'Making' within the field of Interactive Media

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Gearóid Mullins, Rachael Garrett, Billy Verlinden & Shane Cunningham

This seminar will explore multiple aspects of 'Making' within the field of Interactive Media, investigating the potential of tangible interaction to augment the design process.

Introduction - What is the ‘Maker Movement’?

“The Maker Movement has come about in part because of people’s need to engage passionately with objects in ways that make them more than just consumers. But other influences are in play as well, many of which closely align the maker movement with new technologies and digital tools. Makers at their core are enthusiasts.” (Doherty, 2012)

Firstly out seminar will present the areas of the Maker’s Movement, and the fundamental importance of prototyping in Interaction Design. Then we will introduce the field of Digital Fabrication and how it can augment the Interactive Design process.

Human-Computer Interaction for Design Software We will then outline the differences between designing User-Interfaces within the ‘GUI’ and the ‘Tangible Interaction’ paradigms, and the argument for the research and development of new forms of interfaces for design software within Digital Fabrication.

Tangible Interaction for Digital Fabrication – Future Challenges for Interaction Designers

Finally we will present a number of implications ‘Makerspaces’ and Digital Fabrication holds for us as Interaction Designers, as well as a series of projects exploring the problem space of tangible interaction, interactive fabrication and new tools and software that open up interesting areas of future research. Workshop

Following our presentation, we will run an introductory ‘Arduino’ workshop where we will provide groups in the class with an novelty Arduino project that they can build themselves.

Suggested Readings Mellis, D., Follmer, S., Hartmann, B., Buechley, L. and Gross, M.D., 2013, April. FAB at CHI: digital fabrication tools, design, and community. In CHI'13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 3307-3310). ACM.

Dougherty, D., 2012. The maker movement. innovations, 7(3), MIT Press, pp.11-14. _____________________________________________________________________

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