • What were the other viewers comments: There are only four short comments by other viewers, but all of them seem to have a positive opinion about it. Two people wrote they would like to try it themselves.
  • Why I liked it: I have chosen this video because I experienced "Shadow Monsters" myself at the Games Convention 2007 (in Leipzig, Germany). It might not be based on the most complex technology and will probably not have any important effect on our future life. Even though I like it very much. It made me laugh myself to tears when I tried it the first time with friends at the Games Convention. I think the "game" attracts young and old alike because it is very easy to operate and encourages people to interact and get creative in a very entertaining way. In my opinion "Shadow Monsters" (including funny sound effects and visual transformations of the created shadows) is a lovingly implemented modernised version of the good old shadow play we all know from our childhood.

Thomas Moyles (09002057)

  • Video title: "BeatBearing Demo"
  • Video Url: [Video here]
  • Posted by: “peterdbennett” on November 28th 2007
  • No of viewers: 1,255,629 Ratings:****Half
  • What were the other viewers comments: Most of the comments left on page were fairly negative. Like “carestiaLive” saying “what is it with all these ball bearing sequencers lately?”, and others commenting on how limited it is musically. Which I can understand because it does seem like a lot of effort and technology just to do a very simple beat. The fact that there are only four samples is very limiting, not to mention that it can only write beats of four four time in a two bar loop. This leaves no real chance to develop “off” beats or “paradiddle” beats, which can be the most impressive and fun beats to play as a drummer.

Having said all that I still found the electrical side of it intriguing. OK, the beats that are actually playable might be very limited at the moment with the current time signature format, however you can still see the potential for possible expansion. Some people completely loved it like “TheWinterDragon” who said “I wonna have it where can I buy it?”.

  • Why I liked it: I have decided to pick the “Beat Bearing Demo” on “you tube” as my example of an interactive installation.

It was posted by “peterdbennett” on November 28th 2007. Even though the clip was posted 2 years ago I still found it very interesting and yet quiet easy to under stand what was happening. The clip which lasts just over a minute shows 4 tracks, from bottom to top they are kick drum (bass drum), snare, hi-hat (closed) and a cowbell.

There are 8 empty slots on each track, which can all be filled by metal ball bearings. There is a continuous digital loop playing and each time the digital line passes under a slot containing a ball bearing the trigger for the drum sample plays. So it is really quiet easy for anyone to see how the beat is being built and it shows that even a person with limited musical experience/ability could actually build a solid beat.

I could never see this replacing the live drummer in a performance situation, and if you wish to be more elaborate with drum beats you could always use the vast array of drum programs out there or even Midi which is available on most professional audio recording programmes like Cubase, Pro Tools and so on.

So in summary I found the “Beat Bearings Demo” interesting but not really up to scratch as an “Interactive Digital Musical Instrument/Installation” just yet.

Simon Harper (09001971)

  • Video Title:Beardyman: The Northern Tour. Episode 5 - Don't worry . . .
  • Video Url: [Video here]
  • Posted by:Beardyman
  • Number of viewers:15,724
  • Other peoples view: 56 comments in total, practically all singing his praises ":O Amazin' as always " and "BEARDY.....You are GOD !!!!!!!!!!amazing..." or asking him to come perform in their Country s "Come to Barcelona!!! "and "Come to Australia. You are the shit, I'd pay for tix man. PERTH PLEASE." other comments were about his other performances or replies to previous comments
  • My view :I personally think Beardyman is a genius,Ive seen him live twice now and watched countless youtube videos..not only is he a talented beat-boxer,but he then uses up to 4 Korg Kaoss Pads in his signal routing to loop vocals from the microphone and layers up these loops to make live covers of any tune he wants-there is footage of him covering practically every genre of music (and driving crowds wild at the same time).you can also tell from his choice of tracks that he does not take himself too seriously-and in my opinion a good sense of humor is missing from many musical performances today

Maire Kirby(09004709)

  • Video Title: Reactable: Basic demo #1
  • Video URL:[36]
  • Posted by: marcoalonso. October 25th,2006.
  • Number of views:2,185,340
  • Rating:***** 3,205 ratings
  • In the first minute of this video we are shown that square objects are sound generators,rotation changes the frequency,the amplitude can be controlled with the finger,rounded squares are sound filters. The objects are dynamically connected by proximity. The circular objects are used to send control data to its closest object.
  • After the first minute, they use a sampler and metronome.This creates an upbeat rhythm with a great mixture of sounds.This mixture works
  • In the second minute we hear an upward on a sequencer and harmonizer. This speeds up and moves into quite an upbeat rhythm with different pitches. It is polyphonic in parts.
  • The reactable is a collaborative electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible multi-touch surface. The instrument is played by moving and rotating physical objects.
  • The viewers reactions are very positive to this video, many of them cannot comprehend how it works and are amazed by it.
  • I find this instrument extremely interesting because of the interesting sounds that can be created by simply moving and rotating sound generators. I feel that this could change the music scene in the future.
  • I wish i had invented this instrument because i think this could influence future music greatly and in a positive way. It explores new aspects of what music is and what it can become.

Andrea Harte (09001944)

  • Video title: "Reactable Live in Berlin" “Reactable Live in Ibiza”
  • Video URL: and
  • Posted by: marcosalonso February 21, 2007 & marcosalonso, June 03, 2009
  • No of viewers: 945,237 views and 32,488 views respectively 75 ratings
  • What were the other viewers comments: 673 and 38 comments respectively on these videos gave a mixed reaction and is still continuing. Varying from an awesome instrument, (H4RM0N1C5), the control is difficult, or more suited as a game (waynegacy666) and the present of music and the future of marketing (Hufflewaffle).
  • Why I liked it.
  • It looks like fun and is useable by nearly all sections of society.
  • It could be used to/for:- educational purposes, encourage community social interaction, increased communication where the ability to communicate could be limited, by people within various spectrum of ability and karaoke type of entertainment and discos, etc.
  • Reactable has the potential to be more and it is also being developed commercially for use in Museums, Cultural Centres and Municipal Buildings.
  • Bit of History: Reactable started as a project at University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. It is a tangible musical instrument based on a translucent table platform. It is robust with a finger tracking surface for the creation of tangible multi-touch interactive surfaces. Its aim was to provide for real-time musical interaction with speed, strength, reliability, simple to use and with scope for very diverse music. Commercially, Reactable is becoming a viable business. Reactable
  • It has been used on May 29 2009 at the Ibiza International Music Summit, Reactable performance by Carles López at El Grial in Ibiza.
  • Even though there are similar installations, “i.m.table, touch the future of music now” Frontpictures Reactable is my choice for its potentiality and viability.

Aisling Flynn (09006268)

  • Video title: "Laser Harp with WiiMote"
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: shobley - March 22, 2008
  • No of viewers: 29,065 views
  • Comments: It had 12 comments. The comments are all very positive, alot being questions about the Laser harp, what it does and how to use it.
  • Why I liked it: I choose this video because I thought the Laser Harp was really interesting and fun to watch. After watching this video I would really like to try out a Laser Harp.
  • My favourite part of this Laser Harp was the Wii Remote, it is amazing the way when his hand moved over the beems, the wii remote was able to pick up on it and turn it into midi data, creating the sound.
  • The wii remote was adjusted at the top where a laser filter was fitted to it. The wii remote was then blue tooth conected to the laptop. The laptop was running different tpyes of software and a software he put together from
  • I noticed how the sound changed/ the tone was modified when he moved his hand on the beems.
  • It is a very different way in creating sonud which interested me alot and looked like alot of fun to do. In this video we what can be done with imagination and patience. It looks like it took alot of work to put together and needed patience.
  • From this video I could see what can be done when we use our imaginations and experiment with differient things, e.g. the wii remote in this case. Overall I found the video easy to watch, very interesting and I would imagine it is alot of fun to do.

Paul O'Byrne (09006483)

  • Video title: "WaveTable: Demo 1"
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: wavetablers
  • Posted on: September 28th, 2007
  • No of viewers: 87,650 Ratings:*****
  • What were the other viewers comments: Most viewers were very impressed with the technology, some even inquired into how to aquire one. Others weren't as impressed, they felt that the result in the second section of the video was bad.
  • Why I liked it: The main reason this appeals to me is that it allows users to interact physically with the wave pattern of the sound they are creating. Not only does it let you filter and distort existing loops and samples, it is also possible to edit the waveforms using the touch screen interface.
  • The WaveTable allows users to draw their own waves with their fingers on the screen via the draw tool. This tactile interface is held back only by the fact that the waveform itself cannot be felt, a drawback of all current touch-screen technologies. The user created waveform can then be distorted with a number of effects: reverb, delay, tremolo etc. Waves can also be copied and pasted, along with the grid tool, this allows the user to draw beats and loops from scratch.
  • Like the analogue synths of the olden days, this requires much experimentation in order to achieve pleasing and interesting sounds. However unlike those same synths the WaveTable has a much simpler and more intuitive interface, allowing for a wider range of users, from casual enthusiasts to professional musicians. It is this narrowing of the gap between beginners and experts that excites me the most about technologies such as this.

Niall Bromell (09003996)

  • Video title: "xenakis: demo #1"
  • Video URL: Here
  • Posted by: twingaburg on September 09, 2007
  • No of viewers: 35,900 Ratings:**** 1/2
  • What were the other viewers comments: There was a mixed reaction to the instrument, varying from those who were impressed by it, to those who felt that it lacked practicality. Some people also felt it was too similar to the Reactable.
  • Why I liked it: While I agree that it is similar to the Reactable, I feel that, as one user pointed out, it produces a more melodic sound than its Reactable counter-part. I think that this more melodic, musical sound makes it more practical, and more likely to be used by musicians.
  • The main thing that interests me about the instrument is the ability it has to recognize various shapes, and how it can produce certain beats and sounds, based entirely on the arrangement of the shapes that are being placed on it, which I think could potentially make it one of the most versatile instruments available.
  • It also manages to come across a very user-friendly interface, that would be simple to use, even for a beginner who had no prior experience with the instrument. These beginners could easily find themselves creating music, with the instruments seemingly simple learning curve, while it may not be as simple to master as simply laying a random assortment of objects on the table.
  • The xenakis also produces a wide variety of sounds, as demonstrated in the video, which range from more synthetic sounds, to a cleaner drum beat. The instrument is also clearly able to produce sound at a range of tempo and pitch, also apparent in the video, all with a more eye-catching and colourful display than it’s counterpart, the Reactable.
  • Overall, I feel that the xenakis has the potential to be a major innovation in digital media and music creation.

Sheena Faughnan (09004706)

  • Video title: "The Bubblegum Sequencer - Making Music With Candy"
  • Video URL: here
  • Posted by: theberlintable on January 16 2008
  • No of viewers: 359,000 ****1/2
  • What viewers taught of the video: Alot of the viewers found the video interesting and believed it was a fun way of creating electronic music. Alot of the viewers were interested in how exactly this equipment worked.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video as it provides the viewer with an easy and logical approach to creating digital music without it becoming too complex. The idea and concept of this video is quite basic, but yet so genius.It is amazing to think that a gumball has the potential to create such a sound.
  • I also liked the fact that the creater uses simple, every day items such as a gumball to base his/her idea around. This invites the viewer in as it is in no way a complex piece of technology, just a general item we all can obtain easily. The whole video was very easy to understand even for a beginner.
  • It also is extremely interesting as it opens up a whole new set of possibilities and ideas for electronic music devices in the future.

Kathleen Berns (0847461)

  • Video title: "Trinity - interactive drum"
  • Video URL: click here
  • Posted by: SungHeng, February 27, 2008
  • No of viewers: 675, Ratings: *****
  • What were the other viewer’s comments: There were no viewer’s comments.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video, as it was an excellent example of a mixed media musical performance. The video is interesting and aesthetically enjoyable in both a visual sense and rhythmical sense. The bright colour patterns displayed on the interactive floor add contrast to the deep and dark sound of the bongo drum.
  • The work was performed at the 1st digital art festival in Taipei City, Taiwan and the Taipei Siggraph conference in 2006. The piece was also displayed at CoCo Park in Shenzhen, China in 2007.
  • This is a piece of musical performance, which I very much wish I had performed myself. I am not claiming that linking music and visuals in a live situation is a new and exciting concept; I appreciate this video in terms of the developers taking the next step with the merging of music and interactive video projection. The artist behind the production also put taught into the shapes created on the interactive surface as the drummer strikes beat, different sized circles and various other patterns successfully mirror the sound in a creative and beautiful way.

Martin Kelly (09007196)

  • Video title: "OTTO ~ demo.01"
  • Video URL: view here
  • Posted by:rc10t3 on June 28, 2009
  • No of viewers: 11,888 Ratings:*****
  • What were the other viewers comments: Of the eight comments made, seven were positive and generally impressed with the instruments capabilities, while one person felt it would be easier to use a computer for beat slicing.
  • Why I liked it: The initial reason I liked this instrument was its hands on approach to loop and beat slicing allowing the user to create complicated rhythm patterns from a relatively simple audio sample in a live situation.
  • I also liked the coloured blocks sample visualisation of the waveform as it provides just the information the user might need for looping or beat-slicing and nothing more.
  • The OTTO is a tangible user interface which aims to give the user the feel of having the sample in their hands. The controls are simple and intuitive thus making the instrument accessible to people with little or no experience with this sort of technology.
  • It also offers the oppurtunity to create interesting musical loops in real-time as it will work on any waveform, not just sample beats. In summary, the OTTO offers a fresh and welcome approach to real-time looping and beat-slicing.

Jeremiah Lane (09004992)

  • Video Title – The ReacTogon video
  • Posted by: markyb60
  • Date: August 15th 2007
  • Rating: 4.5 Stars (1919 Ratings, 478061 views)
  • Overview:

This video highlights the diverse capabilities of the ReacTogon. The video highlights the constant loops that can be created by the ReacTogon. It also highlights how the device can create basic melodies as well as tracks with many sounds, with utmost ease.

  • What is the ReacTogon?

The ReacTogon is a product which epitomizes the advancements in Music Technology in recent times. The device allows users to place objects onto notes that are each represented individually by the hexagonal matrix on the surface. The device works on the basis of the notes being played in loops, which some viewers felt would be helpful to dj's. However, this device is a great advancement in the world of music technology, allowing for many effect to be added to the sounds created.

  • Viewer Reaction:

From looking at the comments of viewers of ReacTogon it is clear that this is a very popular and liked advancement in Music Technology. Many viewers write of how they are very keen to get one; "Where can I buy one?" etc. Overall, there is a very positive reaction to the Reactogon.

  • Personal Opinion:

I would like to have invented this as it is a great piece of technology, which I see as being very diverse in terms of the genres to which it could easily be applied. I also greatly appreciate the way in which it has made interaction between device and human much more simple, eliminating any idea's that advancements in Music Technology cannot be delivered to the masses. The functionality of the device is undeniably simple, pick some notes, create the loop, and mess around with pitch etc, it couldn't be easier. For that reason alone I think the ReacTogon is an amazing piece of technology which allows good quality of music to be developed by those with little or no musical experience. A magnificent development.

Barry McNamara (09001997)

  • Video Title: The samchillian - a musical instrument based on relativity.
  • Video URL: here
  • Number of views: 42,891
  • Rating: 103 ratings, 4.5 star average.
  • Other people’s views: 82 people commented on the video. The vast majority of opinions were very positive, though some people wondered how the Samchillian could be played from standard notation sheet music.
  • Why I liked it: I find the concept of relative pitch as found in this instrument, as opposed to fixed pitch found in all other musical instruments intruiging. The user selects the key and scale to be used and from then each key press sounds a note a number of intervals removed from the root of the scale. The idea was originally thought of by Leon Gruenbaum who has designed and built a number of prototypes.
  • This particular version of the instrument was designed by Eitan Shefer of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and I think he did an excellent job of combining the Samchillian concept with ease of use and ergonomic design.
  • Because musical pitch itself is percieved as a relative value by the human mind, the Samchillian is an ingenious instrument, in this instance very well designed.

Kevin Hosey (09003993)

  • Video Title: Invisible Drums - Drumagog's Real-Time Capabilities
  • Video URL: here
  • Posted by: DrumagogTV January 28, 2009
  • No of viewers: 7,190
  • What were the other viewer’s comments: The majority of the comments for this video were positive except for the one or two people who didn’t know what was going on. A lot of people have the opinion that this will be used mainly in recording studios and I would agree with this as if this was used at a live performance the audience may not be satisfied looking at the drummer playing with just his hands and knees.
  • Why I liked it: Being a drummer myself, I found this concept very interesting. As the title suggests it is like playing “invisible drums” while still getting the same sounds as an actual drum kit. The only equipment needed is the microphones and your computer with recording software such as Ableton.
  • Every drummer knows what it is like to be dragging drums from studios to stages and back home again. These “invisible drums” obviously save a lot of space and this can be particularly useful in small studios where the drum kit usually takes up half of the studio. I myself have a studio where the drums dominate a lot of the space so this is another reason why this video appealed to me.
  • This way of drumming also seems a lot simpler to play than a regular drum kit. The same sound seems to come out whatever way you play. However when playing an acoustic drum kit you have to be aware of what part of the drum to play and how hard or soft to hit the drums.
  • This product will obviously have a lot of competition with electronic drum kits and as I mentioned earlier I cant see these being used on stage. However it is an interesting develop in the world of drumming and gives us an insight as to what the future of drumming might be like.

Stephen Savage (09004492)

  • Video title: "Band jams on hacked 'Guitar Hero' controllers"
  • Video URL: [37]
  • Posted by: CNETnews, 23 May 2007
  • No of viewers: 441,475 Ratings:*****
  • What were the other viewers comments: Most are positive, congratulating the guys for coming up with such an inventive way of performing. While most were singing the band praises others were negative saying "or.... you could learn how to play a real guitar" or "what losers. i found the last bit where they are playing f'ing hilarious. their singer is so bad and the bass is cheesy as.". Most were positive.
  • Why I liked it: I just thought it was a graet idea to turn a controller for a game console into something that can be used to produce music. It makes making music more accessible to people who might not actually know how to play an instrument, granted you might need to know a lot about binary and programming, but it just seems to make that dream of playing on stage to a group of adoring fans that little bit closer.

Kathryn Conway (09006094)

  • Video title: Beat Bearing Demo
  • Video URL: Beat Bearing
  • Posted by: peterdbennett on the 28th November 2007
  • No of viewers: 1,257,184 Ratings: *****
  • What were the other viewers comments: Of the 2,718 comments, the vast majority were very positive, praising the invention of this tangible rhythm sequencer and many asking if and where they can acquire one. Others were merely critical of this piece of technology pointing out a tiny error of a cowbell sound not being produced at one stage.
  • Why I liked it: I liked the Beat Bearing tangible sequencer because it appeared to be very enjoyable and easy to use, a good way of happily passing a few hours. Also for the more serious musicians’ it is a quick and inventive way of trying different rhythms and beats easily.
  • I found it a novel way of using ball bearings to trigger drum sounds and create different beats. There was also a visual aspect I liked from a CRT display underneath the ball bearings which displayed the current time and state of each beat. It made for both a visual and sound stimulant.
  • I also thought it would be a fantastic way of introducing music and technology to younger people even children and to develop their skills and talents for the future especially in a world where technology and entertainment is constantly changing.
  • All in all I thought it was a simple but impressive way of allowing for an engaging musical experience for any person with or without musical ability and it gave a glimpse into the future regarding the change of music.

Daniel Bride (09001985)

  • Video Title “World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale”
  • Video URL Here
  • Posted by worldsciencefestival
  • Posted 23 July 2009
  • No of views 451,428 Rating *****
  • What were the other viewers comments: Most comments were positive towards the performance. They use words such as “amazing”, “genius” and “awesome” to describe it.
  • Why I liked it: I enjoyed this performance because of its simplicity. The performer uses the audience as the instrument. I really liked the fact that he was able to “program” the audience so fast. I also enjoyed watching the reactions of the panel of scientists behind Bobby as the performance progressed.

Sean McKennedy(09005189)

  • video title:"Don't Worry, Be Happy on theremin"
  • Video URL: [38]
  • Posted by: ooo6
  • posted:24 June 2006
  • Number of views:1,822,090
  • Rating: 4 and a half stars
  • What others thought of the video:over 3000 people commented on the video and the majority of them are positive.
  • Overview: the theremin is a relatively new instrumenet, It was first produced in 1920 in russia. Recently it has been used by many genres of music to achieve a different type of sound.the vertical rod of the theremin controls the pitch of the note and the horizontal parts control the amplitude.
  • why I liked this video:I enjoyed this video because of its different style. It seems that this instrument would be very difficult to master as there are no guidlines for the musician to follow, eg.. fretboard, keys etc... this instrument has more than likely been the source of inspiration for modern instruments such as the rectable.

Adam McDermott(09005951)

  • Video Title:"Beat Blocks"
  • Video URL: Here
  • Posted by: StinoTube
  • Posted: 22 June 2007
  • Number of Views: 179,413
  • Rating: Four and a half stars
  • What were the other viewers comments: Most of the comments were positive including "Oh yes!!!!", "Very clever concept! Well done!" and my favourite "That's fucking rad I don't care what anyone says!!"
  • Why I liked it: I found it interesting regarding the near endless possibilities of different beats and sounds that could be created with this user friendly device. This would be a great introduction to a younger audience to the world of music technology, its simple to use and yet provides endless hours of fun and intrigue.
  • I also feel it would be a very successful toy for children as a replacement for normal building blocks, these are way better, these make noise!

Gahan Raj (09005169)

  • Description:

‘Xbox 360 Intro Movie’- This video gives viewers a detailed look at Microsoft’s most recent gaming console - The Xbox 360. In this short movie the developers at Microsoft talk about their console’s Features and how it functions as a personal interactive gaming installation.

  • Video Title: Xbox 360 Intro Movie
  • Posted by: massiveheadwound on 13th August, 2006
  • No. of views: 20,700
  • No. of ratings: 95
  • Rating: 5 Stars approx.
  • Viewers reactions:

From reading the other users’ comments I could see that most of them were amazed by this video:

- perkingz101: “need xbox360 now”

- XPT360: “Xbox 360 = most powerful console on the planet!”

- COMMYCABOOSE: “Xbox 360 is probably the pioneer of next-gen gaming”

  • Why I liked it:

I liked this video because it gave me a new insight into the console which I enjoy playing, being an avid gamer I can only now imagine all the things that will be possible in the future due to progressive technology and innovative ideas.

As for the console (installation) itself, I like the fact that Microsoft have taken gaming to a new level, for example; the Xbox 360 is the first gaming installation to deliver a full 1080p HD experience. Also it was the first console that was introduced as a media library as opposed to just a gaming console. Before the release of the Xbox 360, game consoles were produced solely for gaming. Examples: Original Xbox, PlayStation1, PlayStation 2 .etc.

Another reason I like the Xbox 360 is because of it’s ability to interact with other gamers from all over the world. It allows gamers to share game details, communicate with each other and also allows gamers to purchase content by using the internet. Another one of it’s features is the ability to personalise it to my liking as J. Allard says in the video - “Make Xbox 360 yours”.

Sinead Curley (09007053)

  • Video Title: Discover IT- Sound of Drawing
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: nischiTV on 28th May 2007
  • Number of viewers: 1406 Ratings :*****( 1 rating)
  • What were the other viewer’s comments: Although only one comment has been posted for this video, “twistertheman” enjoyed the creation and posed a question of using different drawing techniques when creating sound.
  • Why I liked it: I really enjoyed “The Sound of Drawing” as it uses visual aids to make a sample of music rather then just hitting a key on a piano. There is an endless array of possible shapes and forms that can be drawn. I find it exciting at the prospect of my, what you may call useless, doodles coming to life through music. Another aspect that is quite fascinating about this invention is the fact that the tempo of your ‘musical creations’ can be sped up or slowed down depending on the rotation speed of the endless foil on the projector. It is extremely intriguing how a few squiggles here and some simple lines there can be turned into an unknown range of musical sounds. Although the element of the unknown multitude of sounds created can be of great enjoyment, through practice and perfecting the art of this machine one could create the sound of well known musical pieces.

Sean Pardue (09005574)

  • Video title: "Shpongle DMT"
  • Video URL: [39] << Click
  • Posted by: Yuureiconnhen, 29 January 2006
  • No of views: 572,002
  • Ratings: *****
  • Description: Video of a live performance of a song by electronic music group "Shpongle"
  • Other viewers' comments: There is a total of over 1500 comments so there were varying responses but the general consensus was that the video provided a very unique and enthralling experience. Certain comments were invoked such as "this makes me wanna go to a shpongle concert sooo bad" basically people admiring the work and wanting to join in on the live experience

My view / why I liked it;

I believe the performance the band put on was truly inspiring. They made full effort at engaging the audience both visually and aurally. The use of bright and peculiar stage props and costumes and psychedelic lighting and video displays really add depth to the performance.

Not only do they succesfully recreate the pre-recorded element they also add in live dynamics using radical electronic instruments and interfaces making it that bit more exciting for the viewer. The artists encompass dance and stage performance along with the actual technical performing of the musical instruments. This gives a more elating feel to the final appearance I believe.

Overall I liked the style in which the performers approached the set, the live sounds which they achieved through physical and electronic manipulation and their overall stage presence and the quality of their performance. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and could only wish I witnessed it live.

Harold Miller (09001662)

  • Video title: "Auto-Tune the News #2: pirates. drugs. gay marriage."
  • Video URL: Here
  • Posted by:schmoyoho on 21 April 2009
  • No of viewers: 2,588,337 Ratings:*****
  • What were the other viewer’s comments: Most of the comments people made on this video were very positive. One commenter, GeoAI09, summed it up nicely by saying "if the news was as catchy as this vid id watch it everyday lol,"
  • Why I liked it: I enjoyed it because it was a very hilarious glimpse into how Auto-Tune can be used. It used the serious setting of a news report and turned it upside down into a comical performance. My favorite part was with Katy Couric because with the aid of Auto-Tune her speaking voice was made to sound like she was singing. I also liked it because it shows how rappers like T-Pain use Auto-Tune to make themselves sound like much better singers than they really are. I think this video is a great way to show how useful and fun a tool Auto-Tune can be, whether to make slight changes to your singing or completely distort your voice.

Laura Jane O’ Rahilly (09004641)

  • Video Title: "amazing music technology (free trial:"
  • Posted By: InTheChair
  • No of Viewers: 21,742 Ratings:****

  • What Were The Other Viewers Comments: On this video, there are 13 comments in total.

The viewers that commented on this particular video, have a very mixed response. Some viewers cannot imagine how this software would be beneficial to a musician and others have agreed that it is great software, learning with professionals in the comfort of your own home!

  • Why I Liked It: I liked the presentation of the software in the video.

It shows the music practice software in action and demonstrates clearly how it works. As a part-time music teacher myself, I would love to give my students the opportunity to use this new development, as it would aid their learning skills efficiently. The video shows that the music software listens to what you play, therefore it gives you feedback on your pitch, timing, tone and dynamics. Exploring and finding new pieces of music to play can be exciting and this is what this software also does for you. This video excites me as a think it’s a brilliant and simple idea for those who would like to self teach themselves to play different instruments. It would be cheaper than having to take lessons with music professionals every week, for those that have little money and huge interest. Overall, the video gives me an enthusiastic outlook on InTheChair’s new music technology software.

Turlough O'Shea (09004486)

  • Video title: "Interactive Musical preformance system with Nintendo Wiimote"
  • Video URL:Here
  • Posted by: wongpl0503 on the 28th May 2008
  • Description: An interactive music performance system for conducting, percussion and sound manipulation.
  • No of viewers: 510 Ratings: ****
  • What were the other viewers comments: There were no comments left however I decided to leave a comment.
  • Why I liked it:

It's inspiring. It makes me want to explore new ways to create music. Although it's not unique, as I've seen other people use the wii mote's, I would rate this higher than most as Elane Wong can play among many others the theremin, percussion instruments and also conduct.

The design is very intuative as you would move the wii mote left and right for panning sound effects. The pitch is determined by tilt angles.

I also like the way not many people have seen this video. I think its a real treat and hope to spread it around. Overall I enjoyed the range of sounds that could be gotten from the wii motes. I also liked the way when conducting, she could change tempo very quickly.

Aaron Lipsett (09006894)

  • Video title: "The Drummstick"
  • Video URL:Here
  • Posted by: thedrummstick on March 04, 2007
  • Description: An innovative new instrument which could be described as a handheld drumkit.
  • No of viewers:825 Ratings: ****
  • What were the other viewers comments: There was not too many comments, those that were there seemed to be interested in what was happening
  • Why I liked it:

I found this instrument quite fascinating as i have never heard of a handheld drum machine before. All-though there are midi-guitars available with drum sounds i think this instrument has more of a personality in its looks and feel. For live performances i can definately see somebody playing one of these, especially when there are space restrictions. As a musician myself, there has been many occasions when an acoustic drumkit just does not fit or is too loud, with this instrument all that can change. The button arrangement on the instrument is designed to allow the user access to afull range of drum sounds by using two hands and pressing them, this allows for regular drum beats to be performed which is very important. The sounds for each button are sampled off a drumkit and put into a drum machine, this allows for new sounds and different samples available to the user whenever he/she may need, as demonstrated in the video. Another video that may be of interest shown here portrays the drummstick in action Here

The aesthetics of the instrument are quite old fashioned and have an acoustic rustic look, although i can see that if this ever became a world wide product this may change to suit the market. Over-all it is quite a simple yet inspiring instrument that i would be interested in trying out.

Kim Griffith (09001947)

  • Video title:The Beamz interactive music system
  • video url [41]
  • posted by:[MultiVuOnline]
  • number of veiwers/ratings:6,611 veiws,4 out of 5 stars
  • other veiwers comments:comments were mixed,some people loved it,others hated the beamz system
  • with a passion
  • Why i liked this:i liked this idea because of the futuristic concept and operation,
  • beamz connects via USB. Each laser beam corresponds to an instrument or
  • sound that the user plays by interrupting the beam. When the player removes
  • his or her hand the sound ceases.Even though the interaction with the lasers occurs
  • randomly,the device ensures that the music will always be harmonious,theoretically
  • allowing any person,even those with no musical knowledge to make music.

Conor Keane 09003855

  • Video title: That 1 Guy – Buttmachine (Live)
  • Video URL: Here
  • Posted by: dreampepper on 06 April, 2008
  • No of viewers: 63,981
  • Ratings: *****
  • What were the other viewers comments: There are a lot of reactions of praise of his talent and asking when That1Guy is playing next but not many enquiring about his “Magic Pipe”
  • Why I liked it: I have seen many of improvised instruments in my time but I think this just may be the one that takes the cake! It is by far the most original and innovative musical tool I have had the honor of seeing…

Mike Silverman, a.k.a. That1Guy was originally a classically trained upright bassist from Berkley, California. His résumé includes plenty of studio work and he has been hired numerous times as a one-man percussion section, being able to produce the most unique sounds with his bass. Silverman’s self-taught percussive technique, banging the strings and the instrument’s body, eventually let to the development of the “Magic Pipe” which is able to produce the sounds he wants.

The “Magic Pipe” is a system of electronically wired steel plumbing shaped somewhat like a harp with a thick bass string wired from the top to the bottom of the seven foot tall instrument. Silverman then implements styles and techniques, such as plucking, slapping or bowing the strings to produce his signature sound.

Not only do I think this musician is talented beyond belief, but I believe his ingenuity and creativity with designing instruments is a welcome breath of fresh air in an ever-stagnating industry…

John O’Donoghue (09006899)

  • Video title: Melodyne - Direct Note Access
  • Video URL: video here
  • Posted by: dafunkmastah77 on the 11th of March 2008
  • Description: An innovative piece of software that allows the user to manipulate audio so that individual notes can be within a piece of audio can be changed.
  • No of viewers: 374,776 views
  • Ratings: *****
  • What were the other viewers comments: Some viewers where amazed by its capabilities “ohh myyyyy goooosssh” while others were worried this would damage musicianship in the recording process “this thing is killing music, I mean, ANYONE can sing with this, it proffs that SINGERS CANT SING.”It is a very debated topic through out the comments.
  • Why I liked it: The reason I found this so interesting is that it is a revolutionary piece of software that has the ability to change the way people approach the recording process. It allows people to have a better standard of music and makes for a more efficent recording process where people have the option to alter the song after it has been recorded.

It also allows the possibility to create sounds out of an instrument that would not be possible otherwise. This will lead to many creative compositions and allow people to prefect the compostion they wanted to create. What’s very interesting is that most people thought to create such a program. The scientist that developed the software evens says at one point “something’s that don’t work in theory can work in practice”. It is a fascinateing piece of software that makes you think how they even had the ability to create such a program. It has left many in confusion how they even do it.

Alison Griffiths(09005088)

  • Video Title: Instrument of the Future
  • Url:
  • Who Posted it: AlexeiMV]
  • When was it Posted: August 30 2008
  • Views:1,938
  • Viewers Comments: The viewers comments on this video were very mixed, some thought it was an inspiring new idea and others challenged the technology and stood by human creativity as being superior. “Humans are better don’t consort with the music robot race”.” Amazing sounding.

but it looks like a mutated guitar. like someone ate a guitar, bass, and a few ukeleles and threw up that.”.” I dont wanna be stuck tuning that, and id be scared to have that in my house”.

  • Why I liked it: I really liked the idea of this instrument as it not only has a truly spectacular sound but it obviously took a lot of thought ,planning and imagination to construct. Although I can see the impracticalities such as expense etc. I think that it would be a fascinating experience to even witness one of these in action. The sound is authentically acoustic and mixes that of many string instruments. The apparent guitar sound is convincing to all but there is an interesting mix of other strings which give it a very unique sound. I don’t know if it would have a market in the music industry but it would certainly interest many musicians who can appreciate an eclectic style of music. I think that these new inventions that have recently appeared are excellent for the movement of music technology towards a more varied and less computer based industry.

Cillian Mc Carthy (09006645)

  • Video Title: Roland GR20 Guitar Synth Demo - Nevada Music UK
  • Video URL:Roland GR-20 Demo
  • Posted by: NevadaMusicUK
  • No. Of Viewers:30,924 views
  • What were the other viewers’ comments: *I've read all the comments with the video and all commentors have had positive reactions to it with quite a lot of people wishing they had a Roland GR-20 Synth pedal.
  • Why I liked it: *I like this video because it showcases an impressive advancement in digital effects pedals for guitars. The Roland GR-20 is a brilliant example of the quality of digital effects for guitars on the market today. In the past I have found that digital pedals do not sound good due to the way in which they proccess the audio signal which they have recieved. The Roland GR-20 is different however as all the sounds produced in the video are clear and still retain the texture and fluidity of the original note. I also like this because the pedal has a massive bank of sounds which the Roland GR-20 allows you to use, there are over four hundred different sounds possible with this pedal!

Jen Murtagh (09006351)

  • Video Title: Custom Manson Guitar with Kaoss Pad
  • Video URL: here
  • Posted By: michaelcasey2009
  • No. of Viewers: 2,552
  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • What were other viewer's comments?: There have been very few comments made on the video, but most seemed quite positive, along the lines of "where can i buy?".
  • Why i liked it: While I admit it's not entirely a new product, I just love when someone takes 3 or 4 good inventions and throws them together into one super-instrument. The idea of adding a Korg Kaoss Pad to a guitar seems to have been the brainchild of Matt Bellamy of the band Muse. The Kaoss Pad is a touchpad MIDI controller, sampler, and effects processor for audio and musical instruments. This particular guitar is a standard electric with the Kaoss Pad built in below the bridge and fine tuners. I have been interested by this type of guitar-synth hybrid for a while now. Matt Bellamy uses this type of guitar both in his studio work and his live performances (video can be seen here). I am fascinated by the Kaoss Pad as an invention in itself. It reacts to fluidly to touch and sensation. Alone, it's impressive to watch, but building it effortlessly into a guitar and having it work flawlessly, well, who wouldn't be impressed?

Kevin Mac Donough (09006714)

  • Video title: "Oblong Industries g-speak spatial operating system"
  • Video URL: Here
  • Posted by: EvidentlyLtd November 17, 2008
  • No of viewers: 8,974 Ratings: *****
  • What were the other viewers comments: Most of the viewers comments were in amazement, and most where already wondering when and where they can get one. On a second posting of the same video, viewers seemed more interested in the obvious similarities between this system and the one in the film Minority Report.
  • Why I liked it: I think this system offers a look into the possible future of computer input, what might replace the traditional keyboard and mouse setup in future years. The ability to work on multiple screens simultaneously, and easily transfer data between them is also a new feature and would be particularly useful in a design perspective. Although it doesn't look very practical at this stage, as it is a prototype model, it still gives a picture of how a system like this one could be used.
  • The poster of this video commented that this machine, while impressive, offers no real improvement on traditional computer input, and in many ways makes it more difficult to perform everyday tasks. The hand gesture controls seem a little clumsy at times during the demonstration, and with a more minimalist design and some technical tweaks there is promise for a much more practical and useful machine.

David Brew (09006984)

  • Title: "Johnny Lee: Wii Remote hacks"
  • Description: Johnny Lee demos his amazing Wii Remote hacks, which transform the $40 game piece into a digital whiteboard, a touch screen and a head-mounted 3-D viewer. From TED2008.
  • Posted by: TEDtaksdirector
  • Views: 773, 118
  • Rating: Five stars
  • When: 11th April 2008
  • Link: Here
  • Reactions: The reactions are very positive, most people want to try it and almost everybody is amazed. “Magic” and “Wow” Some of the words used.
  • Why do I like it: I like this video because it’s a very clever way of bring a great piece of technology to under privileged schools across the world. Using an almost every day product and a program that can be downloaded for free, people around the world can easily use the product

I also like the video because of the 3D effect he can achieve using the remote. As a big fan of video games Iam excited about the possibilities this brings to the gaming world and hope to see the technology incorporated in a game soon.

Myles O'Callaghan (09004044)

  • Video title: Pendulum Live, Propane Nightmares Radio One
  • Video URL: Video
  • Posted by: pendulumlive
  • Description: Pendulum performing Propane Nightmares Live at The Radio One Big weekend festival
  • No of viewers: 234,395 views
  • Ratings: *****
  • What were the other viewers comments: Many of the viewer's comments praised the bands amazing live performance working with so much off-stage equipment. During the performance, Rob Swire plays a guitar-like MIDI controller, Starr Labs' Ztar Z6, in addition to performing vocals and works with an Aviom A-16 CS mixer to control levels for instruments such as synths.
  • Why I liked it: This video appealed to me for many reasons. Mainly because of Pendulum's avid use of the Muse Research Receptor Unit, a computer designed to run and store digital and virtual instrument settings such as virtual synthesisers and guitar preamplifiers. Several of these units can be seen occupying the racks that also serve as a docking station for the band's laptops and other computerised hardware. These laptops running Ableton Live control the band's synths and samples. For example, the drummer has triggers placed on all his acoustic drums that, when activated via. footswitch, an extra layer of drum samples are then layered onto the acoustic drums giving a 'bigger' sound to the drums. This is most noticeable during the choruses. Not only are the drums linked to Muse Receptors but so is the Bass, Guitars and Vocals. Each of these is then routed through its own in-line effects matrix that allows three VST plugins to be configured in every possible parallel arrangement. From there, each source is sent to a dedicated mixer channel, where the sound can be further processed by sending it to two dedicated effects busses, each with another fully configurable VST effects matrix.

Overall it is this band's amazing use of backstage equipment such as the Muse Receptor Unit to give them a studio-quality sound that impressed me the most, along with their incredible attention to detail and flawless Live performances with this setup.

Niamh Corkery (09004131)

  • Video Title: Reactable live in Ibiza 2
  • Video url:[1]
  • Posted By: Marco Alonso 3rd June 2009
  • Rating:***** five stars
  • Number of viewers:7,813 people
  • People's view's: Many of the comments are positive reaction's towards the performer and his work, one particular comment is that of "I WANT A REACTABLE".

It appears as though many people have an interest in this unique (instrument) that is beginning to dominate Music Technology!!

  • My View's: I had recently heard about recatable and was fortunate enough that there was a bit of variety on the demonstration of the reactable on youtube.

It takes to the ear immediately because it's really like nothing you have ever heard before. The sound's are like a modernized metronome and electric waves fusing to created a tone that doesn't have a melody. This interface consists of a translucent table and pucks (the objects that make the sounds when they come within reach of each other). The performer has a license to create a composition to his/her own liking and one thing that is guaranteed is the fact that each composition will always be unique. What attracts me to this new instrument is the fact that is it very much so hands on and there is no set guidelines but the freedom to become the artist!!

Jason Browne (0865257)

  • Video title: “Multitudes Audio Table - Audio touch OS - Long Version”
  • Video URL: here
  • Posted by: cerupcat 03 March 2008
  • No of viewers: 58,711 views Ratings:****
  • What were the other viewer’s comments: In general the other viewers were pleased with this application of touch screen technology. All of them made the same point that this should be introduced to primary school children because it is very interactive as one viewer pointed out: ‘whatever a child’s hands did would transfer directly to what they see’ and essentially hear. This is great for their development. A few of the viewers pointed out that this type of technology could be used for people with disabilities, especially for those who have problems with keyboards & mice. The idea of combining touch screen technology with musical outputs must be credited to its creator but credit must be given to the viewers as well for the idea of applying this technology amongst groups of young children.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because of the use of touch screen technology, a technology that seems brand new but has been around for years. The first time I physically encountered a touch screen was with the i-phone, I never knew that it could be used in a musical sense. As well, touching the screen allows one to use different musical items like the key broad, MusicalSquares, Audioshape sequencer and Musical Wong. All of these musical items are played by the user by just touching the screen.
  • I was interested in how it works and how the hardware and users input come together within the Multitouch system. The technology is based on an interface feature audio based application that makes use of multiple users and simultaneous touch inputs on a single multi-touch screen. While the movement comes from the users fingers the sounds amplitude increases & decreases with the movement as it changes up and down on the screen as well as side to side. The design is built into a table that hides all the hardware necessary for tracking multiple inputs as well as displaying visual feedback on the touch surface. So the way it comes together was very interesting to find out. I can see the touch screen becoming a technology that everyone will want.

Retrieved from ""

Lakshika Serasinhe(09004322)

  • Video Title :"e3 2009 x box 360 Project Netal Lionhead Video"
  • Video URl  :[42]
  • Posted By  : Aviotcomicbookbin
  • Number of viewers : 18299 Raitings: ****
  • Whats were the other viewers comments :Many of the comments are very positive,many regarding to how amazing project Netal is and how fast technology is ivolving.There are obvious comments that normaly sounds something like this"The 360 is worse than the ps3 in terms of graphics but it is better at everything else" these comments are fairly natural for youtube threds as this since people intend to post their opinians as of which console is better.
  • My favourite quote: "just listen to all the fat bastards who can't be bothered to stand up to play a game,i mean this looks fucking awsome" As insulting as it is ,the comment speak the truth as many gamers intend to be very lazy and perfer to sit and press buttons other than do anything physicaly
  • Why I liked it:I have been a gamer for the last 10 years and i have been upto date with all the new gadjets and technology to do with videogames.It is amazing how technology have ivolved in the last 15 years.The whole idea of a games controler being yourself than pressing some buttons or moving a joystick is in my opinian the biggest change in videogames since the invention of the joystick

Project Natel is the next step in virtual reality as the video depicts a girl having a proper conversation witha virtual boy,who responds with facial expressions and words.It was a WOW factor for many who viewed this at microsofts e3 press confrence back in may 2009.The way it depicts the water reflection of the player by taking the video clip using the camera therefore including the player into this virtual world.I am highly looking forword to what microsoft will come up with in the near future using this hardware.

Luke Lacey 09005785

  • Video title: my max/msp lemur sequencer
  • Video URL [ Video here]
  • Posted by: queglay, March 13, 2007
  • No of viewers: 147,549
  • Ratings: *****
  • What were the other viewers’ comments: In general the comments for this device were very positive. A significant amount of the comments’ were queries on the price of the technology and the places it could be purchased. But there were a few negative comments made saying the device was too similar to other inventions of its type.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this device because it gives even beginner’s a chance to create melodies and beats similar to more experienced people because of its user friendly interface. The video is very good as it shows you a broad range of the devices capabilities.

The device is used by touch screen adding notes to the screen you can then cange the velocity, volume, style of each note then storing your desired sound to a bank where it will be saved to be reopened.

  • I think this device is a great example of how digital media technology has evolved and im sure in the future we will see many upgrades.

Stephen Twomey (09006870)

  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: bokercontinuo
  • No. Of Viewers:27,163 views
  • Rating:****
  • What were the other viewers’ comments: I think the comments were all in spanish so i couldnt make out exactly the details of what the viewers were saying, however judging by certain things that i could understand the feedback seemed to be mostly positive and inquisitive. Also the rating that the video received was four and a half stars which shows that the majority of viewers found the demonstration as inivative and inspiring as i did.
  • Why I liked it: This demo shows that the bounderies between electronic sound and convetional instruments are quickly beeing broken. It adds a new dynamic to what a musician can do with one instrument in their hands.
  • I found it inspiring to see how sound and music can be further explored without the relapse into convetional patterns and parameters that musicians are so often guilty of.

Robbie Hurley (09006623)

  • Video Title: Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
  • Hllelujah Video here
  • Posted by : Sonybmg
  • Number of views : 12,773,722 views
  • Viewers comments : viewers comments were all positive . The comments mainly revolved around how amazing his voice is and appretiation for that . People also posted comments saying how the vidio sparked emotion in them saying wheather it made them laugh or cry or anything in between . There was also a lot of comments expressing sadness of his premiture death
  • Why I liked the video : I like the video for its ability to get into your head and make you nod with it . There are other versions of this video which do not have as much of an effect on me . the sepia toneing in this video is very effective also whereby the couler was taken out and only shades of brown and orange were put back in
  • I also liked this video for its ability to spark emotion in people the combinations of sounds combined with the relaxing video is eneough to make onions cry

Mark Butler (09006121)

  • Video Title: Panasonic Life Wall at CES 2008
  • Video URL: YouTube
  • Posted by: mwallis
  • No. Of Viewers: 11,606 views
  • What were the other viewer’s comments: The comments appear to be split on whether this will work or not, however there is a large number who are intrigued by the Life Wall.
  • Why I liked it: I stumbled upon the Life Wall on YouTube and I was instantly amazed by the video. While still a prototype technology, the open-ended possibilities already filled my head with enthusiasm. The Life Wall could be projected on any wall without loss of quality and automatically adjust itself to the wall measurements.
  • I like the Life Wall because it is an oversized interactive screen yet it has a variety of uses and opportunities. The new technology is only limited by the user and is truly interactive as it can function with a remote or for the more active users, with their hands and body. The Life Wall has the ability to follow you as you move and adjusts the items on the screen to the best size. Besides being able to save your personal preferences and activating them when you are near, the Life Wall has the ability to integrate images and videos into the screen at several points such as virtual picture frame.
  • Another reason I like Life Wall is due to the fact that it uses up an entire wall. This means that you can easily change the atmosphere of the room with a simple change of an image on the Wall. From an education standpoint, the Wall can be used from an interactive teaching aid to helping children learning how to play instruments and games. While I only have seen a small portion of whats possible, I do know that soon this product will easily find its place among the top dogs of the digital industry.

Sitric Ó Cinnéide (09004873)

  • 'Video Title: Rui Pereira's Tranformable Uber Interface for STardom
  • Video URL: [43]
  • Posted by: wired
  • No. Of Viewers: 21,202 views
  • Rating: 4 Stars
  • How it Works: It is the basic shape of a wooden post about 3 foot long with a single band sensor running down the middle like a string on a guitar. There is another sensor where the bridge or strumming/picking area would be on a guitar. As far as I can tell the instrument has 3 different modes: Drums, Guitar and Bass. The player switches between the different modes by holding the instrument in certain positions. The choice of mode is shown by a light at the head of the instrument, yellow for Drums, blue for Guitar and pink for Double Bass.
  • Viewer’s comments: Some viewers were impressed: "sweet"…"Nice."…"how much?? i want one". Others weren't: "lol learn to play a real guitar lol"…"eh, stranger things have been made". Mostly though people seemed to appreciate the thought or concept of this new instrument rather than the quality of music produced.
  • My Opinion: I think this viewer sums up what went through my head when i first watched the video:

"OK, when I see Nuno Bettencourt playing this. I would asses it. For the noises this guy does in this particular video it sounds like a matraca for grown ups." This video doesn't show the potential of this new instrument. The player does not have anything prepared, instead he just quickly runs though the 3 different modes the instrument plays in. Had he explained the process or even played something impressive or recognizable then maybe the viewer could more easily appreciate the complexities of the instrument.

Alan Massey (09001982)

  • Video title: monome 40h usb midi device
  • Video URL Video here
  • Posted by: dspielman, April 14 2006
  • No of viewers: 163,213
  • Ratings: *****
  • Viewer comments: Viewer comments for this video ranged from amazement at the monomes design and functionality, to confusion and uncertainty about how it actually worked. Aside from general comments some viewers queried about technical aspects of the device.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because it aptly demonstrates the monomes capabilities without the need for technical jargon or prior knowledge of the device. We can see clearly in the video that the music and the visual information displayed by the monome are interlinked. We also get a sense of how the monome could be used as a performance tool, in the video we see the performer creating and sequencing patterns on the fly.
  • My opinion : One of the criticisims levelled at musicans who play electronic music "live", is that there is a lack of spectacle and engagement with the audience. In my opinion the monome is a device that could bridge this gap. A performer could project the monomes display onto a big screen, As the performer is manipulating the music in realtime the audience would have a direct visual connection with the music, This would serve to create a more satisfying experience for the audience. The fact that the monome is open source appeals to me greatly, it is essentially a blank canvas that the user can program to suit his/her individula needs.I am also quite taken by the monomes uncluttered minimalist design.

Joanne Tobin (09001473)

  • Video title: Total Immersion - Demo 2007
  • URL: video here
  • Posted By: EmmanuelMF 03 Feb 2007
  • Views & Ratings: 156,571 Views 265Ratings *****
  • Other People’s Comments: Interestingly the comments begin quite positive but then there is a lot of interaction with different viewers and it gets messy in the middle. There is a lot of positive feedback overall however as it is a great development and the 'gamer' element seemed to be quite impressed! Especially as Emmanuel himself is conversing with them answering questions and correcting some misconceptions.
  • Why I liked it: I quite enjoy this video as it was a totally new concept to me until recently. I hadn’t really put much thought into new software developing with improved video mobility to this level. The fact that the co-founder is demonstrating merging 3D objects into live video stream in real time two years ago makes me wonder how much longer until the product is streamlined. I do believe the technology itself has great potential across the board and is easily marketed what with it apparently already being linked with the entertainment industry; games and television, amongst others. I would like to see the installation in person as the quality of recording online isn’t the best and wonder how real it would seem. Saying that however the little car crashing into the real truck and the 3D man coming out what seems to be a trap door on the real roof were definitely what made it for me.

Niall Duddy (09005897)

  • Video title: "Polygon Playground"
  • Video URL: Here
  • Posted by and date posted: Starcodo, September 10, 2008
  • Number of views: 45,981
  • Ratings: Five stars
  • Description: The Polygon Playground is a sculpture with gradual, elevated ridges, poised at different angles, which come to form a small plateau at the top. This structure is mapped in 3D, using projectors, mapping it over 360 degrees. The images which the projectors project/map on the surface of the sculpture are intractable. This interactivity is capable due to the presence of sensors which detect the proximity of a person or persons to the sculpture and it’s surface.
  • What were the other viewers’ comments: Viewers’ comments were all rather positive. People thought that it looked aesthetically nice and one referenced the film Tron but on LSD, due to grids the creator mapped onto the sculpture. Another was wondering how it was achieved and what programming was used, while yet a couple of other individuals commented on ways of improving aesthetics further, such as methods of preventing shadows from falling on the sculpture or getting in the way of the projectors.
  • Why I like it: I like it because it is aesthetically pleasing to me and I believe in, “Art for art’s sake”. The programming language used to create the 3D mapping and orientate the responses to movement was the Java programming language. I like this fact as I am currently learning Java and it is great to see how it can be applied to the external environment of a computer. The application of this concept has so much more potential in it in my eyes. For instance a multifaceted, projected interface with automated 3D mapping which reacts to physical gestures.

JohnJoe Ryan (09005617)

  • Video Title: "Howie Day - Ghost/Beams of light Live"
  • Video URL: [44]
  • Posted by: eidlawnairb
  • Date Posted: December 04, 2008
  • Number of views: 12,624
  • Ratings: Five Stars *****
  • Description: This is a video of a solo artist performing in front of an audience. It is a beautiful piece of music created by the artist fusing different sounds together made by the guitar, and over-lapping the sounds using loop stations.
  • Other viewers comments: The comments left by other viewers on this video seemed to be very positive, most comments reflected on the music played by the artist, the beauty portrayed in the sounds he has created by over-lapping different beats and sounds on the loop stations, and many viewers left comments about how the music powered into their own personal experiences that the amazing lyrics have created for them.
  • Why I liked it: Personally I have a great interested in this type of music. Like the artist, Howie Day, I play guitar and enjoy composing my own music and I now and again try create unique sounds. I liked the way the amazing music he is performing grabs the full attention of the audience, and that there is silence throughout the song, which shows the appreciation the people have for the artist, and this amazing music he has created.
  • I especially like the use of the loop stations the artist uses in the video, i love the way he blends together many beautiful melodies, rhythms and sounds from the guitar to portray an overall wonderful piece of music, with moving lyrics that can relate to so many people in so many different ways. I really love this performance and have done from the first time I heard it, so am glad to write about it.

Ciaran Phillips (09005083)

  • Video Title: "Smart DJ - New Zune HD feature that is like Pandora for YOUR music collection!"
  • Video URL: here
  • Posted by: Alexismyname2
  • Date Posted: 21/09/2009
  • No. Of Views: 196
  • Rating: 4.5 stars
  • What were the other viewers’ comments: There are not many comments on this video at the moment due to the small number of views, but of those that are there, all are extremely positive. The viewers seem very impressed with the software shown, expressing their opinions through comments such as "awesome. No more random shuffling!" and "WOW THIS IS TOTALLY COOL AWESOMENESS". It is obvious that although the video has not yet been seen by a large audience it has made a great impression on anyone that actually has seen it.
  • Why I liked it: This video describes software which allows someone to choose a certain song or band in their music collection, and have the software create a playlist of similar music from within that music collection. As well as being an extremely useful piece of software, it shows that no matter how complicated music may appear, how strange it is that seemingly random sounds can, when put together in a certain way, form a song which will evoke emotions in its listeners, music can still be broken down into simpler parts. The way the software can identify similar types of music shows that we may eventually come to understand why certain pieces of music have the effect they do on us. This software represents a massive leap forward in our understanding of music and it is described very well in this video. The video is not too long, and does not try to explain all the workings of the software, but rather gives an overview of its most important aspects, giving the viewer only the information they need.

Chris O' Grady (09006061)

  • Description: Electronic music improvisation using guitar-like DIY MIDI controller, Ableton Live 6, Konnekt 8 MIDI/Audio interface, and AMD64 3400+ based WinXP notebook computer. MIDI controlling clip launch, arp and softsynths.
  • What were the other viewers' comments: The comments were extremely positive for the most part. People found the instrument to be very innovative and inspiring. One person commented saying: "Oh wow. What an awesome device! Essentially a keyboard, but in the format of a guitar fretboard. My two favorite instruments combined." And another person said: "Cool! Good to see someone trying to push the evolution of the guitar a bit, plus designing your own instrument is ace. Nice work!" The only negative comments were in reference to improving the body of the instrument to make it more visually appealling.
  • Why I like it: Personally I find this quite fascinating. I love how someone has taken the time to put together something like this. I think the instrument itself is extremely impressive, and although there is room for improvement visually, I don't think that takes away from how great this device is. I find this video inspiring and it would be great to see more people experimenting like this. I also thought the demonstration of the instrument was quite entertaining. In my opinion, this is a great display of music technology.

John Duignan (0874418)

  • Video Title: The Hydraulophone: Invention of a new musical instrument
  • Video URL: Click here for the YouTube Link.
  • Posted by: hydraulist on November 30, 2006.
  • No. Of Viewers: 111,046 views, Ratings: *****
  • What were the other viewers’ comments:
  • It has 139 comments, ranging from questions about the instrument, responses to the questions, ideas concerning its usefulness, portability and statements of complete wonder and awe such as "OMG!!!ITS LIKE A BIG ENORMAS OCARINA ". It received generally positive reviews.
  • Why I liked it:
  • What struck me most was how the water flowing from the hydraulophone made such a potent effect on the atmosphere of all that was played in the video clip. It gave the music a calm, placid undertone. I really liked it's ease of use and enjoyment that non-musicians got from playing. You can see this especially with the children that played who couldn't get enough of it. The waters feel and sound combine with the intruments unintimidating look to encourage people who may even have no idea how to make music to play and enjoy playing.
  • The instruments tone and infinite sustain due to the water pressure are two amazingly new traits which I also enjoyed to see and listen. Another thing I liked was the inventors use of nature itself to power and produce the tones. It could be powered by rivers, lakes and even oceans. I found it's mechanical nature is very interesting.
  • I think the Hydraulophone would be best used as 'Nellie' was used in children playgrounds, parks and water parks to spark interest and enjoyment of music in young people's minds.

Donnchadh Ó Foghlú (09004352)

  • Video Title: reactable: basic demo #2
  • Video URL: here
  • Posted by: marcosalonso, on 25 October 2006
  • No. Of Viewers:1,016,622 views , Ratings: *****
  • What were the other viewers’ comments: There were 1,183 comments most of which were positive. The viewers seemed very impressed with the idea and were curious as to how exactly it worked. However some of the viewers commented on the complexity of operating the system and how the sounds it produced seemed limiting to the creation of music.
  • About Reactable:The Reactable is an electronic musical instrument which

uses an interface, where a musician can control the system by manipulating tangible objects.It combines state of the art technologies with a simple and intuitive design, which enables musicians to experiment with sound, change its structure and control its parameters

  • Why I liked it:
  • I liked this interactive device because it explores a whole new world of music technology which allows us to perform and experiment with new and interesting ideas. It opens a door to a whole new field of interactive electronic musical instruments.
  • It particularly appealed to me as I have a growing interest in alternative music and a keen interest in electronic and interactive instruments. I checked the Reactable site which further answered my queries and questions about the product. The site is very well laid out and has a detailed description on how the product works and what exactly it can do.
  • I also found out that the reactable is used by many musicians such as Bjork. This showed me how this device can be part of a modern musical performance and how it can fit in with instruments that have been around for years.

Evan Murphy (09004764)

The ReacTable

  • Description : The ReacTable, is a revolution in musical/digital interface technology. The reacTable is a round table, onto which different shaped blocks(called Tangibles) are placed. Each shape creates a different sound/effect. Using your fingertips or turning the shape alters the sound, for example for a tangible which creates a musical note, the tone can be changed by turning it. Tangibles can be set-up in a chain to make a particular effect.The video I have chosen demonstrates all the different tangibles which can be used. The video is very popular boasting a near 2.2 million views and out of 3,200 ratings has achieved five-stars.
  • Uploader: “Marcoalonso” uploaded the video in October, 2006...three years after its initial creation.
  • Public/Personal Reaction : The comments show that there is great interest in the ReacTable, and personally, I feel the same. Its simplicity is one of it’s main attractions. I looked at other demonstration videos, one of which showed small children operating it! Not only is it very simple to use, the finished sound created can sound very professional. Artists such as Bjork have even used it in live performances. What I like about the creation of the ReacTable was that was it designed on a concept, not by technology. They thought of the idea first, then figured out how they would create it! I was very impressed with the diversity of this device. A wide variety of sound sand effects can be created with the simplest of applications.

David Nelligan (09006679)

  • Video Title: My DIY electronic Drum Tutorial
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: DrumDror3000
  • No. Of Viewers:43710 views
  • Ratings: *****
  • What were the other viewers’ comments: Most of the comments posted by the other viewers' were in praise of Dror's work and what he had achieved. One or two viewers asked about tutorials on how to make similar drums for themselves. Overall the comments were quiet positive and in admiration of his work "what an incredible amount of work! I know many who have built their own pads, but few drummers who have built their own drum brain. Good job."
  • Why I liked it: I really liked this video because it shows how common objects such as pvc pipes(used for plumming), foam (used for insulation), rubber and wood can be used in abstract ways to create an electronic instrument. Dror uses special mechanical tools to modify the pedals he uses, he repositions the beater of the bass drum for conveince and made a mechanical upgrade to improve the pedals quality. This video especially appealed to me as I have keen interest in the drums and percussion and as it related directly to my own personal experience in music.

Ronan Goodwin (09007923)

  • Video Title: BMW augmented reality
  • Video URL:Here
  • Posted by: V431
  • No. Of Viewers:269,679
  • Ratings:4.5
  • The other viewers’ comments: When I when through all the comments posted, on the idea it seems to be slightly positive although there is still a lot of people who disapprove. For example you have people who don't see the technology going that way or see it as the downfall for all mechanics or feel it's a waste of time for the engineers when they should be focusing on being more green with the future production of cars.

Others then loved the idea of maybe being able to work on the car themselves without being qualified and see it as maybe expensive but cheaper than the labour cost. Also, a lot of people are just amazed by the whole idea and presentation of the video.

  • Why I liked it: There are few reasons why I liked this, I liked it because I find this would be very useful to somebody such as myself who doesn't know too much on repairing cars. I don't think it could be used to repair everything on the car without some sort of mechanical background which in it's way is positive because I don't see mechanics losing jobs. Use more for simple jobs so your time and money isn't being wasted. I also think that in time, augmented reality will be playing a huge part in many different fields such as training for a lot of jobs and medicine etc.

In conclusion, I feel once this is perfected I can see this being sold with every new car and maybe a program you install on your laptop to find what the problem is once connected to the car.

Gerard Downes (09002050)

  • Video Title: The Prepared Theremin watch it here
  • Posted By: brunozamborlin Nov 12 2008
  • Viewers: 391 Ratings: 5.0, 4 ratings
  • Viewers Comments: Only two comments were posted at the time i wrote this, one complimenting the modification and the other requesting schematics for the device. brunozamborlin kindly replied that he made the device cheaply and uses it to control 24 audio samples at a time in realtime with the powerful [Max/Msp ] software.
  • Description: Homemade Theremin used to control [Max/Msp ] software in real time.
  • Why i liked it: I am repeatedly blown away by the incredible power of Max, and in my opinion there hasn't been a better interface invented since the theremin. The possibilities for applications of this interface are endless.

Alan O'Sullivan(0855057)

  • Video Title :"Microsoft Surface Demo @ CES 2008"
  • Video URl  :[45]
  • Posted By  : GerbilGod7
  • Number of viewers : 1,042,635 Raitings: *****
  • What were the other viewers comments :Most of the comments are very positive,many regarding how advanced technology has become and how much smart computers have become. Words such as Amazing, next generation and astounding are being used in the comments to try and describe the piece of technology. People also talk about how one day they imagine this table to replace your standard table in your home
  • Why I liked it: I like this piece of technology as it looks futuristic and just shows how fast Microsoft among others are developing new and interactive ideas. It lets you imagination wonder and makes you think yourself about ideas that you think would work well with this table.
  • I particularly enjoyed the part in the video demo where he talks about the photos he could take and then shows you how you can display them on the table and how you can share your photos with other people or maybe send one as a postcard this really impressed me along with how advanced the visual effects are on the table itself.

Dave O Brien (09005620)

  • Video Title :"Turn almost anything into a Theramin"
  • Video URl  :[46]
  • Posted By  : wakeupsilver
  • Number of viewers : 122,649 Raitings: 172, average: *****
  • What were the other viewers comments : All positive, many viewers wondering how the technology works, and those with a bit of knowledge in the area wondering about incorperation MIDI CC messages to the device and wondering how useful that would be.
  • Why I liked it: I've always liked the idea behind the Theramin, and here almost any object can be used as one, brilliant! I like to wonder also how this device could integrate through MIDI (wirelessly?) to a computer based DAW such as abletonLive , and could be of partiuclar good use for DJs creating unusual sound.

David Walley(09004726)

  • Video Title :"adobe cs3 interactive billboard"
  • Video URl  :[47]
  • Posted By  : TBmech
  • Number of viewers : 57,963 Rating: ****1/2
  • What were the other viewers comments: The comments are very positive, with many viewers asking how this interactive billboard was created and where they can obtain the program for themselves.
  • Why I liked it: I found this video interesting as I liked how people's movements were translated onto the screen using tracking sensors. As people moved by, their movements were represented on the screen by various colourful designs. When they had walked past the screen, the previously blank canvas became a colourful mural.
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