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My favourite video

  • Write a short description, including the name of the video, who posted it and when, what were the viewers' reactions (if any), and why do you like it (maximum 300 words). Make sure you copy the template below first and paste it before you start editing, so that's always an empty template left for your next colleague's posting.

Template for the assignment


  • Video Title:
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: on date
  • No. of Viewers: , Ratings:
  • Description:
  • Viewers' reactions:
  • Why I liked it:

Dean Nally (12142115)

  • Video Title: Sony New Music technology
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: suryaRsurya on Dec 1, 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 175 , Ratings: 2 likes, 0 dislikes
  • Description: A video tutorial of a new Sony product that moves in sync with the music being played out vis its internal speakers.
  • Viewers' reactions: The video hasn't had many views and as a result hasn't received many viewers reactions. However after first seeing the video, I myself was quite impressed.
  • Why I liked it: I think the product is different and although not completely necessary, i believe there may be a market for it.

Isla Shanley (11113693)

  • Video Title: Atomic Tom - Take Me Out (Live On NYC Subway)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by:AtomicTomVEVO on Oct 18, 2010
  • 727,353: , 5,998 likes, 65 dislikes :
  • Description: A four piece technological piece in an unusual environment to play live.
  • Viewers' reactions: The majority of the 1,127 comments were a positive response "Just saw them in the city on tour with switchfoot and anberlin.... this band is amazing! they're great people with a great sound!" and most were in awe, just like myself "Swag. just so swag"
  • Why I liked it:I liked it because it was unusal, most bands play live in common places and normal environments. The use of the applications on the iPhones are a genius and creative idea and the type of song is much to my taste.

Orla O'Connell (11113111)

  • Video Title: Blach Eyed Peas I got a feeling on Oprah Chicago Flashmob 24th
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: chris0815munich on Oct 13, 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 7,069,437, Ratings: 16,015 likes, 510 dislikes
  • Description: This is a flashmob to a song called "I Got A Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. It was done as a surprise for the one and only Oprah Winfrey and she certainly looked surprised as she stood at the side of the stage in shock. One girl alone started this dance party as the thousands of people behind her gradually joined in.
  • Viewers' reactions:From the viewers comments I have noticed many people find the video quite emotional and brings them joy. Many have said this is the best flashmob they have ever seen and call it "amazing".
  • Why I liked it:Personally, I also find this video emotional as it is such a feel-good song and such an amazing sight to see. I find it very inspirational and I have found it motivates many people. I can almost feel the wonderful atmosphere watching the smiles on peoples faces and it seems to bring a great sense of team spirit

Steven Heslin (11131381)

  • Video Title: nike music shoe HIFANA
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: kasholicious on April 23 2010
  • No. of Viewers:52,827 , Ratings:230 likes 1 dislike
  • Description:Some where in a top secret location in Tokyo, break beat music duo, HIFANA (composed of KEIZOmachine and JUICY) discovered that Nike Free Run+ running shoes can drop beats like realtime samplers and no other. HIFANA eschewed a part of their regular break beat set up and hooked up the mixers and sound systems to Nike Free Run+ shoes. When bent or twisted, the ultra-flexible Nike Free Run+ drops different tunes and sounds. Furthering proving that every pair of shoes is different and there is a pair for everyone, and that the great performance Nike Free Run+ is flexible enough to fit any feet and running style or activity, the Nike Music Shoe video is not just about shoes as instruments. Check out the hopping performance from HIFANA which is signature of their creative and original live performances, and see how Nike shoes can sing different tunes. Just take note, the actual Nike Free Run+ sold in stores is absolutely and exclusively a running shoe, and will not sing when bent or twisted, so dont rush to throw out your mixers just yet.

  • Viewers' reactions: from the comments its clear quite a few people believe that what they are doing with the sensors are fake yet they all can see that it's very creative and skillful.
  • Why I liked it:I really enjoyed this video because it is some inspiration to what I could do for my fourth year project. I really enjoy the way they use all the different sensors to make different tones, pitches, volume and effects.

Kate Hennessy (11108517)

  • Video Title: Foo Fighters - Wheels (With Amazing Speech) [Oxegen 2011] HD
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: TheMightyBuck on Jul 11, 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 3,468 ,Ratings: 40 likes, 0 dislikes
  • Description: Foo Fighters performing Wheels at Oxegen 2011, with an amazing speech half way through..
  • Viewers reactions: All the viewers love the performance, many were at oxegen themselves. One of them even quoted that it was the "Best performance of the whole festival" and i'm sure everyone who was at the festival was in agreement.
  • Why I liked it: Because Dave Grohl is without doubt, a living rock legend. He really loves what he does, and it can be seen in this unforgettable performance, not even mentioning his speech, which sent the crowd wild. Also because it is amazing how all of the audience took part in the performance, and echoed back the lines of the chorus, and i'm sure it made it a memorable experience for Dave Grohl himself. The dedication of all the foo fighter fans proves the exceptional talent of the band, and this is one of the best videos to prove this point.

Thomas Carton (11135735)

  • Video Title: Blue Man Group - Drumbone (Last Call Vegas)
  • Video URL:*Posted by:deanodubb on Jul 22, 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 7,860,047 Ratings: 16,400 likes 365 dislikes
  • Description: The world famous Blue Man Group make a very clever song using drainage pipe.
  • Viewers' reactions: From the comments i see that most people love the video and they are fascinated with the simplicity of the idea but how effective it is.
  • Why I liked it: I like this because the blue man group have great initiative to use such a simple object to make music. It is a very entertaining and interesting clip to watch and learn about.

Liam O'Leary (11102969)

  • Video Title: Bill Bailey - Puppies and Apocalyptic Raves
  • Video URL: [1]
  • Posted by:TheGreyhoundBoy on 28 Feb 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 137,213 , Ratings: 789 likes, 4 dislikes
  • Description: Bill Bailey recreating the BBC news theme.
  • Viewers' reactions: Most of the viewers seamed to find the video hilarious. Comments such as 'SO BLOODY FUNNY LOL' show this.
  • Why I liked it: I liked it because I found it very funny. I think that Bill Bailey is a musical genius and overall I find his shows very entertaining to watch.

Hannah Mac Allister (11122145)

  • Video Title: Technologiesblog: Misa Digital Stringless Kitara Guitar
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Technologies blog on Dec15,2010
  • No. of Viewers: 111'519, Ratings: 282 likes, 37 dislikes
  • Description: This video is a demonstration of the renowned guitar maker's; Misa Digital, innovative and stylish new synth stringless guitar.
  • Viewers' reactions: From looking at the comments it is easy to see that this new technology has brought about mixed reviews from the viewers. Many think that this piece of equipment is cool, even "badass" whereas many others feel that putting a guitar into synth form doesn't work and it will never replace the stringed guitar, eventhough that is not the purpose of this evolutionary technology.
  • Why I liked it: Personally I think this an awesome, innovative bit of modern technology and I reall wish I had have invented it as it will improve live music greatly but i would hate to see this replace stringed guitars as nothing beats the feeling of plucking or strumming the strings of a guitar.

Martin Holleran (11134143)

  • Video Title:Madeon - Pop Culture (live mashup)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: itsmadeon on Jul 11, 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 5,018,461 Ratings: 91,793 likes, 630 dislikes
  • Description: This video is a mix of popular pop songs mixed by Madeon on a novation launchpad performed live. I enjoyed this video as it show's the depth at which songs can be mixed and performed as one. I also found this video very appealing to me as the ability of Madeon shown is outstanding for a artist who is only a mere 16 years of age. the fact that the video was made live also makes it that much better as he mixes allt the tracks on the spot
  • Viewers' reactions: The general views of the public are of awe with regards to the abilities of the young producer. This video has also recieved praise in interview's from other top Djs in the world like DeadMau5 and Tiesto.
  • Why I liked it: Personally I enjoyed how Madeon was able to blend all of these popular songs into one clean mix which he performs live and to such a high standard. The equipment used also looks like something that would interest me as its capabilities seem endless.

Gavin O Reilly (11060107)

  • 'Video Title:'I-Cocoon
  • Video URL:[2]
  • Posted by: jeagay on Apr 8, 2009"
  • No. of Viewers: 4,750 Ratings: 10 likes 0 dislikes
  • Description:'Designed by NAU, The Immersive Cocoon is a virtual reality computer, originally designed for virtual reality gaming, but the potential of Immersive cocoon has been taken further. Inside there is a 360 degree LED touch screen completely interactive no buttons, surround sound, motion detection cameras monitor a persons movement in the cocoon,
  • Viewers' reactions:most of the comments are positive, some say its awesome and wants to get one, another person say they love it, others are skeptical about the concept, another is a bit confused about what it might actually be used for.
  • Why I liked it:virtual reality ideas have been tried for years, & in my opinion, most have been poor, the one thing they all have been lacking is that the user doesn’t the sense of being some where else, in a virtual world like Second Life, or world of war craft ect, but the Immersive Cocoon offers you that experience, the only thing it’s missing is the sense of smelling your surroundings in the virtual environment.

Another reason why I like this is that it has a 360 degrees Led screen, which is completely interactive, giving you the ultimate experience say of being in a concert of your favorite band or group, or even watching a movie, but apart from watching a movie, you’ll be in the movie making it more exciting depending on your genre of film. Over all I think it’s a great idea & I think other virtual reality technologies to come in the future might be based on this concept, & I would say I would live to get one but it has impracticalities, like the size of it for instance it’s not something you can just fold up & put away, but never the less ill be looking forward to it’s release date in 2014. Related links[[:]]

Eimear O Sullivan 11119314

  • Video Title:Nirvana Song on Vbeat
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: 1 up toys on Feb 23rd 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 148393 Ratings: 93 likes, 10 dislikes
  • Description: Demonstration on what are known as air guitar and drums. In the air guitar there are infrared guitar strings which when strummed make a sound that corresponds to that chord.
  • Viewers'reactions: Overall hostile reaction from viewers. One viewer under the name of Mr Guitar Teseter states ‘ this is embarrassing for a MUSICIAN' alongside comments from other viewers such as ‘omg get a real guitar’. There is a sense that they feel that the whole idea of the musical ‘gift’ or the talent required to play an instrument is being undermined by this fascinating new invention.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because to the naked eye it looks like like they are making music out of thin air which is fascinating! What I find especially intresting about it is the way in which you are completely relying on sound to play these instruments, as you cant physically see the instrument. This video shows how advanced music technology has become when guitar strings are being substituted with infrared. It also makes the whole idea of guitar playing a lot more accessable to everyone.

Brian McSweeney (11132361)

  • Video Title: Joe Satriani - Midnight
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: holycow90 on Aug 26, 2005
  • No. of Viewers: 1,476,436 Ratings: 2593 likes 104 dislikes
  • Description: This is a video of Joe Satriani playing an instrumental guitar piece using the two handed tapping technique live in Denver.
  • Viewers' reactions: Viewers reactions were mostly positive which is clearly evident in the like/dislike ratio which is approx. 26:1. One viewer was especially pleased with what he saw that he was prompted to say that "Satriani isn't human." Another viewer pointed out that he makes the piece sound like its title, 'Midnight' "I love how Satriani makes every song sound like the title. IMO this song actually sounds like 'midnight'."
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because I am in awe of the talent that Joe Satriani possesses. The video itself is a quite simple concept, one man, his guitar and a ridiculous amount of skill. The musical piece he plays is titled Midnight and he uses only the two handed tapping technique which is a very difficult technique and I like this video because Satriani plays it with such ease and clarity that many could only dream of doing.

Ruairí Bourke (11132612)

Video Title: Vuvuzela Symphony

Video URL:

Posted by: MysteryGuitarMan

No. of Viewers: 4,515,477

Ratings: 55,353 likes 2,781 dislikes

Description: This is a video of a collection of differently pitched Vuvuzela's. The Vuvuzela is known for its appearance as the background noise of the last Soccer world cup. They played by huge numbers of fans in the stands at different soccer matches and because of the particular pitch of the instrument and its dull tone it became knowing for being an annoying instrument. The musician took a seemingly annoying group of instruments and used them along with a slight alteration to the audio of each vuvuzela he recorded in a video clip he combined a large number of clips of different vuvzela's to create a symphony of altered vuvuzela's. There is also a bit at the ending of the video where the creator explains where you can find more about the video and similar videos.

Viewers' Reactions: Judging from the high percentage of likes that came with this video along with the large number views this video was extremely popular. I've also looked at other videos by the same musician similiar to this one and the comments are all highly positive. This is very well respected youtube uploader.

Why I liked it: I really liked this video because i had previously grown to hate the Vuvuzela and the noise it projects but after watching this video my opinion changed rapidly. I saw how easily something so simple could effect how I feel about a certain topic or object just by making it more interesting.

Eamonn Walsh (10108343)

  • Video Title: Drum Machine - Beat Bearing Portable Case
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: CookingWithCrayons
  • No. of Viewers: 767 Ratings: 7 likes 0 dislikes
  • Description: As you can see from the views this video isn't that well known. Posted by CookingWithCrayons, this video goes through the production and testing of the beat bearing portable case. The beat bearing portable case is a drum interface using ball bearings as switches that turn on and off as triggered. Each switch has its own sound and the interface is set to time signature of the users choice.
  • Viewers' reactions: My own reaction to this video was not positive. I am a working drummer and as more and more drum machines come on the market there seams to be less and less work for drummers like me. However as I watched the video i found myself intrigued. Here is a video of a home made drum machine that id simple to make, if your handy with a soldering iron and can do a bit of programming. I continued to watch the video and despite my hatred for drum machines I found myself wanting one because it just looked like so much fun. Of course its applications are limited but it is still an fine replacement for a big bulky drum kit. The reactions from other views were all positive, however there were only six comments on the video so there wasn't all that much to go on.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because it may well have changed my mind about drum machines. I have seen a simple solution to a massive problem, (the size and weight of a drum kit) that i can do myself. A solution that wont require me to go away and and spend days figuring out how to work and getting used to an interface, instead all i have to do is place the bearings over the wholes, simple.

Meadhbh Mc Guinness (11119772)

  • Video Title: Epic Edit Choir
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: MysteryGuitarMan on Jul 15, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 2,599,439 Ratings: 69,064 likes, 1,062 dislikes
  • Description: This is a video by the hugely acclaimed and largely subscribed Youtube vlogger MysteryGuitarMan. This video was created using multiple voice recordings layered on top of each other to form Carl Orffs composition ' O Fortuna '. The video is made up of 897 frames cut from separate video recordings. This particular video is part of a Youtube game that MysteryGuitarMan likes to play were he hides video annotations within his videos. You have to watch each video very closely to see the annotations and when clicked they direct you to a new secret video.
  • Viewers' reactions: Because this was a secret video most of the comments are from people referring to the fact that they have found the video. There are a number of positive comments and quite a few inquisitive ones asking for the name of the tune performed. Unfortunately though the quality of the video and performance seems greatly over shadowed by the fact it was a game.
  • Why I liked it: I like this video because it was a fantastic example of sound and picture editing. The amount of time and effort that MysteryGuitarMan puts into his work is evident in the quality and entertainment that he packs into every video evident in the on screen caption were he stated it took two days to make one 1m51sec. video. This video is just one of hundreds of fantastic videos across his two Youtube channels. I also like the the way he made an a cappella version of the composition itself.

Kevin Murphy (11139323)

  • Hapi Drum, E Akebono Scale solo, from the Happy Hang out
  • Posted by: oddmusic on Sep 19, 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 393,731 (1,003 likes, 18 dislikes)
  • Description:

HAPI Drum from ‪ Special edition custom painted and tuned to the Akebono scale in the key of E. The Akebono scale is a traditional five-note Japanese musical scale. In a Western context, it can be thought of as a pentatonic version of the Aeolian mode, and can also be used in many different styles of music. It is also one of the favorite scales of Hang Drum players. No effects or other instruments, just a pure Hapi demo with a touch of reverb. In this demo, aside from playing the normal tones, I'm playing around tapping it soft for nice pure tones and also hard, for more edgy metallic sounds and percussive effects. The unique tone of the HAPI (hand activated percussion instrument) is created by a tuned vibrating steel tongue. The concept is similar to a wooden tongue drum. When a tongue is quickly and lightly struck with the finger or mallet it vibrates creating sound waves.
We have added dampening of the notes and drum body to keep the drum from becoming discordant and "ringy". This technique is built into each drum and provides excellent resonance while supplying the correct amount of dampening.
By placing low notes next to the appropriate higher notes we achieve multiple harmonics. Their vibrations create desirable overtones which compliment the timbre of the tone.
Players of the Hang, Tank, Hank, and Tongue Drums will enjoy playing a HAPI. Thanks for watching! Hapi Drum plated by John Pascuzzi

  • Viewers' Reactions:

I personally have found all the viewers comments to be extremely positive with a lot of them focusing on the theme that they love the particular sound it makes. There are also a few people who, after seeing the video, express there need to acquire one of these spectacular drums, “Beautiful ! have to have one”- Gydirk.

  • Why I liked it:

I greatly enjoyed this video because it showed me that people are still pushing the boundaries of musicality in the present day. Also, I found the unique sound, which this drum produces to be very soothing and relaxing (which is nice after a long day of lectures and labs). In conclusion, I thoughourly enjoyed this video and hope that you enjoy it aswell.

Vanessa O'Brien (11140399)

  • Video Title: Teenage Dream & Just the way you are - Acapella Cover - Katy Perry - Bruno Mars - Mike Tompkins
  • Video URL: video name
  • Posted by: pbpproductions on August 19, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 14,915,186 Ratings: 132,776 likes, 1,777 dislikes
  • Description: This video is an acapella cover of the songs Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and The Way you Are by Bruno Mars. This cover which is done by Mike Tompkins is a refreshing take on both of these popular songs. All of the sounds which are heard in this video were made by Mike himself using only his voice and mouth
  • Viewers' reactions: "AMAZING!!!!", "You are very talented! Hope you keep it up! I enjoy listening to these!" and "OUTSTANDING!" are just some of the many comments which sum up the viewers reaction to this video. It is well-received with an applaudable 132,776 likes which shows us the viewers appreciation towards the video. The few people leaving negative comments chose to focus more on his physical appearance rather than his vocal talent. Overall the video was looked on positively by the YouTube audience with many people commending him for taking the time and effort to make this fantastic video.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because it was a refreshing cover of two extremely popular songs. It is original and interesting as it provides a new listening experience. Using only his voice Mike recreates the melody of the original songs to such perfection that we cannot believe there are no instruments used. I was astonished when I saw that he was making all the sounds himself and I soon took an instant liking to the video. It is something different and it is rare to find someone with such innate talent. He has many other videos like this where he demonstrates his remarkable talent however this video was my favourite as he used two well-known songs and decided to give them variation. It was nice to see someone take these highly sought after songs and add a unique twist to them.

Sean Grace (11131268)

  • Video Title:16bit - Dinosaurs (official Video)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: UKFDubstep on Aug 22,2011
  • No. of Viewers: 972,433 views, 14,851 likes, 1,534 dislikes
  • Description: Brand new video for 16bit 'Dinosaurs' released on August 29th on MTA Records.Directed & Animated by Kristofer Ström. Colonel Blimp & Blinkink.16bit are an electronic music act from Londan consisting of Eddie Jefferys and Jason Morrison.this is the music video for their song Dinosaurs.The movements of the dinosaurs in the video are in synced with the music.
  • Viewers'reactions:comments are mostly positive with many people praizing how the animation suits the perticular genre of music (Dubstep)"finally a dubstep video which makes sense".there are people criticizing the video for being too "trippy" but overall the comments are positive.
  • Why I liked it:I liked this video because it is a new style of music video that is rarely seen.the video is animated and directed perfectly to suit the music.the music is aggressive and violent and the dinosaurs portray this violence amazingly well.the artwork and animation are very nice also.It is not often that you get music videos for dubstep songs,and its different and thats why i liked it.

Nick Sazenski (11131861)

  • Video Title: Mark tremonti's 2005 tour best solo!
  • Video
  • Posted by:bridgeofclay on April 7th 2006
  • No. of Viewers: 1,073,170 , Ratings: 2,657 likes, 466 dislikes
  • Description: is a guitar solo by Mark Tremonti an expert guitarist for the rock band ‘AlterBridge’. On their world tour 2005 a recording of mark performing this solo at the end of the show was taken, it is just a video of him improvising for the fan’s enjoyment I think it is an incredible show of talent .
  • Viewers'reactions:The general viewer reaction is a good one for example username ‘misterchock’ posted “There isn’t many guitarists who can play like this guy”(4 months ago), which I thought was a great thing to point out to anyone watching this video mark is an innovative and accomplished musician. Another good comment was one by username ‘eddieguitar130296’ who posted “How can this possibly have 466dislikes it’s awesome :o” He said exactly what I was thinking I didn’t notice any reason for the dislikes within the video so I looked further through the comments. I found a number of viewers who were unhappy with this video and had posted their reactions for example username ‘Cumulus818’ just said “No talent” and username ‘Kitomusic’ posted his opinion “its not a race..its about the music …this sucks”. Although I do not agree with the negative comments on this video I see their point of view perhaps he is playing too fast is not the most talented but in my opinion he is an unflawed and great player by any means.
  • Why I liked it: I have chosen this video because I believe it is a true testament to this highly skilled musician and the instrument itself and I think you will admit it’s impressive aswell. I like this video for its uncommon sound, technique and mark is one of my favourite guitarists.

Sean McGrath (11137452)

MysteryGuitarMan is one of the biggest names on youtube, and rightly so. His videos are both entertaining to watch, and clearly well made. He has had a surge in popularity over the past year, having even made a US advert for McDonald's. In this video, he goes through over 26 hours of footage from his legions of fans and edits it together very professionally to create 'Hall of the Mountain King' by Edvard Grieg. As the video tells you, 1400 videos were sent in by his fans, of which he made 2000 cuts in this video alone, and 561 vidoes featured a guitar, but practically an entire orchestra featured in the video, incliding a timpani player in full uniform!

  • Viewers'reactions:

Simply the amount of likes on this video shows how well- received it was. One of the top rated comments was "Jeeze how would you edit this?", proving that MGM's skills as an A/V editor are highly impressive. Another commenter said ' And this sir, is why you are epic'. The comments section was full of comments lke this, and I failed to find one negative comment. This comment also show's his fans' respect and loyalty to him, as these type of comments feature on every MGM video.

  • Why I liked it:

MysterGuitarMan has always had a tendency to create videos using rather new songs, but this came as a pleasant surprise, using the classical piece in a very modern field of work. MGM is also adept on guitar, bass, piano, etc, and uses these regularly in his videos along with a visual accompaniment. In my personal opinion he is one of the more talented and quirky internet sensations at the moment, who has become quite successful in his work, having even produced his own T-shirt range, for which there is huge demand, and featured on a 'digital tour' this year with other similar artists.

Katelyn Donovan (11070838)

  • Video Title: Drive All Night
  • Video URL: [3]
  • Posted by: NEEDTOBREATHEVIDEOS August 17, 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 26,098 -no, Ratings: 778 likes, 24 dislikes
  • Description:Uploaded by NEEDTOBREATHEVIDEOS on Aug 17, 2011

© 2011 WMG

Category: Music Tags:

  • NEEDTOBREATHE Drive All Night Taylor Swift Kings of Leon

License: Standard YouTube License

Viewers' reactions: The YouTube video that I chose was the lyrical video “Drive all Night” by the band NEEDTOBREATHE. This video was posted on August 17, 2011 and has 26,098 views. There are 778 likes and 24 dislikes. All the comments I read except for about 3 were positively expressing their satisfaction with the video. There are many reasons why I chose this video but mostly it was chosen for the pure creativity and uniqueness of it. I have been a huge fan of this band for about 6 years and have always been impressed by their vocal and all around talent. They have never let me down in their music video department either. They always have interesting and different videos that so perfectly match up with their songs. This one although a little different, was also just as impressive, if not more. I found this video very cool because every lyric of the song was written on a street sign. The song mentions driving all night and the video captures that perfectly with the viewer feeling as if they are on a road trip. While on this road trip constantly seeing the lyrics to this song on billboards, advertisements, street signs. Its very neat too because they also show the lyrics on the front of theater buildings. Where the bands name might be shown if they were performing there that evening was replaced with the lyrics to the song. I did notice a few parts of the song that showed some repeat signs especially during the chorus, but for the most part they did a great job of making it seem as if nothing was repeated or used twice. Everything looked original and new. It’s a great video that keep you interested and entertained and its something that I have never seen done before. I love it and wish that I personally created it.

Niamh Kelleher(11141271)

Video Title: Kings of Leon - Radioactive (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on iTunes

Video URL:

Posted by: Uploaded by boyceavenue on 18 Apr 2011

No. of Viewers: 704,948 Ratings: 8851 likes, 108 dislikes

Description: This video is of a Puerto Rican- American acoustic rock band covering a Kings of Leon song 'Radioactive'. The band consists of three brothers who each play a variety of different musical instruments but shown in this video is the amazing musical skills of them playing piano and drums. Alejandro plays the piano whilst singing the lyrics of the song and Daniel plays the drums and tambourine. The band covers well known, 21st centuary songs and also they're own originals.

Viewers'reactions: Theres no surprise that the majority of the viewers are left blown away by this cover. Some reactions are that people were left 'speechless' while others were 'getting goosebumps' just from the sound of Alejandros voice!

Why I liked it: I like this video for a variety of different reasons. Firstly playing the piano has always been a goal of mine that i have not yet persued and hearing this cover makes me want to learn it right now! Kings of Leon are my favourite band in the music industry today and for a song that is originally performed using a guitar and base, its so beautifully performed by the piano! Boyce Avenue are a true inspiration to me as they made themselves known by uploading videos of there performances to youtube, this turned out to make them famous creating worldwide tours and a fanbase! The quality of this video is brilliant as nowadays it can be hard to find videos with such an audio and visual perfection.

Eoin O' Donohoe (11139013)

Video Title: Cobus - Usher - Caught Up (Drum Cover)

Video URL: [video name]

Posted by: deedlebag on Nov 27 2008

No. of Viewers:615,394 , no Ratings: 1,891 likes, 269 dislikes

Description:This is a drum cover of Usher's song, Caught Up.

First off I should say I used this song as a warm-up.. It was inserted at the beginning of the third set and I used the verses to get the tightness going and the choruses for fills, loops, etc. I really dig hip-hop, I love solid grooves and tight phrases.. LOVE it. So obviously this was then a LOT of fun to do, the song is pretty basic, I went a little nuts in the choruses, was so so so much fun.

I should also mention, this was totally inspired by Aaron Spears' performance of this song at the 2008 Modern Drummer festival. I saw a clip of this and HAD to cover it, looked like an insane amount of fun. I've also really gotten into the drumming of Aaron himself, aswell as Gerald Heyward.. unbelievably talented muso's, MAXIMUM respect. I am totally convinced you can't really play drums until you can groove, and these guys redefine what it means to get and to stay in the pocket.

Viewers'reactions:"such a good drum jam song" "YOU are awesome!!!!! I wish we could have gotten up while we were both in Cali...We have to meet up one day...Be safe and keep inspiring the masses(myself included)...

-Aaron Spears"

Why I liked it: I enjoyed this video mainly because it puts such a different slant on how the song is interpreted. Cobus takes Aaron Spears' original remix of this song and mixes it up again using his own style. He combines acoustic drums with electronic drums to produce a unique sounding kit. Being a drummer myself I can appreciate what he has done here as im sure other drummers can too seeing it for what it truly is and for the hours that have gone into recording it in the way he has. He reaches out to a broad audience and is even recognised in the comments box by Aaron Spears himself.

Eibhlín Langtry (11134844)

  • Video Title: Love The Way You Lie - MASHUP (free mp3!)
  • Video URL: Listen here
  • Posted by: KurtHugoSchneider on 11 Sep 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 21,808,711 views, Ratings: 165,561 likes, 3,778 dislikes
  • Description: This is a mash-up of the songs “Love the way You Lie”, “Dynamite” and “Teenage Dream” all sang by Sam Tsui with Kurt Schneider performing on the instruments and producing the video. All the songs are introduced separately but are “mashed-up” towards the end of the performance.
  • Viewers'reactions: The comment box is full of positivity. The consensus is that it's brilliant and extremely impressive. A top rated comment claiming "I would pay for this mans music. And I haven't ever paid for music" having 61 likes for a comment only posted 1 day ago and given that this was uploaded just over a year ago it shows that the video still maintains to catch interest.
  • Why I liked it: In general I love listening to mash-ups but I was particularly impressed by this one. Sam Tsui sings and Kurt Schneider plays all the instruments heard in this video which is admirable in itself. They layered the vocal tracks and instrument tracks which were all recorded separately which is something I look forward to being able to do as part of my course. Towards the end of the song he uses overdubbing to mix the vocals of Love the Way You Lie, Teenage Dream and Dynamite together with perfect synchronisation to the backing music. The video editing is interesting as they split the screen into separate boxes to show each instrument being introduced and played. They are indubitably talented and I would love to be able to produce a music video like this.

CJ Hartigan (11134526)

Video Title: Empty School

Video URL: [4]

Posted by: huggio55 March 24th 2010

No. of Viewers: 274,997

No. of Ratings: 2,188 likes, 29 dislikes

Description: The video shows a young student in his school creating a music composition using his surroundings in the "empty school" such as lockers, doors, and also a collection of instruments such as a xylophone who's sound is amplified perfectly by the acoustics in the empty hallways.

Viewer's reactions: The viewers all seem to like it, this is easily shown by the ratio of likes to dislikes, and many viewers have seemed to be brought here by a T.V. program called rude tube. There are many positive comments such as "That was truly amazing. I've never heard something like that in my life." But like many videos on youtube, it doesn't go without its fair share of criticism and negative comments such as "I think they all left when they heard your music."

Why I liked it: The reason why I liked this video was because I thought it was incredibly innovative and creative, while I enjoy composing music myself, I have never thought of doing anything like this and i found it so refreshing and fun to watch! There are a few videos such as this on youtube where people use unusual methods to compose a music piece, I just found that this one was the most impressive as I had never seen it before. There are videos such as the famous "Techno Jeep" by Julian Smith, but i just find that this one is more original. Ben Meyers is a fantastic composer of music, especially for his age, also the video editing is quite impressive as it catches all of the musical aspects and certainly adds to the viewing experience.

Tony Gunning (11140054)

  • Video Title:KraftWerk - The Robots, electronic music performance 2009
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Uploaded by MediaArtTube on October 24 2009
  • No. of Viewers:5,419 views 8 likes, 0 dislikes
  • Description: German Band, KraftWerk perform, Robots, electronic music live 2009
  • Viewers'reactions:Although this video does not have that many comments, the people that did comment had the majority of positive comments,"Awesome", and with 8 likes and zero dislikes this is a positive and enjoyable video to watch.
  • Why I liked it:Apart from this video highly interesting and amusing to watch, the video really shows modern digital technology at its best. The idea of a so-called Robot used to perform music is at the centre of modern music technology. This clip shows off the fantastic musical training that the members of the band went through in there earlier years. Now it shows an even bigger musical talent as they can convey there musical talents trough a robot installation which I feel is fantastic. Another reason why I liked this video is that I am particularly interested in electrical installations and that's what automatically made me watch this video and makes me more interested every time I watch it or something related to it. All in all I found this video an exciting and interesting one to watch.


Matt Dillon (11139587)

  • Video Title: Roger Linn Design - New musical instrument prototype
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: rogerlinndesign on 14/05/10
  • No. of Viewers: 264425, Ratings: 1439 likes, 25 dislikes
  • Description: This video was uploaded by Roger Linn to promote the new musical instrument that he has created. The instrument has a multi-touch, pressure sensitive control surface that enables the user to create different notes that vary in pitch depending on how much pressure is applied to the touch pad. The sound from this prototype is independent for each individual square and numerous notes can be played simultaneously. This instrument also has rows of cromatics which enables the user to play chords and scales.
  • Viewers'reactions: Many viewers posted comments stating that the prototype was "awesome" and that its creator was "brilliant". Very few comments were negative. On person even stated that it was "the future".
  • Why I liked it:I like this prototype because it creates very unique sounds and it is easily used. Also it seems to be enjoyable to use and it has a very professional sound. This video also shows how music and technology can be combined to create instruments that are very unique and perhaps it shows us the future of modern music. The position of the notes and scales makes it easier to play any song or piece of music of the users choice on the instrument. I also enjoyed the ascending and descending sound effects that can be created when the user slides their finger up, down or across the pad.

Clodagh Walsh (11128011)

  • Video Title: Macy's Magic Fitting Room.
  • Video URL: Macy's Magic Fitting Room
  • Posted by: Ibinewyork on October 19th, 2010.
  • No. of Viewers: 14, 339. Ratings: likes 18, dislikes 0.
  • Description: This is a video about what Macy's call ‘social retailing’. Macy’s, together with LBi have designed the ‘Macy’s Magic Fitting Room’ which features a 72inch mirror with multi-touch technology that interacts with a multi-touch tablet. This provides shoppers the opportunity to browse, shop and try-on clothes virtually. You can also send the finished image to your Facebook page and receive item information via SMS.
  • Viewers'reactions: Unfortunately there were zero comments left despite 14, 338 viewings. However, the fact that the video received eighteen likes and zero dislikes suggests no negative reactions by viewers towards the interactive fitting room.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this because it is a fun way to shop, mixing new technology in a way which involves the shopper in a fun innovative way to trying on clothes. I like the concept of this ‘magic fitting room’ as it saves time trying on outfits one may be unsure of and also would allow someone to try on more outfits alot quicker. I like the fact that they have involved the popular social networking site Facebook, allowing someone to upload the pictures for their friends to see and comment on. Many well known clothing brands have a similar feature on their website whereby you can try their clothes on a model. However, Macy’s have used technology that allows customers to try the clothes on themselves, in person, rather than on a size zero model fixed on a computer screen. I was impressed by this innovative interactive device.

Leo Cannon(11135646)

  • Video Title: Sony Vaio 3D laptop at CES 2011 - Which first look review
  • Video URL: link title
  • Posted by: WhichWebsite on 7 Jan 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 24,694. 19 likes. 3 dislikes.
  • Description: This is a short video briefly describing and showcasing the first 3D laptop produced by Sony.
  • Viewers' reactions: Most comments criticise the reviewers accent rather than the laptop itself! However topics such as the price mentioned ($1700), the availability of the product, the battery life, and Sony laptops in general are raised in the viewers' comments.
  • Why I liked it: While I was on the look-out for a laptop in my local electrical retail store I came across this laptop and it instantly appealed to me. I found this video to be very informative for the short time it runs for as the reviewer gives a brief specification and demonstration of how easy and accessible the 3D function is. Some video reviews can influence the viewers opinion but I believe this review maintains its objectivity. I find this 3D function to be particularly interesting as it is another step up in the field of digital media. This can create space in the market for new 3D games and apps as well as a 3D webcam for 'Skype' users.

Linda Sandström (11072695)

  • Video Title: Girl Talk - Bounce That (Best Fan Video Ever)
  • Video URL: View Video
  • Posted by: ahhhnth on Dec 6, 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 1 820 680, Ratings: 2689 likes, 127 dislikes
  • Description: This is a video made by students at Concordia University in Montreal for a project called “Open Source Cinema Project”. They’ve been rotoscoping a concert video of Girl Talk (Gregg Michael Gillis) who is an American musician, famous for making mash ups and digital samplings.
  • Viewers'reactions: Most of the comments are discussions about which songs Girl Talk made this song out of. There are also comments about how amazing and incredible the animated video is and how excited people are to see this guy performing live on stage. One comment says: “Yeh that was good. Made me think a lot about copyright and how it controls us. Girl Talk is a hero of copyright breaking.” Another one says: “They should be paying him not suing him, this is the best free promo for these tunes ever.”
  • Why I liked it: I really like the video and the animation of it but most of all I like Girl Talk and how he works with and against the music industry and the copyright of music. In this video he mixes not less than 11 songs! I caught the eye of him for the first time when I saw the open source documentary about the changing concept of copyright “RiP!: A Remix Manifesto” where he plays a central role. It’s hilarious, you should all see it!

Stuart Duffy (11123761)

  • Video Title: Jeremy Ellis performs on Maschine Mikro
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: NativeInstruments on 5th Sep 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 442760, Ratings: 2353 likes, 71 dislikes
  • Description: Check out finger drumming phenomenon Jeremy Ellis as he performs an amazing live routine on MASCHINE MIKRO, the upcoming compact version of the acclaimed computer-based groove production system.
  • Viewers'reactions: From the few dozen comments posted, multiple users commented on how the performance was none other than 'awesome'. There was a most positive overall judgement of the video, along with several 'jealous' comments.
  • Why I liked it: I enjoyed this video personally as I found the instrument it self as being delightfully basic to operate yet very diverse 'sounding' at the same time. The multiple sounds, ranging from beats to synths allowed the listener/watcher to gain a full appreciation and understanding of the instrument being played. The broad range of sounds and styles also appealed to me and it opened an artistic window for the development and construction of a multitude of musical pieces across different, highly diverse genres. The idea behind this instrument also appealed to me due to its fantastic form of operation which allows anybody, being from a musical background of not, to operate this device. The instrument also responds to a simple touch which is by far alot easier than that of stretching fingers to produce a chord or memorizing a scale to sound appealing. Above all, it was both the simplicity of the instrument and the vast collection of sounds the instrument obtained that appealed to me most. For example, the beginning of the video displays an array of skinned drums being played in beat , and then toward the end, a much more diverse, electronic collection of music was being performed. The diversity of genres and collection of chords being outputted by a single button, really attracted me to this instrument. This futuristic instrument now completely broadens not only the electronic instrument industry, but also the entire musical industry itself.

Pádhraig O'Donoghue (0350788)

  • Video Title: Controller Battle - ARTFUL CODGER (qualifying)
  • Video URL: [5]
  • Posted by: controllerismdotcom on Aug 17, 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 4,484, Ratings: 38 likes, 0 dislikes
  • Description: Contestant ARTFUL CODGER performs before the audience and judges of The West Coast Championship Controller Battle which was held in San Francisco, June 2011.
  • Viewers'reactions: Of the 4 comments posted, comprising interjections of approval, reaction was invariably favourable. 'nice!' wrote nkang55, setting the example which subsequent posters would follow. The more interested observer, seeking informed discussion, may come away perhaps feeling a sense of profound disappointment.
  • Why I liked it: In the ennui begotten of over-exposure to a seemingly endless succession of technological gimmicks it's refreshing to find a gimmick that still manages to amaze. Before the mind succeeds in rationalising away the embarrasing experience of perceiving something "magical", we can enjoy the illusion of a man controlling the world using some unseen power. I can see this catching on in the studio and the club. It could lend to electronic music not only the coveted whimsy of Disneyland's Main Street Electric Parade but also the cachet of mime. Is he reenacting the frantic search in the darkened hot press for his car keys or is he rocking that party? I think we all know the answer to that question.


Fabian Barrett(11058099)

  • Video Title:Rise Against - Make It Stop (September's Children)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: RiseAgainstVEVO on June 21st 2011
  • No. of Viewers:4,083,049, 47,009 likes, 883 dislikes
  • Description: Music video by Rise Against performing Make It Stop (September's Children).
  • Viewers'reactions: The viewers reactions are mostly positive with 883 Dislikes out of over 4 million views however there were some ignorant comments like this guy speaking on a particular scene in the video " HAHA!!! That guy getting bullied in the bathroom cracked me up. "Oh no, a girl kissed me!!! What do I do!!". Considering "That guy getting bullied in the bathroom" goes on to try end his life I find it rather distasteful and surprising this bible thumper had enough time away from learning scripture to watch and comment on videos online. All things considered the vast majority of viewers were able to grasp the message intended.
  • Why I liked it: This video by Rise Against who are an underground punk band was strong enough that MTV chose to create a whole new category at their VMA awards, namely "VMA Best video with a message award". I think the video is brave and isn't the usual flashing strobes and product placement that you see in most music videos today. I have never seen or heard of a Rise Against video being shown on MTV so maybe they are jumping on a bandwagon but at least its a positive message they're trying to help promote. Having shared a stage and some beers with Rise Against I'm proud of them for making what could be seen as an unpopular video to support a good cause.


Jack Clohessy (11121947)

  • Video Title:SB.TV EXCLUSIVE - Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Dont Need You (Acoustic)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Uploaded by smokeybarz on Feb 28, 2010
  • No. of Viewers:4,181,724, 24,861 likes, 326 dislikes
  • Description: The video is of Ed Sheeran playing in the SB.TV studio. everyting is done live on the spot with a singular loop pedal.
  • Viewers'reactions:The viewers comments are mostly positive. with over 4 million views and less than 400 dislikes it is clear that fans love it. One comment states that the original version is no where near as technical and good as the live version. Another comment show a fans envy for the talent Ed Sheeran possesses! "Oh my god! This is amazing, if only it was possible to steal someone's talent"
  • Why I liked it:I was in awe of this video the first time i saw it. i love music involving loop pedals and Ed has proven that he has mastered this technique. I also really enjoyed the lyrics because it shows the various different styles of music he can manipulate. He mixes his superior singing with freestyle rap which he does to perfection. In the last verse also he shows his other singing capabilities by switching to a raggae style! Even though he has only been on the music scene for less than two years i believe he will be a superstar in no time.


Conbonjovi McCoy (11136995)

  • Video Title:Bon Iver- Woods (studio version)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Uploaded by Norrisnegger on Dec 14, 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 792,032 viewers with 1,854 likes and 91 dislikes
  • Description: This studio version of the song Woods by Bon Iver is from his 2009 EP entitled Blood Bank. There are no instruments in this song only an auto tuned singing voice layered over itself.
  • Viewers'reactions:The viewers reactions are positive with the majority of the comments arguing over the 'artistic' use of auto tune and whether or not Justin Vernon(the lead singer) can actually sing: "Auto tune is so ridiculous..." and "Kanye West and Bon Iver are the only people that actually use auto tune correctly". While some people are unsure whether they like the song or not others have very clear views " THIS IS BEAUTIFUL"
  • Why I liked it: I really enjoy this song but moreso in the context of the EP as we are brought through several acoustic/ folk songs and then arrive at this processed electric acapella tune which is void of musical instruments. Bon Iver yet again exercise their creativity in a new and innovative way in order to awaken a variety of feelings in the listener. I found the use of auto tune especially interesting as it is normally used to perfect the voices of lesser pop artists whereas in this situation it is used to manipulate and distort Vernon's voice and then layered on top of itself to create a choir effect.


Kieran O'Sullivan (11118679)

  • Video Title: Harmonica Beatbox Loops - Ridum - Joe Driscoll
  • Posted by: Curiousjedi on August 28, 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 146,636
  • Description: This is a video of beatbox harmonica player Joe Driscoll on his first U.K. Television appearance. Driscoll is one of many people who has begun beatboxing while playing an instrument simultaneously. He also incorporates the use of a loop station in this video, which allows him to layer the harmonica, as well as the beats he is producing. Driscoll then even sings some lines over the beats and lines of harmonica he has looped, even singing "You are made of the rhythm you feel," in three part harmony.
  • Viewers reactions: This is a clearly loved youtube video, with 586 likes and merely 24 dislikes, and comments which range from simple awe, "Oh so good!" to high praise for Joe's talent "coolest thing iv'e seen all year".
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video as I think it is a really creative and original art, and Joe seems to be pretty inventive. This video was one of a few, which got me into the art of beatbox harmonica, but this is without a doubt the best one I have seen which uses live looping. I am determined to buy a loop pedal one day and spend hours perfecting an idea such as this.


Allen Wixted (11132906)

  • Video Title: Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child
  • Video URL: Video Link
  • Posted by: scotty688 on July 1, 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 10,067,368. 45,738 likes, 424 dislikes.
  • Description: This is a video of Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 mega-hit, ‘Voodoo Child (Slight Return)’. The song is the final track on the third, and sadly last, album by the Jimi Hendix Experience. I chose this song due to the extensive and innovative use of the ‘Wah-Wah’ pedal on the lead guitar track. This song was an evolutionary moment in rock music’s history and continues to influence guitarists like Kirk Hammet from Metallica to this very day. The song is honoured with numerous accolades. For example: 11th greatest solo of all-time, the Rolling Stone’s 101st greatest song of all-time and was praised my Joe Satriani as favourite guitar solo. He says, “It's just the greatest piece of electric guitar work ever recorded. In fact, the whole song could be considered the holy grail of guitar expression and technique. It is a beacon of humanity.”
  • Viewers'reactions: “I just broke my air guitar.” “How in the hell you make a song like that in the 60s? Who told him a guitar can do that?”
  • Why I liked it: I found the song interesting due to the new and creative techniques used in creating his guitar tone and arrangement of the song. He uses various techniques like slides, mutes, ascending and descending solos and exploratory use of the wah-wah pedal. The sound he produces is unlike anything I've ever heard and it's over 40 years later! It's an astonishing compostition today, and I can't comprehend how innovative it must have sounded to a pre-70's pop culture.

Neal Mc Namara (11128933)

  • Video Title: Red vs. Blue S8 Tex fights Reds and Blues in awesome action sequence
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: RoosterTeeth. 26 June 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 4,221,284, Ratings: 39,528 likes, 285 dislikes
  • Description: This video shows a scene from the popular Machinima series "Red vs. Blue". It is made using the multiplayer mode of the Xbox 360 game "Halo 3". The creators use the controllable characters to act out the scenes and then the actors dub over the footage they capture. This is also the first episode where they introduced CGI into the series so they can act out scenes that they wouldn't be able to with the limitations of the Havok Physics Engine that halo 3 uses.
  • Viewer's reactions: The majority of feedback from the fans is very positive. Many people insist on using the term "badass" to describe the video. One viewer even said, "Thumbs up if you can't see the dislike bar".
  • Why I liked it: The reason I liked this video is because it is a perfect example of how Machinima is a perfect mix between work and creativity. The creators of the online hit show started off like most of us: avid gamers. They started off a very basic comedy show using a computer game. They could have never known that what they started would flourish into an successful online company, making millions each year. Machinima is a monument to what the ordinary gamer can achieve.

Emma Buckley (11129077)

  • Video Title:Beat Bearing demo
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: peterdbennett on the 28th of November 2007
  • No. of Viewers:no, Ratings: 1,551,103. 4,433 likes, 388 dislikes
  • Description: It is a demonstration of a BeatBearing. The BeatBearing allows the player to create simple rhythmic patterns simply through placing balls on a grid. The BeatBearing is only a sequencer- all of the sounds are triggered by the MIDI from the BeatBearing. A novel aspect of the BeatBearing is the use of a screen underneath the grid allowing the plater to see the state of each beat and also see the current position of the time-line.
  • Viewers'reactions: Viewers commented that the instrument was cool, class and awesome. Many indicated that they would like one for themselves by asked where could they get one. Some also said they could spend days playing on it. There were also negative comments, as some mentioned that it was only a toy for toddles and it was quite a boring object that they would have no interest in.
  • Why I liked it:I liked it because it is an object which I would like to have and I think I could get hours of entertainment out of it. I can see this been used my acts on stage to set a backing track. The underneath screen enhance the object making it more interactive.

Killian O Dwyer (11134941)

  • Video Title: Blackstar Series one 200 emulated output demo with John Browne of Monuments (8 string Guitar!)
  • Video URL: Video Link
  • Posted by: Blackstaramps on December 8th 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 77,104 views. 757 likes, 5 dislikes
  • Description: This video features British guitarist John Browne of the progressive metal band Monuments demonstrating the ‘Blackstar Series one 200 emulated output’ amplifier. The emulated output featuring in this amp allows for a high definition tone similar to that which can be produced from a 4x12 cab (speaker) but this has no need for microphones as the guitar track can be sent directly into an audio interface or mixing software program. Guitar tracks can also be recorded silently with the emulated output. This feature would be very useful to musicians lacking the freedom to play and record at all times due to living in residential areas.
  • Viewers'reactions: The viewers reactions were positive and many were interested in how John Browne achieved the tone he recorded this piece with. My favourite comment was “INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM, NOW! This is sex for my ears.”
  • Why I liked it: I am a huge fan of this type of music and it was interesting to learn about this new amp as I am not too familiar with the brand. I am also fascinated by John Brown’s use of an 8 string guitar as a lot of guitarists that play 8 strings do not utilize the instrument to its full potential.


Michaella Walsh (11132221)

  • Video Title:Dynamite - Taio Cruz (Boyce Avenue acoustic/piano cover)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: boyceavenue on 4 Oct 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 3,504,578, Ratings: 21015 likes, 149 dislikes
  • Description: This is an acoustic piano/acoustic cover of the pop song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. The lead singer of the band Boyce Avenue does the singing and also plays two guitars, a piano and a cajon. He simply records himself playing each instrument or singing and them layers them on top of each other to sound like its all being done at the same time. We are also shown different video clips of him singing or playing and instrument at the same time with some excellent video editing.
  • Viewers'reactions:: All the comments I came across were positive, commenting on the quality of the editing “Did I mention how perfectly edited this video is?” and on how good this cover was “WOW amazing” and “better than the original”.
  • Why I liked it: I loved the idea of this cover being played by five of the one artist and then the end product turning out perfect. It shows perfect and interesting video editing which allows us to see the artist playing/ singing at the same time. The singing, instrument playing and video recording is all synchronised perfectly. Alejandro, the lead singer also wrote the cover of this song for each instrument himself. I think Alejandro Manzano is a very talented artist and this cover of “Dynamite” is both skilful and enjoyable.


Stephen Halley (11060131)

  • Video Title: Samsung 3D Projection Mapping
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Samsung3devent on August 19, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 178,629 views. Ratings: 496 Likes; 8 Dislikes.
  • Description: : This video was recorded as part of an advertising campaign by Samsung, to advertise their new range of 3D LED TV’s. It shows a large outdoor projection on the side of an old historical building (the Beurs van Berlage) in Amsterdam, which displays high quality images onto the building and makes it look as if the projections are actually coming to life. It took place between 22.30 and 00.30 on the 20th-22nd of May 2010.
  • Viewers'reactions: Out of the 178,629 viewers of this video, there is a very positive reaction to it. With only 8 dislikes, it seems to have gone down well with the general public. The words “Impressive”, “Amazing” and “freaking awesome” pop-up throughout the user comments just to show how well this campaign was received for its visuals.
  • Why I liked it: I think, as far as big advertising campaigns go, this is one of the best (visually) I have seen. There are many videos of 3D projections like this to be found on the net, but this seems to be one of the better ones, well probably due to the funding Samsung have behind it. Nevertheless, I think it just looks absolutely stunning, especially when it shows the building cracking down the middle. It looks very realistic and sound effects just add to the realism. I also thought the visual of the windows filling up with water, and the gold fish swimming along was done very well. The fact that people turned up in the middle of the night to see this shows how impressive it is and if this is the future of advertising, then I look forward to seeing what’s to come.

Ninett Rosenfeld (11065818)

  • Video Title: Ukulele - Whatever Happened to My Rock and Roll
  • Video URL: link to video
  • Posted by: FinRaucous on March 06, 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 51.292, Ratings: 454 likes, 5 dislikes
  • Description: Fin performed "Whatever Happened to My Rock and Roll", which original was released in October 2001 by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, who named themselves after Marlon Brando's motorcycle gang in the 1953 film The Wild One.

It is filmed on a snowy day in Glasgow when the only option for those loitering in sheds and trying not to freeze was to clap, stomp and shout.

  • Viewers'reactions: The viewers comments are all very positive and they often use phrases such as 'awesome', 'simply brilliant'.
  • Why I liked it: I like the video, because it is one of my favourite bands. The man in the video keeps the drive of the original version successfully so that you have to move your feet, when you listen to it. Another thing I like is that it is kind of simple with regard to the solo performance and that you can see the efforts in editing afterwards. He sings the main part of the song like you would do when you have a haunting melody in mind and uses an ukulele for the guitar part in the original version. Additionally the video shows that this band unites generations.

Mark Eisenberg(11118482)

  • Video Title: Madeon - Pop Culture (live mashup)
  • Video URL: [6]
  • Posted by: itsmadeon on Jul 11, 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 4,576,824: 86,163 likes, 600 dislikes
  • Description: This video is a mashup of 39 popular songs by a DJ/musician known as Madeon. He mentions that he made it with the software FL Studio & Ableton Live and played it on a Novation Launchpad & Novation Zero SL MKII. The buttons seem to have various symbols and each can be programmed with a track segment on loop.
  • Viewers' reactions: The the majority of the reactions are positive with no visible negative comments. Examples: "Madeon, you rock. Very unique!"..."Amazing!"..."That's crazy I wish I could mix up music like this guy. You're awesome, Madeon!"
  • Why I liked it: This is a great example of how modern music is made and mixed with the help of innovative technology, in this case the Novation Launchpad. It is obvious that he has some experience with music/mixing but this makes the video all the more interesting and entertaining. He is able to blend the music very well together with simple and coordinated button presses. The performer is then able to change the Launchpad into a sort of keyboard where he plays his own composition. I find it very appealing that the Launchpad has a dual function as a programmable instrument.

Mícheál Keating (11129697)

  • Video Title: Jonny Greenwood Max/MSP Patch
  • Video URL: [7]
  • Posted by: redjambluejam on Feb 13, 2006
  • No. of Viewers: 236,662, Ratings: 481 likes, 29 dislikes
  • Description: A short clip extracted from the television show 'Later... With Jools Holland' in which the Alternative-Rock band Radiohead perform the song 'Go to Sleep'. This clip shows the innovative guitar solo which closes the performance, when guitarist Jonny Greenwood uses the software program Max/MSP to process his guitar signal, utilizing a patch which he designed himself in the program. The patch sporadically grabs segments of the input coming from the guitar and quickly loops these segments.
  • Viewers' reactions: Many viewers are clearly fanatics of the band, praising the guitarist with god-like worship, "Jonny is God". Other viewers seem confused as they do not understand how the guitarist is achieving these sounds and some discuss the difficulty of creating patches on the Max/MSP program. Also, there are a few luddites who criticize the guitarist for cheating, claiming that he lazily uses the computer to play the guitar for him.
  • Why I liked it: As a person with great interest in experimentation and new ideas in music, as well as a guitar and electronic music enthusiast, I found this video very interesting and inspiring. Greenwood integrates familiar electric guitar tones with modern technology, effectively creating a half man/half machine guitarist, and this technique creates original, weird and wonderful sounds. But, this video shows more than simply a clever idea, as the guitarist, rather than simply showcasing the technique, uses it well to contribute to the performance as a whole. He gives the performance unsurmountable energy with his ferociously aggressive sounds, giving the guitar a personality of its own, and his colourful playing has a dizzying yet invigorating effect. Overall I found this video to be awe-inspiring.

Gearoid Mullins(11087498)

Video title:Guitar: Bumble(Flight of the Bumblebee In Stop Motion)

Video URL:

Posted by:MysteryGuitarMan No. of views: 2,616,819ratings: 27,878 likes, 429 dislikes

Description:The second installment of the epic trilogy! Equally time-consuming. This is a time-lapse of 9 hours!

Viewers' reactions:How can anyone possibly dislike this?? Its amazing!!!

Why i liked it: I thought the video showed good skills of video editing as well as correct synchronization to the music.Both performed by mysteryguitarman and also with a sence of humour.

Tiernan Morrissey (11111607)

Video title: Skrillex - Rock n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain).

Video URL:

Posted by:TheOfficialSkrillex No. of views: 4,270,501 views . 32,942 Likes. 677 Dislikes.

Description: This is the live performance video for Skrillex's song called Rock n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain). Viewers' reactions: wiwiwiwi93 said "LOVE LOVE LOVE" . This is merely one of many references to the praise to Skrillex from his fans . Why i liked it:

The performance I have linked is a song called Rock n’ Roll by a Dubstep/ Electronica artist known as Skrillex. The reason I have chosen this performance as my assignment is because I admire the way that he has combined a mixture of Dubstep and Dance Electronic music . It’s a form of music that can really allow for an amazing live performance . This performance enthralls the live audience with a fantastic combination of outstanding auido quality and a terrific light show . This performace has aproxamitely 4,270,501 views and the vast majority of which were extrememly positive . All in all , I felt that it’s a great performace and I wish that I could one day amount to playing a live performace like that .

Conor Murphy (11149086)

Video title: Adobe Interactive Installation

Video URL:link to video

Posted by: adobesims

No. of views: 57,170 ratings: 38 likes, 5 dislikes

Description: The subject of the video is an interactive billboard found at Virgin Megastore, Union Square, New York City. The way it works is that an infrared camera tracks anyone who walks by and makes a random mish-mash of colours and shapes. The idea behind it is to promote the Adobe Creative Suite 3. To do this they would have to create an interactive and reactive video system to stand for creation and imagination.

Viewers' reactions: The general reaction from the video mostly had an impressed theme to it. On the other hand, there were some who didn't think much of it and called it "another Millionaire's **** take".

Why i liked it: I was rather impressed by it (even if it was a tad bit gimmicky). It shows how far we've gone when it comes to technology, even if they did make that thing four years ago.

Egne Oispuu(11149922)

Video title:Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt from ThinkGeek

Video URL:

Posted by: thinkgeek on 22.10.2009 No. of views: 1349154, Ratings: 1038 likes, 65 dislikes

Description:This video is great example of showing how the technology has developed nowadays. On this t-shirt all the major chords are recorded from a real electric guitar and little magnetic pick allows you to play this guitar like real one. With this t-shirt you can play songs what you want and it's simple as well. For washing the t-shirt you can safely remove all the electronic parts.So anywhere you go, you can take the music with you, as it includes mini amp speakers which only requires 4xAAA batteries and the volume goes suprisingly up to 11. There also is adjustable tone knob with what you can change the volume.

Viewers' reactions: Most of the reactions from viewers were good. People seem to be really interested in that kind of entertainment. Altough some people were questioning about the quality and particulary questioning about washing t-shirt as it still consist electronic components.

Why i liked it: I liked this video because this t-shirt allows people who don't know how to play guitar play the instrument and sound really professional. In addition, it really is good entertainer and you even can create your own music as well. I think that kind of inventions make our everyday life at least a little bit more fun and enjoyable.

Graham Patterson (11137665)

Video title:James Blake - CMYK (LIVE) @ Pitchfork Music Festival 2011

Video URL:

Posted by: jamesblaketumblr No. of views: 12,797 ratings: 145 likes 2 dislikes

Description: This is James Blake performing his song 'CMYK' from the EP of the same name at this year's Pitchfork Music Festival. It was posted in July.

Viewers' reactions: The people watching this video are very interested in how the song is performed by the band and what equipment they are using; "What is the drummer using to trigger the samples?" All the other comments are positive. One person made a joke about the two dislikes the video has, saying; "2 people use RGB". This is making reference to the RGB and CMYK colour models in processing, something we just covered in Media Programming.

Why i liked it:I liked this video because, like the other viewers, I was also interested in how the song was performed. This is because when this song was released in 2010, James Blake didn't perform live, he only played DJ sets. The song wasn't written to be played with a live band so when he does play live, I like to see how he has transformed the song to suit his group. He doesn't stay strict to the original version of the song, this version is longer and is more suited for a live audience. I think this performance is great; the song is equally energetic live as the recorded track. ---

Alex Girardi (11119608 )

Video title:Misa Digital Guitar Demo

Video URL:

Posted by: misadigital No. of views: 2,994,294 ratings: 7,253 likes 1,170 dislikes

Description: This video is to show off a new instrument called the 'Kitara'. It is highly experimental and is used for synthesis and it is stressed that the 'Kitara' is not intended to be a replacement for a guitar. There are a few similarities between the Kitara and a guitar, the main one being the shape. However, where the strings would be on a guitar, there is a touch pad with which you can control the pitch and velocity of the notes you play. The notes are played with your other hand, similar to a guitar. The things that make it unique from a guitar is the touch pad and the sound that comes out of it.

Viewers' reactions: Many of the viewers comments were very impressed with the kitara from a technological point of view but don't tihnk its very good as an instrument. One comment summs this up: 'on a technological standpoint, this is awesome, as an instrument, its ****'.

Why i liked it: I liked the concept of the kitara, incorporating a touch pad on a guitar shaped instrument and would have to agree that it is very good from a technological point of view.


David Cronolly (11119861)

Video title:New Traktor Pioneer DDJ-T1 Edition 2

Video URL:

Posted by: pioneerdjsounds

No. of views: ratings: 23 likes 1 dislikes

Description: This video takes an in-depth view into the upgraded Traktor software that Native instruments have designed to work alongside the new Pioneer DDJ-T1 Edition 2 controller. The software coincides with the Pioneer hardware allowing the DJ to see the waveform, beats and aquire the perfect cue points. The speaker describes the improvements in the software and why the package works so well together.

Viewers' reactions: The viewers reactions do not seem negative, some viewers question the usability of the hardware stating Is this toy for bedroom DJS or for Club DJs? . The general thought around controllers is that they are practical for 'bedroom DJ's' or mobile DJs, however Pioneer have set a new trend with the DDJ-T1 as it is ideal for club use, one viewer states If you have ever used one of these controllers you know how easy it is to set up for a set with one plug of a usb into your computer.. Your set up. It's a new day and age..

Why i liked it: I liked the combination of this innovative technology with top class hardware. An improved user interface helps the DJ create perfect cue points, loops and beatmatch smoothly with help from the compatible software and additions such as cue start using the volume faders. I believe this new addition to the DJ world will prove very popular globally. As one viewer states "Traktor+Pioneer=EPIC WIN!!"

Eóin Hogan(11133805)

Video title: Glastonbury 2008 Live video The Raconteurs Steady As She Goes

Video URL:

Posted by: flikmuth88 No. of views: 61,377 ratings: 344 likes 2 dislikes

Description: This a performance from the Band "The Raconteurs", fronted by Jack White and Bredan Benson during the 2008 Glastonbury festival. It's of one of their hit songs "Steady as she goes".

Viewers' reactions: As suggested by the ratio of likes to dislikes in this video, viewer reaction is very positive with one comment stating "lovin[g] it!!!" and others commenting on individual members of the band such as "Jack White is God. It's just bloody simple as that." and referring to their drummer Patrick Keeler; "even though I'm a death metal/ speed metal drummer..... I would totally play the drums for them. it would be fun as hell!"

Why i liked it: I loved that the band have reorganised and re-vamped the arrangement of the album version of the song, extending the length by almost double and improvising many of the guitar riffs and drum patterns. It's a testimony to the professionalism of the band and of how in sync they are with each other. Particularly the drumming during the song's bridge stands out from the album version and pumps a new energy into the song. The way Jack draws the crowd into the performance by getting them to chant the lyrics in answer to himself at the end of the song is also something that impressed me; showing he cares for the crowds reaction and isn't just getting on stage to do his job. As a musician this performance is a continual inspiration which has yet to fail at impressing me upon re-watching.

Leigh-anne Nash(11139935)

Video title: Jeremy Ellis Performing on Maschine - Unlike Any Other

Video URL:

Posted by: jeremyellismusic

No. of views: 42,480 ratings: 500 likes 494 dislikes 6

Description: Jeremy Ellis finger drums a live routine on the maschine mikro and in doing so demonstrates a new brand of music synthesis in a stylistic and unique way.

Viewers' reactions: Such comments as ‘gahhhhhhh unreal’ sum up the common reaction. Other viewer’s asked for demonstrations of particular keys which portrays the infectious fascination with this machine. Although there were 6 dislikes it’s true to say that the video had a positive reaction from the viewers.

Why I liked it: I liked this video because of the overall appeal of the instrument. It plays a lot of different genres and like most other electric devices one can find new ways to enjoy it. I chose this specific video because as the title suggests it is ‘Unlike Any Other.’

Eanna Brown (11112891)

  • Video Title: Stefano Barone - Batman - Alexander Supertramp
  • Video URL: [8]
  • Posted by: rpoland on Dec 1, 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 1,812,699, Ratings: 13,361 likes, 167 dislikes
  • Description: In this video, classical guitarist Stefano Barone performs an original composition, which involves heavy use of the guitar technique "tapping".
  • Viewers'reactions: As noted above, there were 13,361 likes and 167 dislikes for the video, meaning that there was a generally positive reaction to the video. The top comment underneath the video describes the song as "paradise" when listened to with speakers, while the second comment explained the "Alexander Supertramp" reference.
  • Why I liked it: For me, this video was appealing from both a technical and a musical point of view. Technically, Barone successfully demonstrates excellent use of the guitar technique of "tapping" (playing the guitar by pressing the string to the fretboard, not plucking the string as is traditional). He also uses the "echo" sound effect frequently used by producers to create a sort of "surround sound" style performance. Musically, I found this performance to be relaxing, and like the top commenter said, when I listened to this with my headphones, it felt like musical paradise. For these reasons, I found it a suitable choice for this assignment.

Peter Coyne (11060123)

  • Video Title: Perceptive Pixel - Advanced touch screen developers
  • Video URL: Perceptive Pixel - Advanced touch screen developers
  • Posted by: tudinesh on 6 May 2006
  • No. of Viewers: 4,048, Ratings: 7 likes, 0 dislikes
  • Description: An old demo from multitouch pioneer Jeff Han. The video takes us through some interesting concept apps for a large multi-user multitouch surface. It includes an innovative object browsing interface and a mapping application with a lens system for viewing different data sources.
  • Viewers'reactions: Some comments expressed amazement. One commenter noticed that users may get tired of standing up to interact with the technology, while another wondered when a consumer version would become available.
  • Why I liked it: When I first saw Jeff's multitouch UI it really opened my mind to the potential creative uses of multitouch technology. The video demonstrated proof-of-concept applications featuring UI paradigms which were radically different to anything I had experienced before. The large zoomable canvases, gesture commands, intuitive 2d and 3d navigation... it seemed to open up a whole new world of possibilities for interaction. Multitouch on smartphones and tablets has taken the industry by storm, but large form multitouch screens are still not widespread. This video suggests that there may be room for innovation in the space.

Chris Baeuchle(11117613)

  • Video Title: My PVC Instrument, DRS Talent Show (Original)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: snubbyj on Nov 19 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 3,811,255 Like no, Ratings: 47,895 likes, 209 dislikes
  • Description: A guy performs well known songs on an instrument which he has built himself and consist of hitting pipes. He calls "RimbaTubes".
  • Viewers'reactions: The feedback for this video is very positive. One comment from "BassCaZpeR1337" states that he/she put the video as his/her ringtone and that he/she lets it ring out to the end and because the video is 6:10 long nobodys calls him/her anymore. Another comment says that the "snubbyj" should be on America's Got Talent.
  • Why I liked it: I really enjoyed this video because i think the instrument that "snubbyj" created is really original and sounds very good too. He is able to perform alot of well known songs and he really gets the crowd going. Other than the "RimbaTubes" being a great invention, "snubbyj" also puts on a very enjoyable performance, at one stage even duetting the instrument! I wish i had invented and then performed this amazing instrument myself because "snubbyj" has gotten alot of attention on the instrument through this video as can be seen from the 3, 811, 255 likes. He also sells "snubbyj" t-shirts online, for fans of his video. I picked this video because the originality of the "RimbaTubes" made an impact on me.

Paul Costello (11135204)

**Video Title: Adidas Taekwondo - New Electronic Points Counting

    • Video URL: ://
    • Posted by: Uploaded by Laguna77 on Dec 11, 2006
    • No. of Viewers: 123,042 Ratings: 162 likes, 16 dislikes
    • Description: This is a short video introducing a new invention which has been introduced into the Taekwondo fighting world recently. The "Lajust" electronic taekwondo body pad has revolutionised Taekwondo while has also managed to modernise an ancient Korean martial art.
    • Viewers'reactions: From my reading of the comments made under the video i can see there is a mixed reaction. Many people agree that it is a brilliant invention which fixes many problems with the scoring in Taekwondo competitions however there are a number of people who are worried and doubt the new technology.
    • Why I liked it: I really liked and appreciated this video as it stops many of the flaws in Taekwondo competions and modernises the ancient Korean martial art. . In order to score clear contact must be made with the foot and body pad and the kick must be very powerful and generate enough pressure on the sensors in order to score. This gets rid of problems of fighters scoring for kicking hands and scoring with low impact kicks. As a martial arts idealist and Taekwondo black belt who fights competitivly i can appreciate this invention.

Daniel Bracken (11142219)

Video Title: The Cajon Box Drum Video URL: Posted by: on date: Uploaded by 167tyler on 1 Nov 2010 No. of Viewers: 20, 116 Ratings: 87 likes, 12 dislikes Description: The cajon is a peruvian invention. It is a Spanish word which translates as box in English. It is basically just a drum box which you sit on and play with, with you're hands. It is a great instrument to play along with you're acoustic instruments. This video is just a simple tutorial which shows how the drum works. Viewers' reactions: In general, the comments are positive. Most viewers leaving comments enquiring about where they can get a cajon and how much they cost. There is also quite a lot of comments saying how good they are. Why I liked it: I think this is an excellent video as it demonstrates and explains the cajon simply and clearly. With regards to the instrument, I love it. During the summer holidays I worked in a music store and saw and had the chance to try out all sorts of instruments. However, the cajon is the one which impressed me the most. Its small and compact and gives out great sound. It is easy to play and it is suitable for almost anyone. I think the main reason why i appreciated it so much is because i have a drum kit and I know how much effort it is to move around and transport and how much space a regular drum kit takes up, but with the cajon you dont have to worry about those things, it is suitable for almost every environment. For me, the cajon is a brilliant instrument and i really like it.

Andrew Farrell (11113588)

  • • Video Title: The Vegetable Orchestra
  • • Video URL:
  • • Posted by: vegetableorchestra (24 Mar 2007)
  • • No. of Viewers: 2,884,179 Ratings: 10,387 likes, 839 dislikes
  • • Description: This is a video created by a group of German musicians. In this video the viewer can watch how this group of people managed to turn everyday vegetables into musical instruments. There is a live performance shown with the orchestra using all the different types of instruments played to a live audience.
  • • Viewers' reactions:

Unfortunately comments have been disabled on this video but, the audience gave the orchestra a fantastic round of applause at the end of their performance. “December 5th, 2007: sorry, we had to disable commenting temporarily. it's way too much to handle at the moment. thank you all nevertheless!” By the message that was left in the description I assume that all comments were good! Having said that they also received a lot of bad comments by people that believed that they were wasting food. You can see this from the comment they made in the description. ”just one word to all the people who are concerned about people dying of starvation: we are concerned too. but not doing this project does change nothing.”

  • • Why I liked it:

I thought that it was a very unique way of creating music. It was very interesting to see how the instruments were made. As I was listening to the music, no matter how many times I replayed the video, I was constantly entertained by the musicians and I found myself trying to figure out what vegetable makes what noise.

      This video makes me think. I wonder what else could be used to make music. This video makes a very good topic of conversation amongst friends and it’s good to hear what other people’s ideas are.

Robert Mellotte (11111283)

**Video Title: Hermitage Green: Grounds For Divorce (Elbow Cover)

    • Video URL:
    • Posted by: hermitagegreen on May 21, 2011
    • No. of Viewers: 4,117 views 51 likes, 1 dislikes
    • Description: A local Limerick band perform a well known song with just acoustic instruments. Filmed in the Curragower
    • Viewers'reactions: the feedback is very positive and it should be as there is no doubt this band is very tallented. chickenfillets74 said "aww man why isn't this on itunes. This is fuckin epic." on some of their other videos comments come back saying "Wow!! What a fantastic energy and musical bond you guys have goin there!! So impressed - SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED! Can't wait to watch the other videos here!!!!"
    • Why I liked it: I liked this video because of its uniqueness. So much of the music we hear today is all very similar.This band are just a few lads with no help from computers its just them and their instruments doing covers of some well known songs and in my opinion the songs sound better this way. Also this band is from limerick and it is good to support more local acts. The members of the band are not professionals and are playing for the love of music. Two of the members are professional rugby players and that shows us how talented these people are. As liambo20 said on another one of there videos its "Powerful stuff altogether!!"

Kyle Davies (11132086)

Video Title: Tom Morello teaching guitar effects

Video URL:

Posted by: ARRR8 on 8 Apr 2011

No. of Viewers: 910 views 12 likes, 0 dislikes

Description: Tom Morello talking about how he makes sounds with his guitar that make it sound like anything but a guitar.

Viewers Reactions viewers reactions were all positive every comment was something about how impressed they were with the sounds he got out of the guitar one viewer named ElecticBlueCitrus humorously said “the father of rap guitar”, whilst another viewer named bftoler said “wow I could have sworn that was a harmonica……daaaayum

why I liked it: I liked this video because it showed how digital media and computerization has changed the sound of modern rock music and how the modern D.J scratch sounds along with the harmonica have been emulated perfectly on a guitar and I love how tom morello’s ingenuity with a guitar allows him to make the weird and wonderful sounds he does without having to add it digitally. I have admired tom’s playing for many years and he is at the forefront of effect laden guitar playing, his guitars are connected to an array of EFX pedals that create a huge range of sounds and pitch shifts, his playing shows the development of musical instrument playing and he shows us that today playing an electric guitar can become much more than what you thought it could.

Colin Doherty (11115122)

  • Video Title: Access - an interactive art installation by Marie Sester
  • Video URL: [9]
  • Posted by: scottmahoy on Oct 15, 2007
  • No. of Viewers: No. of Viewers: 56,445 Ratings: 169 likes, 1 dislikes
  • Description: This is an interactive art installation, by which viewers on the internet control a spotlight mechanism to place a spotlight on anonymous users of a staircase. There are as many as 35,000 viewers online at one time. Toward the end of the video audio is added, and those in the spotlight are told “This is their time to shine,” or to “Present identification.”
  • Viewers'reactions: Many users found that the idea of thousands of online viewers creepy. Others thought that this was a good idea because privacy is slowly deterring in society. One user compared them to “cats chasing a laser.”
  • Why I liked it: : I liked this because I found the reactions of some people amusing. Some enjoyed the spotlight while others tried to escape. I found it funny how they failed to escape the spotlight when they ran. Along with that, I found the video interesting because it shows that you don’t know who is watching you, with the user of webcams, anonymous users can view what you are doing. It shows how privacy is hard to come by in a modern society, it is almost non-existent.


Emma Murphy (11114614)

Video Title: Sound responsive light sculpture: Futuretro : 3-DELEQ. Demo. (sounds by somadril)

Video URL:

Posted by: futuretro on Mar 21, 2008.

No. of Viewers: 50,991 ratings: 106 likes, 5 dislikes

Description: This sound responsive light sculpture invented by Jamie Barrett. The main aim of this interactive installation, as stated by Barrett himself, is to take "the enjoyment of music to a higher level" by allowing people to both see and hear music simultaneously. This device has three colours, red, yellow and green. Each colour symbolises a different frequency. Red being bass frequencies, yellow being mid-range frequencies and green being treble frequencies.

Viewers' reactions: The majority of the comments have been very positive towards this creation. Most viewers have enquired as how to purchase the installation. Alot of viewers have also been very surprised and impressed by the fact that it is also a homemade invention.

Why I liked it: I chose this video as I was intrigued by the idea of being able to see as well as hear music. I like the fact that each colour represents a different frequency, as I believe this is more stimulating for the sense of sight. ---

John Prendergast 11140941

  • Video Title: "Pipe Dream" -
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by:' AnimusicLLC on Mar 17, 2008
  • No. of Viewers:930,761 no, Ratings: 3,744 likes, 36 dislikes
  • Description: From the Animusic 1 DVD - This is the runaway hit from the first Animusic DVD - find more at!
  • Viewers'reactions: Most of the viewers where interested in this type of creating music. Many of the comments where positive towards the video and negitive towards the rare few who dislike it. Most comments praised the creavity of the making of the video.
  • Why I liked it: This video appealed to me from the second I started watching it. It caught my attention with its attractive music and inventive animation. This video also appeals to me as it shows how modern music can be created through computer animation and leaves the creator with a world of endless possibilities. The possiblility for new and upcomming artists to combine their music with animation is very appealing.

Antti Paananen 11066172

  • Video Title: Mikontalolights
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: jukkavanaja on 6.12.2007
  • No. of Viewers: 67 136, Ratings: 160 likes, 1 dislikes
  • Description: This is a video about block of flats that are converted to a huge display. The windows of the flats represents pixels of the display. Programmers have managed to code classic games, such as tetris and snake to be played on this "screen".
  • Viewers'reactions: Most of the viewers says that this is a great way to waste time. Some of them wondered how it would be like to live in one of the apartments.
  • Why I liked it: I think that the idea of this video is very innovative. I also like old video games. It would have been very cool to try to play this one. I just begin to wonder, how big building would had been needed to play Super Mario.

Ciarán Keane (11126744)

  • Video Title:Imogen Heap "Hide and Seek" live on Indie 103
  • Video URL: [10]
  • Posted by: LakeshoreRecords
  • No. of Viewers: 1,576,226, Ratings: 5775 likes, 159 dislikes
  • Description: This is a video of Imogen Heap performing her song "hide and seek" live on the Californian radio station Indie 103. She sings into a type of vocoder which alters the pitch of her voice. The notes she plays on the keyboard dictate the pitches which are outputted. This creates a unique accompaniment and gives the piece an almost a cappella sound.
  • Viewers'reactions: The viewers' reactions are almost entirely positive, the majority of the comments being about the beauty of the song and the effectiveness of the technology. One of the top rated comments is that this song is the sound of "Humans and technology making love." Scrolling down through the comments, however, I did find a small few negative opinions. Some commenters felt that the sound of the vocoder was too similar to the sound of "auto-tune," which can be heard so much in pop culture.
  • Why I liked it:I liked this performance because of its originality in the way it applies a modern technology to a simple piece of music and turns it into something special. I feel that pieces like this one show how modern music, while combined with new technologies can take steps in entirely new directions without losing the musicality or the beauty of past music.


Amar Hariri(10003073)

  • Video Title:Jean Michel Jarre - Göteborg 2009-05-12 - Laser Harp
  • Video URL:[11]
  • Posted by:CLiljeberg on May 13, 2009
  • No. of Viewers:81,686 Ratings: 165 likes, 4 dislikes

▪Description: ▪General overview: Laser harps have the analogical knowledge of transmitting signals from digital codes to analog codes, which can be seen as an electronic output. Many aspects can be noticed from the output of the laser harps such as: MIDI data and light. Bernard Szajaner invented it since 1981. This tool was basically used in the show at Lincoln center in 2000 and burning man in 2005 and more recently little boots and other famous music players. The performer can play the sound when both breaking the beam and sliding his/her hands along with it. The sound of the music can be produced when connecting the device to any synthesizer. Beams music can suite all styles like rock, pop, jazz, blues, metal, hip-hop and many others.

▪Viewers’ reaction to the video: Viewers were divided into two sense of feeling when watching this video. The first group was amazed because of; the mix of sound and light, the aesthetic shape of the device and more noticeably about the popular harpist, Jane Michel. The second group thought it is unaccepted idea to listen to laser harps. This is due to it’s strange sound as they thought. They might have thought of this sense because it is not popular like the other musical instruments; Piano, guitar, flute and others.

▪Why I liked it: I really like it because of Jean Michel. He is considered to be the greatest laser harpist ever. It such a dream to perform like him. I started learning to use DJ decks last year, and I think having both will give me the opportunity to combine between the knowledge of synthetizing and mixing audios. The audience will be following me all the time, as they entertained listening to the mixed music, and being in a fancy atmosphere when attending laser harps’ parties. Therefore, I think I am really enthusiastic to have better knowledge using them to become more musical in the part of my knowledge.

Conor Linehan (11123605)

• Video Title: Gibson self tuning guitar • Video URL: • Posted by: FQMSVids • No. of Viewers: 105,386 159 likes, 8 dislikes • Description: The amazing new self tuning Robot Guitar from Gibson. • Why I liked it: This video shows how modern technology has influenced the world of music. The inventor, Chris Adams, looked for a self-tuning system for his guitar but anything he found didn’t suit what he was looking for so he decided to invent his own. He is quoted as saying “If we can fly to Mars, it must be possible to do something like this”. It can tune to a range of different tunings, it has a built in string winder for new strings. It even indicates how tight the string should be. I think that if this technology could be used and produced at a more affordable price (currently at 1,400 dollars) it would be the most used guitar in the world. As the slogan says “all you have to do is play”

Kevin Hayes (10110194)

  • Video Title: Tetris Theme on Laser Harp - Theremin Hero LIVE! Finale - Gamecity 5 Nottingham
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: conquerearth Nov 29 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 73'556 viewers, 784 Likes, 8 Dislikes
  • Description: Performance of the Tetris theme song on a laser harp
  • Viewers'reactions: The majority of the comments were very posative. A lot of people had requests of other theme songs and asking about laser harps in general
  • Why I liked it: The laser harp is a beam of light which can be used to play note when connected to a synthesizer, laptop, etc. It can be either framed or un-framed. Un-framed is the preferred choice from what i found on the internet. It consists of a laser beam being split into a parallel or fan array. Each beam gets reflected back to a photodiode and by determining the elapsed time it can tell when the beam is broken and when to play a prerecorded note. A USB camera can also be used instead of the photodiode. The camera is connected to a laptop and the image sent to the laptop is analyzed by the software tell which beam is broken then sending a MIDI signal back for a note to be played. The framed version is based on the same principles as the photodiode un-framed. It has several single beams which each have their own photodiode. It is housed generally in the frame of an actual harp, to create the image of real harp strings.

In the video I found the theme song for Tetris is being played at a games convention. The reason I wish I had invented the Laser Harp is that I find lasers very interesting, and that dey can be used in a simple enough system to create music fascinated me. Not only are you basically playing a MIDI instrument but you also have a fairly cool laser show with it. I find the technology behind it interesting but I also would have like to perform the song in the video as it was in front a large enough crowd and I would really like to have a go at using the laser harp. ---

Conall Hardesty 1129662

  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Alarmusic
  • No. of Viewers: 66,694, Ratings: 273 likes, 44 dislikes
  • Description:The instrument of revelation Winter NAMM 2011, not a common MIDI guitar, not the classic product that will replace the traditional guitars, but a revolution that combines a multifunction touchpad for the loading of presets, sounds and editing effects in real time while playing in different ways one or more integrated sound of the wave table. MISA DIGITAL Kitaro and then a guitar synth with MIDI out and USB port for playing virtual instruments also your computers, synthesizers or samplers, or your stand-alone hardware MIDI. The output jack, ¼ "TRS is to allow playback in stereo sound integrated into the product and any effects applied to them. Yeah, MISA Kitaro has integrated various sounds and its synthesis and processing engine is fully programmable , open and editable by a publisher for OS Linux.
  • Viewers'reactions: The majority of the viewers seemed very impressed with the "Kitara" however throughout the comments there's an ongoing argument whether the Kitara is trying to replace the original guitar. One viewer says "go play some bongos because musical instruments are in constant evolution... Since the beginning of times ;)".
  • Why I liked it: I thought that the idea of the Kitara was great. It allows mixes between synthesizers and guitars to be made and allows electronic music be made from a guitar! I also felt that it could be considered a new instrument which shows how the new technology is affecting modern music which I found very interesting.

Shane Carroll(11108029)

  • Video Title: Guitar Amplifier review Line 6 Spider IV 75 & Line 6 Spider IV - Metallica Green Day RHCP Nirvana
  • Posted by: martyzsongs on 23 Jun 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 68,471 viewers, Ratings: 363 likes, 14 dislikes
  • Description: This is a review of Line 6's Spider IV 75 watt guitar amplifier. We see Marty Schwartz demonstrate multiple different tones through this amplifier which have been programmed into it in order to achieve the tones of over a hundred different famous songs and bands.
  • Viewers'reactions: Most reactions are of people asking what is the song at such and such a time and the others are people praising the line 6 spider IV. One person even said "ITS F*****G PERFECT"and another says "THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!". Also as usual when it comes to music and videos of a music background,there is much arguing over what is cool and what is not. We can see people having heated discussions over their prefered bands. Aswell as these we see requests for Marty to review other amplifiers and equipment.One person says "Please can u review roland mirocube plz plz".
  • Why I liked it: Mostly the reason why I like this video is because when I say it first about a year ago I was blown away. I was blown away by the hundreds of presets, the multiple effects and all it's other top of the range gadjets, like the looper,the built-in tuner and it's four channels for saving your own settings and tones. It was this video that inticed me to purchase this amplifier about six mounths ago and it turned out to be better than i had ever hoped. I liked it because it can be used for every type of music and is perfect for me because of my love of all music.

Lisa Fahy (10138889)

  • Video Title: Kiwibank Interactive Wall
  • Posted by: lumendigital on the 12th of July 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 15,855 viewers 20 likes 1 dislike
  • Description: The Kinect Kiwibank Interactive Wall is a multi-feature interactive wall which allows top of the line computing to its users. The video shows a user interacting with the projected interface on the wall. Hand gestures help users play on-board games, browse through the internet and also research compelling information. The Kiwibank wall utilises hand and arm gestures and full body tracking, allowing multiple users to engage in a range of interactive activities.
  • Viewers'reactions: All comments were very possitive. Many viewers seemed really interested in calibration user bodies, hence why they liked the video. Some were so impressed by the video that they believe that if maps were incoperated into the interactive wall, it would be the best flight stimulator in the world.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because like most viewers i was amazed with Lumens idea to incoperate a flying game into an interactive wall. Its impressive how Lumen uses full body tracking and, hand and arm gestures to control your movement of flying in the game. This gives a real life experience of flying which is very entertaining for all users.

Aisling Mc Mahon (11118202)

  • Video Title: Nintendo Wii U Trailer (E3 2011)
  • Posted by: IGNentertainment on the 7th of June 2011
  • No. of viewers: 3,913,836.Ratings Likes: 18,543 Dislikes: 3,414
  • Description: Nintendo unveils their next video game console, the Wii U. Check out what gamers can expect from the finally revealed Wii 2/Project Cafe in this trailer from E3 2011.
  • Viewers’ reactions: Some people were being judgmental about the Wii U like it doesn’t play DVDs, but the majority loves it.They said they can’t wait for its release in 2012 and it is what they want for their birthday.What won the viewers over was the fact that the touchscreen controller can also be used to video chat and play games when the T.V. was being used.
  • Why I liked it: In fourteen years of playing video games,I have never imagine something like the Wii U. Able to do so many things with the new controller like video chat,draw,play board games ,upload videos from the controller to the television and so many more.Nintendo really out did themselves at E3 with the announcemet of the Wii U. .Most people think of the Wii as a “kiddy console” and Nintendo is more focused on the casual gamers rather than hardcore gamers.Nintendo said that they hope to attract the hardcore group of gaming with the Wii U by getting more third party developers for support.I like the visuals that the console is capable of giving.The Wii didn’t have the HD graphics that its competitors,PS3 and Xbox360 boasts about.With the Wii U stunning visuals,more innovative ways of gameplay to offer,help from third party developers and many more features in the E3 trailer Nintendo hope to stay in competition with Sony and Microsoft and hopefully take back some of the gaming market back from them.This and the 3DS will be hard to top,but we’ll just have to wait and see at the next E3.

Allyn Dalton (11125179)

Video title: Battle of Branchage

Video URL:

Posted by: seeperman on Oct 19, 2009 No. of views: 286,594 Ratings: 968 likes 6 dislikes

Description: Mont Orgueil Castle in Jersey was the victim too an unbelievable 3D projection during the Branchage festival. At first the castle seemed to just light up but as the amazing show progressed we see the illusion of the windows falling, objects been fired out the windows, balls falling from the top and gathering at the bottom and even the castle seemed to be crumpling to pieces. We can also see the castle is made into cubes and it seems that each cube is moving in and out.

Viewers' reactions: In general the viewers were just astonished. As you can see the majority of viewers liked this clip due to the phenomenal colour and artistic detail used. For one person they were totally inspired after viewing this clip. Although there are many positives comments for this clip one person did not particularly like the camera angle views used during the video, they would prefer if it stayed at the same view throughout. I think something small like this should not take away from the amazing spectacle.

Why i liked it: This video caught my eye because it produces so many different affects. In particular I rather like the effect of the windows falling out of the building and also at the end when the building crumples to pieces. When the building crumples the audience at the time are astonished and amazed. It actually looks like it is gone. I also like the viewer’s reactions to this as a lot of people were inspired as was I.

Máire Fahy (11127902)

  • Video Title: Beat Blocks
  • Video URL: Link to Video
  • Posted by: Stino Tube on Jun 22, 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 264,171; No. Ratings: 761; 680 likes; 81 dislikes
  • Description: Beat Blocks is a tangible interface for a rhythm sequencer. The user is able to create and manipulate a 4-track drum loop. You can do this by physically rearranging the blocks in a 4x4 grid. In the video, someone plays a very cool, complex drum beat using the beat blocks.
  • Viewers' reactions: There was a lot of support for the instrument. There was a lot of speculation as to the exact details of how it works. There were also some suggestions on how to improve it. A lot of people said that it would probably be useless in the music industry. But there were a lot of suggestions that it could be a toy to teach music to children.
  • Why I liked it: I was very interested in the technical aspect of the instrument. I would really like to know more about how it works. I also really wish I could use it as I think that I could make a lot creative, cool drum beats. I think that it would be a lot of fun to use. I like that anybody could make music straight away when they use it. It can take years to learn how to use most instruments yet you can be creative straight away with this

Joseph Costello (11110228)

  • Video Title:Bittersweet Symphony: A C(r)apella
  • Video URL: Link to Video
  • Posted by: TheSonicScrew on Jun 23 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 576, Ratings: 31 likes, 2 dislikes
  • Description: TheSonicScrew recorded himself singing,humming and beatboxing and then layered this audio to cover the vocals and instrumental for the Verves "Bittersweet Symphony" and creates his own music video which shows him trying to escape from a house.
  • Viewers'reactions: The viewers reactions are completely positive. Comments such as "Epic" and "Really fantastic job" are consistent as well as replies from TheSonicScrew thanking his viewers and taking suggestions for another A C(r)apella. With only 2 dislikes from 576 views it's clear that this is a creative and entertaining video.
  • Why I liked it: I enjoyed this A C(r)apella because it's a fun and creative video which highlights TheSonicScrews ability to eidt and layer,which in my opinion can be a difficult and tedious task. The video only took the uploader a day to make but he spent hours over a computer editing and layering the audio over the video in order for it to work right and definitely succeeded!TheSonicScrews video is also extremely funny and enjoyable!he clearly has a talent at creating these videos and his Youtube channel is definitely worth checking out!

Jamie Leipert (11131594)

  • Video Title:Brian Molko And A Prepared Guitar
  • Video URL: Link to Video
  • Posted by: GalliumNitride on Jun 10 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 20,219, Ratings: 107 likes, 2 dislikes
  • Description: Brian Molko of the band 'Placebo' testing and discussing the possibilities of a prepared guitar known as a 'Springtime', originally created for guitarist Laura-Mary Carter of the two-piece band 'Blood Red Shoes'. The Springtime is essentially a hybrid of a standard six-string electric guitar and a bass guitar.
  • Viewers'reactions: The majority of the viewers' reactions are positive, showing a curiosity in how the instrument would sound put through various effects pedals and what effects are being used, if any. ookthomas comments; "I'd like to know how it really sounds, without the overkill of effects on it", while ErnestCortez asks; "What pedals are being used? If any?". This shows how the instrument has been able to stir up intrigue in the viewers.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because it demonstrated first hand the innovations that are still occurring in the world of instrument manufacturing. It shows an instrument that has solved the problem that many two-piece bands that use just guitar and drums (such as Blood Red Shoes and The White Stripes) face when it comes to bass (especially in a live situation). This instrument can be played in such a way that a guitarist can play both the bass parts and guitar parts in a song simultaneously. In this video, it is being demonstrated by the best possible person who could demonstrate it, a guitarist in a band. This adds to the reliability of the video, and shows the many tonal possibilities that this instrument could have, and be a good selling point to any viewers.

Rachel Ryan (11135581)

  • Video Title:Escape Machines Surprise
  • Posted by: The Cool Hunter
  • No. of Viewers: 208,000, Ratings: 1,625 likes, 0 dislikes
  • Description: DDB Paris created this simple, fun “Escape Machine” experience for the French travel company Voyages SNCF.

Menacing, glowing black cubes wait till someone goes close enough. Then the cube asks where the person would like to travel. Pushing the red button produces a crazy celebration, complete with gigantic walking kisses, and provides the wishers large, customized mock tickets to their destination. Watching the faces of the onlookers is just as much fun as the experience itself!

  • Viewers'reactions: The viewer's reactions were all together very positive, with the installations being described as "awesome" and "fantastic". There were also comments from people who had shared the video on their blogs and twitters.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video as the installations were really creative and fun. I found it interesting that people were photographing the boxes before anything had even happened and how it took a brave individual to step out from the crowd and investigate the mysterious box. The installations required interaction from the public which made them more intriguing. The pieces brought enjoyment to the public and it proves that advertising is much more effective when you use your imagination!

Bill Mullins (11114134)

  • Video Title: Ben Folds Chat Roulette 2 - (NEWEST VERSION)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: gavmcguinness8024 on Apr 2, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 178,482 views, 704 likes, 8 dislikes.
  • Description: Really funny video of Ben Folds messing around with chat roulette live at one of his concerts.
  • Viewers'reactions: The viewers reaction was mainly positive with a lot of people commenting on how good the songs were that he created from the top of his head. Examples of the comments left by users include:

The first song he plays is brilliant. I really wish I could see the whole version of this. ElMoss64 10 months ago

One of the best videos I've seen on YouTube-3 Lcormack97 3 months ago

I LOVE BEN FOLDS kateyotcha 4 months ago

  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because it is very unique and creative. The idea of having a webcam facing out towards a massive crowd is very appealing to me and it gives a different dimension to webcam chat rooms. The people that pop up on screen are not expecting to be transported on stage at a massive concert. It is unique because I have never seen a musician or any other entertainer use this in there act. He uses digital media to connect himself with ordinary people just sitting at home browsing through a chatroom.

Shane Fogarty (11131683)

  • Video Title: Red vs Blue S1 Episode one: Why are we here?
  • Posted by: Roosterteeth, . on 3 june 2008, roosterteeth originally posted it to web in 2003
  • No. of Viewers: 4,209,975 , Ratings: 22,240 likes, 680 dislikes
  • Description: This is the first episode of the popular webseries Red Vs Blue by roosterteeth studios in the US.The series is a machinima series, machinima being making films and videos by manipulating the characters in a video game to act out sequences, it is a comedy series and the humour is quite random and irreverent.
  • Viewers'reactions: most viewer reactions are overwhelmingly popular, with over 4 million views yet only 680 dislikes it speaks for itself. many comments on the page are just direct qoutes from the series 'why are there 6 pedals if there are only four diretions?' etc .

examples of some youtube comments: kuzonfilms wrote "anybody else have the whole episode learned by heart?"

Brendanspartan142: HILARIOUS!!!

watchmespore: thumbs up if you are watching the entire series again..

  • Why I liked it: I like the series for it's humour which is ridicoulous, irreverent fun, sort of like family guy with more plot and as the seasons progressed they got more professional and moved from simple machinima into cgi while still keeping it's humour and charm. one reason i like it is because it appeals on many levels, humour, videogames pop culture references, all of which i like. another reason is the roosterteeth guys themselves who really engage with their community and have expanded the website out into something more than red vs blue. even making careers out of it, from the five or six who started the series in 2003 the company has gone onto become something with thirty or more employees releasing content daily. also the main reason is it's a series by gamers for gamers and i'm a gamer at heart.

William Morrissey (11139331)

  • Video Title: Fire Alarm Jam Session
  • Posted by: astark93 Feb 27th 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 381,628 views , 4265 likes, 82 dislikes
  • Description:One friday afternoon at an innocent band practice, fire alarm tests are being conducted. What to do now? Jam with it of course! (Our fire alarm seems to wail to the tune of Db)
  • Viewer's reactions: alot of people commented on how good the rhythm is such as user stormspoter with his comment "good rhythm to it", some viewers commented on how nicely the fire alarm went with the melody of the song, user commonsensedictates commented "Obviously the melody goes with the alarm". Some user took a more sarcastic approach with comments such as "Not so cool when everyone burns to death" by user JimUltimate
  • Why I liked it: I first saw this video posted on the website and it had caught my attention straight away I liked this video because i found it interesting to see how they took a household safety feature and worked it into a song to give a unique sound, it was a very clever concept, something which i've never seen done before. It was a very innovative way at creating music, It also show cases the band's creativity even if they are not the most musically talented, i like how they balance the sound f both the music and the fire alarm to a T.

Helena Halpin (11121882)

  • Video Title: Lego Harpsichord- How it works
  • Video URL:
  • Posted By: jabingdon on the 24th of May 2011
  • Number of Viewers: 1,449 veiws, 17 likes, 1 dislike
  • Description: A harpsichord built, excluding the wire strings, entirely of Lego pieces. The video demonstrates it's mechanics and how it works.
  • Viewer's Comments: Comments are positive, praising the creativity behind the making of the instrument.
  • Why I liked it: I enjoyed the video as I was captivated by the innovation behind the creation of the instrument. The use of items of today to create the harpsicord brings a refreshing twist to the Baroque instrument. I also like the demonstration of how it is build, how the sound is produced and in general, the uniqueness of it as an instrument.

Amie Costello (10157174)

  • Video Title: Beatboxing flute inspector gadget remix
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Uploaded by freedomworksfilms on Jan 19, 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 25,232,082. 159,382 likes, 4,026 dislikes
  • Description: Promotional use only..


Facebook page:

  • Viewers'reactions: The majority of the comments were positive and supportive, with people being amazed by the talent he has. Most people commenting on 'how he managed to play like that' and 'how he learned'.Examples of comments :

how can you dislike? puzzling world... slashkeefbabysnakes 4 days ago

This is AWESOOMEEE!! TypeDetonados 1 week ago

  • Why I liked it: I like this video because he has an amazing talent that appeals so much to me having played the flute, from the clarity of the pitch perfect notes to the pure skill of beat-boxing. The views he got are mind-blowing. The creativity to play and learn this piece is phenomenal. It puzzles me how people could dislike such a unique talent like this??? I love the way he seems to be devoted to playing the flute by posting up other videos and his trio he formed. It was interesting to see how innovative and new this style of playing was and how focused he is while playing it. I found it also showed people that the instrument is not just orchestral based either. Overall I loved this video!

John Mason (10131655)

  • Video Title: Twin Musical Tesla Coils playing Mario Bros
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: megavoltmeister on 11 Oct 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 1,431,714, Ratings: 6,929 likes, 72 dislikes
  • Description: The video show solid state musical tesla coils playing the Mario Bros theme song, The sound is generated by the sparks themselves and no speakers are involved.
  • Viewers'reactions: The general reaction of the viewer is amazement as most have not seen anything like this before, most other comment are the typical
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because its shows a completly different approach to creating music, it shows that music can be created by anything, even lightning. Tesla coils were not intended to be used in this way when they were first created, and I think its brilliant that someone along the way thought of the idea to use them to create music. Its innovations like this that keep the passion for music alive and keeps it evolving, and it shows that music isnt confined to 'Instruments'

Stuart Murphy(10046828)

  • Video Title: 4 Track Recording with AmpliTube 2 for iPhone – Your Guitar Recording Studio Always In Your Pocket.
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: ‘ikmultimadia’ on 19 Oct 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 41, 408 views : 43 likes , 1 dislike
  • Description: This video acts as a brief showcase for the AmpliTube 2 for the iPhone. It is a guitar and bass amp modelling program with a wide range of effects, amplifiers, and microphones that allows you to customize your tone in countless ways. Within the video, we are shown just a piece of what this application is capable of. We are shown the 4- track recorder in action and how easy it is to use this astonishing piece of technology on the go. The AmpliTube 2 has far more to offer than this video displays, such as the wide variety of effects, amps and mics, but unfortunately it only concentrates on the recording features.
  • Viewers' reactions: Most of the comments from the viewers are mainly positive although many of them contain questions on how operate the application correctly. These reactions are only proof that every new piece of technology takes getting used to. A favourite comment of mine that defines this era of modern technology was “its a good age to live and be guitar player” from smouthee.
  • Why I liked it: Seeing as I am passionate about music in all aspects of the genre, this was of interest to me. I am amazed at how much can be available at my finger tips now. I found this to be a great demonstration of the product and a must have app for music lovers. With the ability to import new effects whenever you wish, I could spend hours playing with this. It is by no means ready to replace our current ways of recording music but it most definitely exhibited how advanced the area of digital music is at the moment.

Ashley Kelly(11102896)

  • Video Title: Love The Way You Lie(Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover) - Eminem(ft. Rihanna) - Music Video
  • Posted by: Tyler Ward Music on July 2, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 16,252,494 Ratings: 88,642 likes, 3,238 dislikes
  • Description: This video is an acoustic cover version of the original song Love The Way You Lie by Eminem featuring Rihanna. Eppic, the man who raps, shares the rap with Megan Nicole, who sings the chorus and the middle verse. The other man who plays guitar and piano is called Tyler Ward. They had someone come and help them with the video editing which is used to make the piano playing and guitar playing sound like its being done at the same time where really they are layered on top of each other.
  • Viewers' reactions:Nearly all of the reactions were good reactions, complimenting the singing and the rapping in particular. There were some complimenting the instrumentals but the rapping seemed to have the "WOW" factor. On the other hand there were still some negativity towards the group with comments along the lies of they don't compare to the original version by Eminem and Rihanna.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because it was an extremely good cover of a very popular. Another reason why i liked it is because it is an acoustic version of the song. I have recently started to play acoustic versions of songs on guitar istead of playing heavy rock songs because it is refreshig and people likme to hear the acoustics, so this video is a bit of inspiration to me.

"Thomas Reidy (11137258)"

Video Title: Metallica - Master of Puppets (S&M)

Video URL:

Posted by: MTHS (posted on May 8, 2006)

No. of Viewers: 11,342,124 (33,821 likes, 967 dislikes)

Description: This is a video of the American heavy metal band “Metallica” performing one of their best songs live with the San Francisco Symphony conducted by Michael Kamen in 1999.

Viewers ‘reactions: Reactions are mainly positive with common comments of “AWESOME”, “Mind Blowing” and plenty of comments praising the combination of metal with classical music. That being said there is also a small minority of people that seem to be only posting negative comments as a form of trolling rather than expressing an actual opinion.

Why I liked it: I like this video as it takes one of my favorite songs and transforms it into something much more special. The orchestra themselves seem to be molded into the band rather than being like a third wheel and the sound from the classical instruments does not just compliment the song but adds a whole new element to it. I particularly like the fact that it is a live performance as an atmosphere is also added especially when the audience starts to sign along. From 3:50 to 5:20 the classical instruments add a very interesting effect to the mini solo that makes the hair stand on the back of my neck every time I hear it. Overall I find this to be a very powerfull performance that is full of energy and emotion and combines two amazing forms of music..

Marc Etherington (11129905)

  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: on Oct 25, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 31,922,365 Ratings: 109,923 likes, 822 dislikes
  • Description: This is a video posted by the English electronic band HADOUKEN!, they have compiled a video of clips of people doing mind blowing stunts and extreme sports that verge on the edge of impossible, and put it to one of their upbeat tracks called Mecha Love. The clips vary from basketball trick shots to wheelchair backflips. This video really makes the viewer think what us humans are capable of when we want to do something.
  • Viewers' reactions: The viewers reactions are mainly of awe at the clips shown in the video. There are also a large number of comments made by people wishing they could do the things shown in the clips. There are also a number of negative comments but most of them are mindless and aimed at other users.
  • Why I liked it: I like this video because it really shows what people are capable of when they put their mind to something. The video also has a real feel good factor to it. I too like many of the viewers wish I could do even a fraction of what is shown in the video.

Aoife O'Dwyer (11131888)

  • Video Title: Circles Mirror by Daniel Rozin
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: spooniep on 9 Jul 2007
  • No. of Viewers: 47,335 Ratings: 68 likes, 4 dislikes
  • Description: Circles Mirror is a mechanical sculpture made of 900 overlapping circles with patterns printed on them and connected to motors, computer and video camera. Any person standing in front of the piece is reflected on the piece by the circles rotating to expose more dark/ bright patterns as needed
  • Viewers' reactions: Overall there was a very positive viewer reaction. By having 68 likes and only 4 dislikes, it is clear that the majority of viewers enjoyed the circles mirror. Viewers described the circles mirror as being “beautiful” and “very creative”. They also seemed keen to find out how it worked (“I DONT GET HOW IT WORKS!?!?”).
  • Why I liked it: I found the idea of the circles mirror to be very clever and I had never seen anything like it before. It shows that technology can create simple yet beautiful pieces of art. I was impressed by how quickly the circles were able to turn to copy their matched pixels bright or dark colour. The level of detail achieved was better than I imagined it would be, you could clearly make out the man’s face and hairline when he got close to the camera. I also enjoyed how simple the circle mirrors looked from a distance even though they were very complex and able to make interesting images.

Aidan O'leary(11149396)

Video Title:: The Future of DJ'ing is here

Video URL::

Posted by:: Uploaded by djvlad on Aug 8, 2010

No. of Viewers: 1,209,516 Ratings: 5,663 likes, 312 dislikes

Description: This is a video of a new innovative, breakthrough design in DJ systems. It is called "The Emulator" and it is the worlds first touchscreen DJ surface. It projects the image of DJ software from beneath the touch surface and allows the DJ to perform in real time and in essence, to use the system as a giant MIDI controller.

Viewers'reactions: The opinions of viewers on this video vary from one argument to another. Most viewers believe this new design to be a great breakthrough in the development of new, easier to use music technology and generally seeing it as an interesting instrument. Others will disagree greatly. Upon scanning many comments i found that alot of viewers felt taking the art of DJ'ing and turning it into something so easy and requiring little skill to operate was a great shame and destroyed the vintage image of DJ'ing.

Why I liked it: I really enjoyed this video as i personally have a great interest in the devolpment of new music technology, design of instruments, and exciting new ways to produce, record and perform music. I will disagree with viewers who claim the touch screen DJ system to be non-vintage and unprofessional because of it's ease of use. Because of the projections being made from below the plexi glass, the audience can see what the DJ is doing on the touch screen. DJ'ing is all about engaging with an audience in an exciting way. Since the audience can see exactly what is being done on screen, engagement is made completely.

Lisa Kerr (11108371)

  • Video Title: Brett Domino: Ellie Goulding Medley (w/ vocal samples)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: brettdomino on August 15th, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 198,814 Ratings: 3,627 likes 19 dislikes
  • Description: This is a medley of songs by Ellie Goulding performed by Brett Domino and Steven Peavis. This medley of the songs “Starry Eyed”, “Guns and Horses”, “Under The Sheets” and “The Writer” was performed by only using vocal sounds and samples on a keyboard.
  • Viewers' reactions: The viewers’ reactions to this video have been very positive. Only 19 of the 198, 814 viewers have voiced their dislike for this clever cover. The comment section of the video is full of “wow!!!! thats really cool!!! love it!” and “probably one of the most talented musicians i have ever seen”. There is also a very high demand among the viewers for a download link.
  • Why I liked it: I really enjoyed this video because it isn’t like the other covers and medleys on YouTube. It is so well performed, that at times you forget that it is performed using only vocal sounds and samples that Brett Domino recorded by himself. Although not the best of singers, I have never seen a video by Brett Domino which I did not enjoy and always find his ways of interpreting songs very interesting.

Abigail Livingstone (11144076)

  • Video Title: 8 bit guitar
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: abagofcrisps on Apr 25, 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 424,985 Ratings: 2,461 likes 100 dislikes
  • Description: For his senior project a student creates an instrument shaped like a guitar and playing sounds like the 8-bit music from old arcade machines. “the result of my senior project. part arcade machine, part guitar. it's powered by an fpga, and the strings are membrane potentiometers”
  • Viewers' reactions: Most of the comments on the video are very positive and people seem impressed by the instrument and ingenuity behind it, "that's nerdtastic, love it." The highest rated comment in the video with 191 likes is "what would this world be like without nerds =D". A lot of the other comments are along the same lines as this. many of the viewers wish they had been able to create an instrument like this.
  • Why I liked it: I like this video because I think the instrument is a brilliant invention. Video games have always been a part of my life along with music so the amalgamation of the two is very appealing to me. The instrument is interesting and it's incredibly impressive to me that this person created it. I also like the music he plays on the guitar, the melody is quite simple but the effects created by the guitar make it really interesting.

Ian Ronan (11132485)

  • Posted by: Alarmusic on 23 Jan 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 69502 Ratings: 282 likes 45 dislikes
  • Description: This is an introduction to synth instrument in the style of an electric guitar. It is an invention to allow people to play a synth instrument easily compared to playing a midi keyboard, it is important to note that they are not advertising it as a replacement for the standard guitar, it is merely a way for guitarists to make the transition to playing synth a bit more naturally.
  • Viewers' reactions: The viewers reactions to this video have been quite mixed, with guitar purists getting over protective with comments like: "There will never be a replacement for real instruments." Other people on the other hand are seeing the positive aspects of the invention. They understand that it is not, and never will be replacement for the guitar but still understand that is could be used to good effect. A example of such a person is: 'They have made everything simple for you; Its open-source: which means re-programmable, you can turn it into whatever you want. It also has other modes, so even if you're not into touch screens, there is a mode that actually lets you use the handle. Its a really great idea, and I can see it taking off.'
  • Why I liked it: I liked the video as I found it interesting. The innovation and creative idea appealed to me greatly and I had never seen anything like it before. I also liked how the company were not trying to push the 'Kitara' on the audience as a replacement for guitar. I also like how it is open source and it allows people to make and share there own patchs. This will allow people be creative and make the most of the synthesiser.

Tommy Looney(11141778)

  • Video Title: DUBSTEP GUNS
  • Video URL: [13]
  • Posted by: CorridorDigital on Aug 19, 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 4,761,694 with 92,320 likes and 1,682 dislikes
  • Description: This video is basically a show case for a new genre of electronic dance music referred to as dubstep. The video was created by the Youtube user Mike Diva and its a collection of scenes in which Dubstep music is portrayed to be a weapon- like energy. Mike is acting as one of the crime fighting trio referred to as the "The Drop Squad". They are portrayed to be an elite force infused with the power of heavy electronic beats. They posses lasers made out of dubstep music and they are armed solely with this. This video is an interesting combination of a new electronic genre of music and artistic digital visuals.
  • Viewers' reactions: Most of reaction comments are positve with users praising the dubstep score and the creative laser visual effects.Some examples of the comments are "love this song lights by klay pex and love the dubstep guns heelllllll yeah" and "Haha Nice Job & Nice Song !! I love it <3".
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video in particular as it shows how popular the genre of the dubstep music is becoming. Dubstep is famous for its powerful bass line drops and this is portrayed well in this video as the bass lines are shown to us in the form of weapon-like lasers.

Ray Dineen(11127465)

  • Video Title: kid plays instrument awesomely EPIC MUST WATCH
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: IceBalla76 on 29 Nov 2010
  • No. of Viewers: 405,545 views, 14,269 likes, 151 dislikes
  • Description: This video shows a boy playing a instrument he made himself. Its made from different size pipes and he plays a wide rangle of songs live.
  • Viewers' reactions: It has 1,746 comments, which are nearly all positive. These include "Unbeliveble! It´s awesome!" and "i want one of them ****ing instruments haha! "
  • Why I liked it: I enjoyed this video because the instrument he made was amazing. He used common PVC pipes and turned them into something new and exciting.This instrument works by having PVC pipes of different length which causes each pipe to make a sound of a unique wavelength, so when the PVC pipe is struck sound resonates in the pipe allowing many different songs to be played. This is the main reason i liked it because the range of songs he could play was huge from classical Mozart to the mainstream music of Lady Gaga! This means this instrument can be used in a wide selection of genres and isnt selective.

Ethan Conway(11113545)

  • Video Title: The White Stripes - Jolene
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: GodOfDeath13 on May 22nd 2006
  • No. of Viewers: 4,250,150 views 8,130 likes and 326 dislikes
  • Description: This video shows the band The White Stripes performing a cover of the song Jolene live. It was performed at The Empress Ballroom at The Winter Gardens in Blackpool, England on January 27th 2004. The performance was included on the live DVD Under Blackpool Lights which was released in December of that year and it was released as a single on November 20th 2004.
  • Viewers' reactions: Jack White is the most charismatic person in nowaday's music. For me actually, he's the best is the highest rated comment with 83 likes and most of the other comments seem to echo this opinion. Another common reaction in the comments is disappointment as the band has split up and therefore no one will hear this song played live again.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video so much as i believe it is certainly one of the best cover songs of all time. The song was originally performed by Dolly Parton but when comparing both versions its difficult to find similarities other than the lyrics. Its clear that the song has been totally remade with a noticeable change in tempo, the use of an electric guitar instead of an acoustic and other musical changes can be heard. The atmosphere inside the venue appears euphoric as the crowd sings along with every word. It is easy to see how the band made this version their own and in my opinion improved greatly on the original.

Niamh Cooney (11123591)

• Video Title: Samsung DualView Camera Commercial [HQ] • Video URL: [14] • Posted by: watchTechNews • No. of Viewers: 64,693 Ratings: Likes: 74 Dislikes: 8

• Description: This is just a really simple video demonstrating how Samsung, are again, revolutionising the world of personal photography. In this video they demonstrate how simple and idealistic life could be, and is, with just another simple LED screen on the front of your camera. Why had no one thought of this before!! The video packs in as much as it can in 1.04 minutes showing the viewer the ingenious “DualScreen” mode for a self-portrait, Child Mode to keep a toddler enthralled with this cartoon clown and all the special features the ST550 touchscreen offers. Samsung have taken compact cameras to the next level.

• Viewers' reactions: Just like myself everyone’s reactions were very positive with a few “I own this camera”, “best thing I ever bought” and so on. They all seem to pretty amazed with how a new screen can be added to a camera. Of course there were a few negative reactions, most concerning the original style of shooting but you can’t always keep everyone happy.

• Why I liked it: I am a massive fan of photography. I always have a camera on me when I’m out and about and last year I needed one to take nature, sport and personal shots at wide angles. This video brought me to my current camera because I trusted the simple advertisement and the comments. Another reason why I like it is because this video is not overdone like so many other products on the web. It may not be exciting but there is truth and, the now, obvious common sense (The DualScreen) in this video which are the main reasons why I like it. A great camera.

David Moore (11132566)

  • Video Title: Extreme Sheep LED Art
  • Posted by: BaaaStuds on 16 March 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 15,533,062, 51,720 likes, 1004 dislikes
  • Description: We took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display. Of sorts. For more info search for samsung LED TV or visit
  • Viewers' reactions: The comments are mainly positive with most viewers applauding the creators for having so much fun on the farm, while also possessing quite a lot of skill to actually pull it off.” I think this is the best video I have ever seen in my life." On the other side of the scale there are a few people questioning whether the video actually real. “I don’t know if it’s real or fake, but I think it's a very clever idea regardless. And soo much fun!”
  • Why I liked it: I like this video because it’s something a bit unexpected. I think it is a very clever video whether it’s real or fake. If it’s real then the men behind it have done a very good job at creating artwork out of sheep herding, and they have done a good job of recording their hobby and letting people share in their fun. And if its fake then they have done an excellent job at visual marketing as there is over 15 million views, which I am sure have benefited Samsung nicely.

'Gary Cribbin (10114718)

Video Title: Björk - Reactable - Amazing Sounds (HQ)

Video URL:

Posted by: OfficialDeathCubeK november 24 2008

No. of Viewers: , Ratings: 190,722

Description: Reactable is a collaborative electronic musical instrument with a tangible interface based on a table, and inspired by modular synthesizers of the sixties. It was developed by the Music Technology Group at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

Multiple simultaneous users share total control over the instrument by moving and rotating physical objects on the surface of a bright circular table. Manipulating these objects, representatives of the classical components of a modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sound typologies, generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer. There are only 5 reacTable, which included it was sold to Icelandic singer Bjork.

Viewers' reactions: There are 213 likes and only 9 dislikes, this shows the appeal of this new instrument. There are many comments saying how cool it looks and also comments discussing the sound possibilities such as use of samples and so on. However there seems to be arguments among viewers as to the value for money in purchasing this table given the enormous cost. One viewer suggests that it is worth over €9,000.

Why I liked it: I liked this video because it gives us a look at how fast music technology and digital media is moving. It makes you wonder what music technology will be like in 50 years time, how concerts and DJ sets will be played and what the music itself will sound like especially with the explosion in electronic based instruments and musical software programs in the last few years. I think it is something to look forward to, especially for when these types of equipment become cheap, i will be definately getting one.

Marty Owens (11149655)

  • Video Title: (U2) With or Without You - Sungha Jung
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: jwcfree on 13th Jan 2008
  • No. of Viewers: 10,900,186 , Ratings: 38,714 likes, 685 dislikes
  • Description: 15 year old South Korean finger - style guitarist, Sungha Jung, plays U2's With or Without You.
  • Viewers' reactions: With only 685 dislikes, out of nearly 11 million views, it is clear that the reaction of the viewers is a very positive one. Comments such as 'epic' and 'Fantastico' further prove this point, and show the public's great appreciation for this young man's talent.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video for a couple of reasons. Firstly, U2's With or Without You is one of my favourite songs, and I think this particular finger - style version is very unique. However, the main reason I chose this video is because I was in awe at the ability and technique Sungha Jung possesses, even at such a young age. For someone so young to be playing guitar at the level he is, I think, is a testimony to the quality that can be achieved with enough dedication and practise. With around 40 videos currently on Youtube, boasting a combined total of 306 million views, Sungha Jung is fast becoming one of the most recognised faces in finger - style guitar playing, in the world.

Michael Brennan (11120312)

  • Video Title: Dub FX 18/04/2009 'Soothe Your Pain'
  • Video URL: Video Link
  • Posted by: dowdenboy on April 21st 2009
  • No. of Viewers: 3,870,172 , Ratings: 22,990 likes, 208 dislikes
  • Description: This video is of Dub FX creating a song live on a street just using his voice combined with live looping and effect pedals.
  • Viewers' reactions: Comments are overwhelmingly positive; "the bad things about his videos are that they stop", "simply creations of a genius". There are also a lot of comments about how anyone could dislike this video.
  • Why I liked it: I liked this video because I was intrigued by the techniques put to use in this performance. Also, the fact that he was able to put together such a composition within a matter of minutes is incredible. The song was being created as it was performed live in front of people. I also was fascinated by the array of sounds that he was able to create solely with his voice and effects. The video inspired me to research his techniques and to pursue it personally.

Patrick Butler (11126035)

  • Video Title: Knife Party (Exclusive Artist Mix)
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: UKFMixes on 7 Sep 2011
  • No. of Viewers: 529,066 , Ratings: 7,606 likes, 115 dislikes
  • Description: Pendulum duo Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen's present their new under the radar project 'Knife Party'. Having remixed Swedish House Mafia's 'Save The World', Knife Party have received huge critical acclaim from the likes of Zane Lowe, whilst their appearance alongside Deadmau5 at Ibiza's legendary Space this summer has proved what a sure fire hit Knife Party is expected to be.
  • Viewers' reactions: "The bit after 9:56 is awesome! Nice Work!", "the best part is from 0:00 to 15:00", "I think I listen to this at least once daily". Most of the comments are positive and show the listeners' appreciation of the piece.
  • Why I liked it: I like this piece because of the group's unique style, mixing dubstep and house music. The way in which each track blends seamlessly into the next one is something that fascinates me. This is great for live performances because there are no gaps between songs. I would love to, someday, be able to use these techniques and create music of this quality.

Shane Murphy (11135433)

· Video Title: what is the future of digital media design? · Video URL: · Posted by: 30-sept-11 · No. of Viewers: 638 , Ratings: 2 likes, 0 dislikes · Description: I choose this link “what is the future of digital media design?” as I thought it showed a really bright future for this course. It elaborates how much that digital media is used throughout the everyday world, emphasising how much of a multi billion Euro industry. Overall I think the advances made in Digital media will be of big impact on our future. · Viewers' reactions: no comments! · Why I liked it: I just thought it showed exactly what the future of digital media design was, and how much of an impact digital media has on our everyday life

Laurence O'Malley (11149558)

· Video Title: Eddie Halliwell @ Godskitchen Len Faki - Just A Dance · Video URL: · Posted by: 30 sep 2011 · No. of Viewers: 792,789 , Ratings: 1410 likes, 45 dislikes · Description: Eddie Halliwells set at Godskitchen provides us with his take on music and the effect it has on people. The song playing is by the arstist Len Faki called Just A Dance. Eddie's re-interpretation is down to a scratch CD he created. Rather than mix two songs together he produces his own work to blend in with his choice of songs. The original version of the song would be classed as boring to be played to such a crowd of people. However, this transformation sets the crowd ablaze. · Viewers' reactions: The majority of the viewers are amazed Eddie's potential to take one song and morph it to form a combination of extacy amongst his followers.So much energy in not just the SET but in this man performing himself. Even if someone wanted to stand still they probably couldn't. real performance dj!! · Why I liked it: Eddie's experience in the dj-ing industry has provided him to read a crowd like a book and decipher what it is that people are looking for. This is what makes him one of the best djs in the world and this video elaborates it for us to see. ---

Kyle Tyther (11137584)

Video Title:Techno jeep Video URL: Posted by: julian smith No. of Viewers:8007746 , Ratings:113,913 likes, 1,364 dislikes Description: the mechanical sounds of a jeep used to make cool beats Viewers' reactions: comments are all positive Why I liked it: i like this vid because of its quirky idea and also because the sounds are brilliant considering its coming from a jeep. also beacause julian smith is a comidian not a composer/dj so its quite different from his usual videos .

Eimhin Daly (11121599)

  • Video Title: Digital Graffiti Wall at 2010 Winter Olympics
  • Video URL:
  • Posted by: Alex Beim
  • No. of Viewers: 81,500, Ratings: 1,072 likes, 0 dislikes
  • Description: The digital graffiti wall is an interactive screen that serves as a blank canvas, allowing everyone, be they artist or not, a chance to express their creativity, in typical street art style. In this video, long-time collaborator, Chairman Ting, put on digital graffiti art performances for international athletes inside the Athlete's Village, at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
  • Viewers' reactions: Almost all of the comments left by viewers were of astonishment and praise of this interactive mechanism: Very, very cool; Wouldn’t this be great as a bedroom wall; Wow - : ) ; ). Some even posted the video on their own blogs, they were so impressed: Really nice! I made a post on my blog. However one or two observers were less than impressed, evidently believing that if the artwork wasn’t defacing something, it had no right to be called graffiti: that isnt graffiti at all...i suppose he could print it out and glue it to a wall though.
  • Why I liked it: I found this particular video to be entertaining as I am a fan of the imagination and ingenuity expressed by graffiti artists in their pieces, Chairman Ting being a prime example of the creativity of this art form. In this video, both technology and art are fused, proving just how far we’ve come in the field of design. The digital graffiti wall is such a basic idea in this modern age, but it takes a very infamous form of self expression, and displays it instead as wonderful entertainment, a testament to human creativity.
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