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Week 3 Worksheet


Who is this person?

  • Stephen Fry, an Actor, Writer, Host

How often do they tweet?

  • 8.6 tweets per day

What interface do they use?

  • Mobile/PC

Pick up a tweet containing @(usually an answer or attribution) , check the other account, and explain in what context was it used. Copy and paste the original tweet on your wiki page.

  • It was used to show a picture of Stephen FRy in college that the other user had recently discovered. He commented on the picture within the tweet.
  • The Tweet: "@who_Sophia: I didn’t know that @stephenfry, Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie went to Uni together! pic.twitter.com/0Yu5AKCC” I now feel old!

Pick up a retweet of this person, check its origin, copy the tweet on your wiki page and try to explain the motivation of the user for retweeting (RT).

  • The origin was from someone called @TeegyTufty.
  • The Tweet: @rickygervais @frankieboyle @stephenfry Today's special at Morrison's. Tesco horse burger is starting to look good pic.twitter.com/7mpeRMzH
  • Stephen Fry probably found it humorous.


The hashtag is #limerickurmylady. It seems to be celebrating the good things going on around Limerick. It seems to be connected to the page @LmkLocalHeroes which description is: "Facilitating Tangible Change by Standing Up & Taking Pride in our City"


This is the hashtag to discuss what Vincent Brown has been talking about.

Weekly Blog Posts/ RSS

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Week 4 Exercises

Hackerspace photo from Flickr

Hackerspace photo taken by maltman23

Racist Camera

This camera cannot differentiate faces between cultures.

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