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    • Who is this person?

Stephen Fry

    • How often do they tweet?

2-3 times per day on average

    • Pick up a tweet containing @(usually an answer or attribution) , check the other account, and explain in what context was it used. Copy and paste the original tweet on your wiki page.

"I don't think I will ever stop finding @Tim__Kang as Kimball Cho on #TheMentalist quite sublimely hilarious."

    • Pick up a retweet of this person, check its origin, copy the tweet on your wiki page and try to explain the motivation of the user for retweeting (RT).

Wilfrid Frost: "Today we are launching the #MilesFrostFund in partnership with @TheBHF - to learn more visit http://www.MilesFrostFund.com"

Week 2

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